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Punar vasu vaNNam - 19.02.2016
« on: February 19, 2016, 12:59:24 PM »
Today is the punar vasu star day of the month of Masi,(Kumbha), in this year English year 2015. 
Bhagavan was born on a puna vasu star day of Margazhi.  The Asramam celebrates the puna vasu star day
of every Tamizh month, with special pujas for Sri Rmaneswara Maha Lingam. The Lingam, is first
done abhishkham with coconut water, milk, curds, and ghee.  Then alankaram is done with various
flowers and the Lingam is adorned with golden casket, with new dhotis around it. After the puja,
arti is shown.  Thereafter, nice lunch is arranged for inhabitants of the guest rooms and also special

Let us read two of the verses of Glance of Grace, from Sri Ramana Sannidhi Murai:

Let us meditate on Ramana
The Teacher of Reality
Who dwells within my inmost Self'
As I, as I,
Bringing in full measure
The joy of silence
Ending the delusive pride
Of a divided self's self love.


In one unbroken silence let us dwell
On the twin Feet of the Guru
Glorified above all kings
Because His glance of grace revealed
The Hill of bright Awareness
Shining in a world
Troubled by darkness of desire.


I also give one verse of Desika Padigam, the verses which Muurganar tried to read in front of Bhagavan
when he met Him for the first time:

Verse 184 from Desika Padigam:

Guru Ramana, Siva, as once you left
Mount Kailash and the company of Gods
And came to cool Perundurai to drink in
The sparkling words of Vachakgar
Now again you have come to fair Aruna town
Wishing to hearken to this fellow's pueril words.

Arunachala Siva.
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