Author Topic: Sri Ramana Paravidyopanishad - by 'Who', K. Lakshmana Sarma.  (Read 31389 times)


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Re: Sri Ramana Paravidyopanishad - by 'Who', K. Lakshmana Sarma.
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672.  Thus it has been shown by the Most Holy One that the Sage in the Natural Samadh has
no activity.  But through by Nature the Sage is no actor, yet He is also a great actor, without
being attached (or bound).

673. What is called association with the Holy is the association with a sage.  The term 'Sat' means
the Brahman, and the Sage is identical with That.

674.  It must not b e doubted, 'Since all alike are Brahman, what is there special in the Sage?'.
In others the Real, (Brahman) is eclipsed by the ego, but in the Sage, the Brahman shines in its
fullest Effulgence.

675.  Being associated with the Sage, the aspirant is freed from all attachments, he is freed from
delusion and thereby becomes one with the Move-less Consciousness which is the Brahman.

676. That Supreme State, which will be attained by the Quest of one's own Self, which automatically
comes to be made by the power of association with the Holy One, cannot be won by acquiring theoretical
knowledge from books, by listening to discourses by learned men etc., nor by any other means.

677.  If an aspirant associates with a Sage, why should he practice the disciplinary courses of action
like other men?  If the cool south wind blows, why should one take up a fan.


Arunachala Siva.         


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Re: Sri Ramana Paravidyopanishad - by 'Who', K. Lakshmana Sarma.
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678.  The moon relives only heat;  the celestial wishing tree removes only poverty;  the holy
Ganga removes only sin.  But the sight of sages destroys all three.  There is nothing else in the world
equal to the association with holy ones.

679.  The holy bathing places, which are only water, and the deities, which are made of clay or the like,
are not equal to the sages.  These purify the mind after a long time. But by the sight alone of the sages
purify one.

680.  Bathing in the Ganga removes the sins of the man, not the sinner in him (the ego).  But association
with a Sage destroys the sinner also.  There is nothing so powerful to purify the mind like the association
with a Sage.

681.  He is the Conqueror of Death, of the Demon of Three Cities, of Cupid, and of the Demon Naraka.
He is the Self of all the great Gods, and all alike worship only Him.

682.  Since by Him the three bodies (encompassing the Self) have been destroyed by knowledge,
therefore He is the killer of Tripura.  Because He has put an end to the Ego, therefore  He is also
the killer of Naraka.

683.  Since the Gita, Bhagavan Sri Krishna Himself says, 'I Myself Am the Sage', therefore it follows
that there is none equal to or greater than He.  His greatness is immeasurable.

684. Since the Sage is God Himself, His teachings are of the highest authority.  Thereafter and by His
words alone the Upanishads also have authority.


Arunachala Siva. 



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Re: Sri Ramana Paravidyopanishad - by 'Who', K. Lakshmana Sarma.
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685. Since the Guru, if He be a Sage, is the second Form of God's Grace, therefore the aspirant
practicing devotion to Him (as to God), will finally his Goal.

686.  In the Sage's presence and even far away there is a mysterious power.  Whoever is caught
hold of by It will not let go, but will surely be taken to the State of Deliverance.

687.  The Guru has said; Just as a fawn caught by a tiger becomes its food, so, if a good man is
caught by the gracious look of the Sage, he will surely attain the State wherein the Sage dwells.

688.  Being outside He turns the mind of the Sadhaka inwards, and from inside (being in the Heart)
He pulls the mind (into the Heart) and then fixes him, by His Power, in the Supreme State.

689.  That Supreme State of the Sage transcends both words and intellect.  What has been set forth
here is just a little which has been vouchsafed by the sages for the sadhaka,

690.  Thus has been propounded the Natural State of the Self, along with the Means of Attainment
(Sadhana).  Hereafter is set forth the essence of the teachings for reflection by the Sadhakas.


Arunachala Siva.       


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Re: Sri Ramana Paravidyopanishad - by 'Who', K. Lakshmana Sarma.
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691.  Every creature is aware of its own spectacle, the world, and its seer himself (the individual soul)
and understands these two are real in their own right.  The delusion is the cause for its samasra.
692. If the two were real in their own right, they would appear continuously.  How can something
that appears at sometimes and does not appear at other times, be real in its own right?

693.  This pair shines, in dream and waking only by the functioning of the mind.  In deep sleep
both of them fail to shine.  Therefore both are mental.

694.  That, wherein the mind goes into latency, and where from it rises again, is alone
Real.  That One, being without settings and risings, is Real, in its Own Right, and is the Home
of Deliverance for the aspirant.

695.  That Reality, named Brahman, which is only One without a second, and complete in Itself,
is the Giver if existence to the whole world.  It also gives the light of consciousness to the mind,
which in itself is inconscient. 

696.  That Itself dwells in the Heart of all creatures as the Own Self like a Witness, without
thoughts and unrelated.  But the One is concealed, during the outward turned mind, by the false
appearance of the world, which is the stuff of mind.

697.  Therefore no one in the world knows This (Real Self), due to Illusion.  Also, being persuaded
that the gross body is itself the Self, he wanders in lives innumerable, suffering unhappiness.

698. This world must be covered over by the Supreme who is the Real Self, by extinction of the mind.
Then, the Pure Self will shine unhindered, as He really is as the Sole Reality, the Brahman.

699.  If and when he makes efforts, equipped with Discrimination and Detachment, for deliverance
by the means taught by the Holy Guru, then he becomes Free from the bondage of samsara by attaining
birth in his own Source, the Brahman.

700.  Turning  his mind inwards, free from thoughts, and diving into the Heart by the Quest of his
own Real Self, becoming free from delusion by the extinction of the ego mind, he attains the State
of Deliverance.  Such one is a Sage.

701.  To that Supreme One, the Self in all creatures, which became our Guru, Sri
Ramana, let there be thousands of namaskaras until there comes about the extinction of the ego.

Sri Ramana Paravidyopanishad - concluded.

Arunachala Siva.