Author Topic: Reality and Relativity - V.Dwarakanath Reddy. Mountain Path - July - Sep. 2005  (Read 7765 times)


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Reincarnation, the linear voyage of return from the relative to Reality:

We have no time today for that research.  Let me complete the more intimate narration of he personalized
psyche.  One day his body dies.  He continues to live in a form and with faculties that are not altogether
unfamiliar to him - they had made up the subtle body of his dream experiences when he was alive.
The sensed reality of himself this time is much more intense and vivid.  His memory framed desires
and formulated joys and sorrows that once defined his life-time continue as the contents of his consciousness.
They constitute the causal frame (the vasanas or samskaras) that propel him on his quest to regain
his inheritance of bliss, ananda.  A whole peopled world of environment exists.  Time scales change.
Mobility and sense perceptions have new parameters, but otherwise it is living and experiencing --
it is by its own rights a real world.

As long as the mind believes that its compulsive goal of enduring happiness will be attained through
acting, reacting, and relating with the external world of men and matter, it has condemned itself to a
relentless pursuit of objectivity.  Only the dawn of understanding that a still, silent mind is the acme
of achievement, and that such a state of unmanifested potential is the sum and source of all creation,'
can turn the focus of the mind inward upon itself.  That is Totality, that is Reality.

But till then the voyage of discovery continues.  Totality, which we will now call Creative Intelligence,
operates strictly as a cause effect continuum.  That is the Law.  That is the ultimate frame of
determinism, which includes your hazy worlds of probability and uncertainty also.

Following this cosmic physics, the subtle body ego sense must return to a material body form.
Causal correctness determines and decrees the occasion, the environment, and the parentage.
If human computers can bring the space bound cosmonaut back to a pin point landing, drop your
scepticism about the cosmic computer, which is the total consciousness in operation, accurately
aligning all causes and all effects and programming 'rebirth' with infallible precision. This re entry
of the psyche is called reincarnation because a carnal, fleshy body is again inhabited.

Thus is the  continuity of an experiencer, living at various levels and chasing his chosen goals.
Let us say then the Man is not the end product of evolution; he did not jump on to the band wagon
driven by chance and Time on the last leg of its journey.  Man is all of evolution.

My time has run out.  I am conscious of it. By now, are we all conscious of consciousness?


Arunachala Siva.