Author Topic: Papaji's great qualities -- from nothing ever happened  (Read 1066 times)


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Papaji's great qualities -- from nothing ever happened
« on: March 01, 2017, 10:34:28 AM »
Papaji had lot of outpouring devotion towards Radha and Krishna.

He has visited Vrundhaavan many times and had many ecstatic visions of Krishna.

His another favorite place is Rishikesh.   Here there are recorded accounts of Papaji curing a devotee from poisonous snake bite. Besides Papaji once went to Naimisaranya forest region and there saved another man from a poisonous scorpion bite.

Papaji was challenged by ashram of Mahesh Yogi.  That time Papaji showed his humility by introducing himself as a simple devotee of Ramana Maharishee and not have any greatness of his own.

Papaji considered Arunachala and Ramansramam as most sacred and secret places in Earth.  He encouraged devotion to Arunachala Ramana.

Once Papaji was in Rishikesh in forest with few devotees.  their whole weat grain got wet but could not get cooked as there was no firewood.  Papaji asked the people to throw the wheat in Ganges but at the same time the pot had a invisible hot steam and the wheat cooked itself. The chapathi was served for all the devotees and two other strangers also.

Likewise so many miracles happened around Papaji. But he never claimed any of his as his own.