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Sri Andal Birth Day - Aashad Pooram star day.
« on: August 05, 2016, 03:46:08 PM »
Today Andal is said to have 'born' in the world.  She was not born of any parents, but was merely
found out by Periyazhwar, her foster father. It was in Srivilliputtur, in South India.

She, from her young age, wanted to marry Sri Rangantha, Maha Vishnu in Sri Rangam. 

She used to wear the garlands made by her father, on  to herself and imagined her to be the bride of
Ranganatha.  Once it was found out by her father and he chided her.  Then he made another garland
and took it to the temple.  However Mahavishnu in Srivilliputtur temple, refused to wear it and the
garland fell down.  Periyazhwar then heard a voice, that the Lord would wear only the garland worn
by Andal.

At the suitable age, her father took her to Sri Rangam, and there she merged with Sri Ranganatha.

Her poems are quite charming.  The Tiruppavai is the most famous one. This collection of 30
songs are sung every day in the month of Margazhi.  This is sung along with Tiruvembavai of
Manikkavchagar in Margazhi.  The scheme was first suggested by Kanchi Mahaswami.

One song from Tiruppavai:

மார்கழித் திங்கள் மதி நிறைந்த நன்னாளால்
நீராடப் போதுவீர் போதுமினோ நேரிழையீர்
சீர் மல்கும் ஆய்ப்பாடிச் செல்வச் சிறுமீர்காள்
கூர்வேல் கொடுந்தொழிலன் நந்தகோபன் குமரன்
ஏரார்ந்த கண்ணி யசோதை இளம் சிங்கம்
கார் மேனி செங்கண் கதிர் மதியம் போல் முகத்தான்
நாராயணனே நமக்கே பறை தருவான்
பாரோர் புகழப் படிந்தேலோர் எம்பாவாய்

Arunachala Siva.     
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