Author Topic: Reconcilliation of two statements one by Bhagawan and one by Adi Sankara  (Read 1213 times)


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Dear Friends ,

Bhagavan has many times said that the whole universe is but a figment of our ego or mind.
Sri Sankara has  said that the world is real not as names and forms but as Brahaman .

How we do reconcile the two statements .

It seems that the world is a moving picture created by the 'sakti ' the active power of Brahman, formed by the collective nescience of all jivas.Each jiva identifies with one name and form (the cardinal error or the 'original sin')  and undergoes (or so he thinks) experiences  destined for him(prarabda)  in that birth related to his nescience .The inter-play between the names and forms with which each jiva has associated is  again driven  by the 'sakti ' , but  each jiva feels that he is interacting with other jivas who give him pleasure or pain ,whereas actually the one power directs the interaction between the various names and forms .

The world is real as Brahman and not real as names and forms ,means that what each Jiva is seeing  is actually Brahman in action since the picture is created by the active power of Brahman . However if he thinks that the names and forms are real entities from whom he gets pleasure or pain, he is mistaken  as much as other jivas who think likewise.

So it is one divine drama that is going on ' directed by the divine power' where we are all divine actors (though we may be a beggar or a king depending on the role)  driven by a divine power .

Self enquiry is to realize our innate nature as 'God himself' and remain at peace and come out of our nescience which gives to the little worlds that we see and  experience as part of a seemingly larger world.Inviting friends for their valuable words on the subject.

Sundaram Anand