Author Topic: Ganesha, Remover Of Obstacles  (Read 15869 times)


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Re: Ganesha, Remover Of Obstacles
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Kanchi Mahaswami on 'Dhoomaketu' continued...

As Dhoomasuran kept throwing his smoke weapon, a large cloud of toxic smoke sped towards to the royal couple. The child lord vigneswarar swallowed all the smoke cloud in his body. The demon became tired unable to throw any more weapon. At that time, the lord vigneswarar decided to kill the demon. He decided not to use any new weapon for that purpose. He decided to kill him using the same smoke that he had swallowed. He ejected from his mouth the cloud of smoke vigorously. That smoke killed the demon. The lord, who used the smoke as a weapon and raised the flag of victory, got the name dhoomaketu.
Dhoomam is also called as dhoomram. Therefore, dhoomaketu is also called dhoomraketu .