Author Topic: Self and Ego - An article from Arthur Osborne.  (Read 910 times)


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Self and Ego - An article from Arthur Osborne.
« on: January 30, 2017, 02:25:57 PM »
The above titled article appeared in Mountain Path, October 1968.

This also appears in Arthur Osborne's book For Those With Little Dust.


With practice you can concentrate on Being, just as you can on breathing or eating.
And, as breathing or eating, it does not mean thinking about it but consciously experiencing it. A stone can Be unconsciously; a man can too, but he can also consciously Be.

When you feel this sense of being, the pure I-am, you find that it does not fall
into any category; it is neither yours nor not yours, it is neither divided from other people not united with them; it just is.  And it is pure simple consciousness. You cannot say that you are conscious of it because there is no separate you to be conscious of it.  You are it and it is you.  And the experience is a very blissful one,
free from all worries and sorrows.  All this you recollect when looking back at it, because while it lasts you do not bother about such questions.  In fact, on looking
back you realize that while it lasted you were either not thinking at all or just seeing,
hearing, cognizing, without this, encroaching upon you, without being at all disturbed by it.

You can also feel yourself an individual being separate from all others, liking some
and disliking others.  No practice is needed for this, because it is the way the people
usually do feel.

The first way of Being is called the 'Self', and is to be meditated upon, the second is called the   'ego' and is to be rejected.  Concentration on the heart at the right
side is safest according to  Sri Ramana Maharshi, while concentration between the eyebrows may lead to visions and strengthening of the ego.


Arunachala Siva,