Author Topic: Pornography and Masturbation  (Read 6270 times)


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Re: Pornography and Masturbation
« Reply #15 on: August 22, 2016, 09:53:17 AM »
Dear Ksksat27,

I've read every one of your messages/posts directed towards me, each with relish and an attentive  eye!  Have you gotten my email?

Lakshmana Swamy told that satisfying desires is like pouring kerosene on the fire.  he never said that suppressing desire is like pouring kerosene.  can you kindly quote where and when such a quote is found?
You're right, Swamyji used that analogy with regards to satisfying desires, not suppressing them.  I apologize for writing otherwise.

Thank you for your advice.  Everyone's words have helped me much, and I'm sure I'll revisit them again when I encounter another obstacle.

Dear Orihh

I am sorry, I referred to the personal messages and answers I had given initially and for which there was no acknowledgement later.  somehow I could not see any of your messages in my inbox.  can you please re-send?