Author Topic: Papaji's meeting with Swami Gnanada Giri  (Read 1086 times)


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Papaji's meeting with Swami Gnanada Giri
« on: March 01, 2017, 10:41:13 AM »
Papaji has met many contemporary saints without revealing his association with Sri Ramana.

Swami Gnananda Giri is famous in South Tamilnadu for his traditional sampradaya brahminic bhajan and bhakthi movement. 

Papaji was in Chennai on his work.  Swami Gnanada Giri was also camping.

One day Papaji decided to meet Swami Gnananda because he heard about the devotion Swami had towards Rama and Krishna.

When Papaji went, Swami G was sitting and talking with disciples.  A couple had come asking for children boon.  Swami G asked his disciple to go to kitchen storeroom and search if there were any child to give to this couple.

Suddenly Swami G turned towards Papaji.

G:  What do you want
Papaji:  I don't want anything.

G: then come and sit by my side.  Because that is the best course not to have any wants.

Papaji was quite impressed by Swami G's spontaneous acts and sayings.    It is very rare for Papaji to praise somebody but in this scenario Papaji seemed to acknowledge the authenticity and bhakthi of the great sage Swami Gnananda.