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When Will My Journey Begin? - Bharat M. Mehta:
« on: May 09, 2016, 05:07:07 PM »
(From Mountain Path, October - December 2009):


The decision to go to Tiruvannamalai has been preceded by so many thoughts, desires, and aspirations
that it seems the journey began long ago, even before I took the first step towards it.

My first knowledge of this great Sage was through Daddy who twice had darshan of Bhagavan Ramana
Maharshi. Surprisingly, his visit was rather reluctantly undertaken the first time.  A broker, who frequented
his shop, often tried to persuade Daddy to accompany him during his regular visits to Ramanasramam.
It so happened that his sincere devotion and simplicity, in the end convinced Daddy to go.

The short time Daddy was in the presence of this divine person seemed to have an electrifying effect
on him.  The moment Bhagavan's eyes glanced in the direction of Daddy, he felt as if he was at ease,
suddenly devoid of the restless agitation that had always possessed him, now instead, he felt a thought
free concentration, the sensation that he had no doubts that needed clarification, a sense of complete
well being, devoid of any curiosity, regret, remorse or pain.   He was cruising with joy, just being in the
presence of Sri Ramana.  Bhagavan's silence seemed to communicate itself to him.  The aura of His presence
was liberating.  Just being there was transforming.

The connection was made.  Daddy made a second trip.  He was convinced that Ramana was truly Bhagavan. His spiritual search  ended here.  He had found ever lasting joy.  A desire for a spiritual journey was
ignited.  A direction was now pointed to him.  Reading His philosophy and imbibing His teachings provided
new meaning to Daddy's life.

If such was the profoundness of this wordless conversation of a few minutes. I was determined  to also
taste this nectar.  Since I could not have the luxury of a darshan.  I made an effort to read about Him,
beginning with His life story.  At this time, a friend recommended that I read Paul Brunton's,  A SEARCH

I was convinced that I had found my Guru in Ramana Maharshi.  This itself, I realized was a divine blessing.
Many others, less fortunate, spend their entire lives in search of a guru and by then, there is no time
left to actually pursue a path of spiritual practice.


Arunachala Siva.           


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Re: When Will My Journey Begin? - Bharat M. Mehta:
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2016, 05:19:20 PM »
With this in mind, I thought of undertaking a visit to Arunachala, in the fond hope that a little of the greatness
of this evolved soul would rub off on me!  I wanted to walk on the ground on which He had walked.  I wanted
to feel the air which had touched His body, when He lived there.  I wanted to feel the vibrations in the air
that still lingered, caused His spoken words.  I hoped and dreamed that being able to experience all these
physical sensations would help me in my effort and endeavour, to make my life worthwhile, from the point
of view of a spiritual pursuit.

But then I thought again, if the mere desire would uplift one, without one's being justifiably deserving,
and then 'beggars would ride'. Had I led my life so far in a manner that would enable this experience that
I was going to enjoy to help me to progress?  Was I sensitive enough to be receptive to these subtle sensations? In short -- was I worthy of visiting Sri Ramanasramam?

I decided to postpone my visit, till I had made a critical review of how I had led my life so far. I decided
to go there only after I felt that the visit would be justified. Was I be worthy of this pilgrimage?   What
changes did I need to make my own life before I could make this journey?  If I was still vulnerable to my
usual involuntary reactions, then surely there was little to be learnt at Tiruvannamalai.

For me, there had to be a serious preparation, before I could start this journey.  I had to be able to answer
the following questions:


Arunachala Siva.     


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Re: When Will My Journey Begin? - Bharat M. Mehta:
« Reply #2 on: May 09, 2016, 06:40:20 PM »
Can I truly say that I have begun to look at life as something deeper than the materialistic acquisitions?

Can I truly say that I can recognize that human relations and associations that I have grown into are
are actually chains that tie me down?

Can I be so detached from the outcome of a certain effort, that I can accept the unexpected result with

Can I restrain my thoughts in a situation when I am tempted to react?

Can I turn away from the sight of a beautiful and sensuous human form, by telling myself that all flesh
is dust in the ultimate state?

Can I sacrifice my comfort for the pain that I need to undergo, if I want to further my knowledge of the

Can I look at every human being as an extension of myself?

Can I be moved to real compassion, that I am willing to share what I have?

Can I look at a difference of opinion as an enriching experience?

Can I humbly attribute my so called success to the efforts of my team?

Can my resolve help me to succeed in controlling my thought?

Can I forget an unpleasant interaction with another person, by recognizing the experience as a burden
that can slow my journey?

Can I forgive those who have harmed me today?

Can I look at every painful experience as the result of the law of Karma?

Can I attribute every failure to a wrong decision on my part and not to others however obvious their
mistakes may appear?

Can I rise above the natural instinct to indulge in the five senses?

Can I rise above the urge to seek vengeance?

Can I overlook the shortcomings of others, an an exercise in making me more forgiving?

Can I overcome the instant urge and the uncontrollable impulse to judge?

Can I see divinity in every form of life?

Can I remember to stay focused on a discussion objectively, without getting personal and wanting a

Can  I be so humble as to contribute to the success of a venture, without bragging that it was with the
outcome of my effort?

Can I consider silence as an option before speaking?

Can I calmly undergo physical discomfort, recognizing that this body is distinctly apart from me, my soul?

Can I curtail my worldly activity once I have earned sufficient for the rest of my life?

Can I look at a death as the beginning of a new journey?

When I look at my woeful shortcomings in answering these questions, I wonder if it would not be a sin
to put my foot on that Punya Bhoomi (sacred earth)?

So let me start today on preparing myself to be worthy, at least in a small way, to make this pligrimage
to Arunachala.


Arunachala Siva.