Author Topic: The intense seeking for a like-minded devotee of Self Enquiry.  (Read 1254 times)

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Re: The intense seeking for a like-minded devotee of Self Enquiry.
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dear devotee

please check your inbox for my message on this.


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Re: The intense seeking for a like-minded devotee of Self Enquiry.
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"My mind is only happy and at a deep peace with unceasing self inquiry to thought ( to whom has this thought arisen)
AND, It feels absolutely positive that I need to seek a devotee who also practices self inquiry , AND in the same practice.
theres a very heightened stillness and bliss in like-minded spiritual company
And a sincere comfort and peace."

Dear 'to whom has this thought arisen',

Yes, it is indeed heartening to know that you experience happiness and deep peace with the practice of unceasing enquiry, and very heightened stillness and bliss in the spiritual company. All this implies that you are within the ambit of His Grace.

Dear 'to whom..', the thought that has arisen and to whom it has arisen is not 'you'. You must have discerned and experienced palpably that this or that thought that has arisen, and to whom it has arisen, are fleeting, appearing and disappearing and ephemeral, while the Self or real 'I' or the Atma-swarupa is always standing majestically, unchanging, for It is Existence Itself.

You must also have discerned clearly enough by now that the 'I'-thought and other thoughts arise holding only the Self who is Pure Awareness. All one needs to do, in my view, at this stage of one's sadhana is to hold the Pure State of mere being and just be (summa Iru), which alone will lead one to real Self-abidance where even Self-enquiry ceases or merges in the pristine Awareness and then one realizes that the enquiry is only a part of the stage and drama.  Therefore, if you can remain only blissfully aware, do not look back, do not worry either, do not seek Jnanis, do not look towards others for help, for, in my view, everything that is necessary and imperative for your sadhana will invariably come along with deep Faith (Shradha) in Him and trust in the efficacy of His Method.

Dear 'to whom...', I am not visiting this forum now-a days regularly. I just, by chance, saw your post and noted that nobody in this forum responded to your post, which contains genuine understanding and experience of a devotee who wishes to perform unceasing Self-enquiry. However, if you respond to this post, you can find my further responses in the thread 'Self-enquiry as taught by Sri Bhagwan is enough'.

Thanks very much,
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