Author Topic: Major Chadwick Liberation Day - 17.04.2016  (Read 1514 times)


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Major Chadwick Liberation Day - 17.04.2016
« on: April 17, 2016, 01:53:48 PM »
Today is Major Chadwick's Liberation Day.  He came to Sri Bhagavan after his stint as army man in
South America.  He came and saw  Bhagavan and decided that 'He is my Guru and He can only place me
the path to moksha.   He never left Bhagavan. He  used to sit in the Hall and listened to Him.  Even
during the mid morning interval when everyone went to the cottage to sleep, he will come to the Hall
and move the punkah for Bhagavan.  He became one of the chosen devotee of Bhagavan soon.

Once Major Chadwick asked Bhagavan, 'Why should Jesus call out 'My God, My God' while being crucified?'

Bhagavan replied:  It might have been an intercession on behalf of the two thieves who were crucified
with Him.  Again a Jnani has attained liberation even while alive, here and now.  It is immaterial as to how,
where and when he leaves the body....'

He again asked, 'What is the significance of Christ in the illumination of St.Paul?'
Bhagavan said, 'Illumination is absolute, not associated with forms.  After St. Paul became Self conscious,
he identified the illumination with Christ consciousness.

Once Major Chadwick said: I do not know if the Self is different from the ego.

Maharshi said: How were you in deep sleep?

Major:  I do not know.

Bhagavan:  Who does not know?  Is it not the waking Self.?  Do you deny your existence in deep sleep?

Major:  I was and I am; but  I do not who was in deep sleep.

Maharshi:  Exactly.  The man awake says that he did not know anything in the state of sleep.  Now he
sees the objects and knows that he is there;  whereas in deep sleep there were no objects, no spectator,
etc., The same one who is now speaking was in deep sleep also.  What is the difference between the two
states?  There are objects and play of senses now which were not in sleep.  A new entity, the ego,
has risen up in the meantime, it plays through the senses, sees the objects, confounds itself with the body
and says the Self is the ego.  In reality, what was in deep sleep continues to exist now too.  The Self is
changeless.  It is the ego that has come in between.  That which rises and sets is the ego; that which
remains changeless is the Self.


Major Chadwick fell ill later and was admitted to Vellore Hospital.  His tongue got swollen and he could
not even speak.  However, he knew that Bhagavan was with him.  He passed away without much trouble
to attain the feet of Bhagavan.

Arunachala Siva.