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Guru Ramana Prasadam - (II)
« on: January 29, 2016, 01:11:12 PM »

(The following is an article on Sri Guru Ramana Prasadam of Muruganar. The translation is by Robert Butler.
This is available in Mountain Path issue Jan.-Mar. 2008)


The Glorious Power of His Feet:

188.  When I sought His holy feet within my own heart, I gained the true knowledge that is the experience
of the Self, the sea of grace in which it is delightful to bathe.  If we were to merge with them, the holy feet
of the Guru will become a boat to ferry us across the desolate void and bring us to salvation, the state
of the Real.


Ocean of compassion, He took pity on this poor ignorant fool and through His Grace, cleansing the evil
from my heart, He established the supreme reality there.  Even the final cataclysm at the universe's
end could not dislodge His radiant feet from that place.


When I see them shining in all their fullness as my eternal nature, manifesting inwardly as the enfolding
expanse of grace, that is the pure state of being awake, the victorious feet of reality, the form of
true knowledge that ruled me through their grace, will flourish as the truth that never fails and deserts  me.


Shining as the supreme means for the removal of false understanding, as the inner awareness I-I, gained
through subsiding into the Heart,  and as the life that is free of the humiliating subjugation to the canker
of the ego, they are His noble feet, the trace of grace.


Bringing me, His devotee, to salvation through His ambrosial being, so that even as I languished in the
dark night of my mind's deadly delusion, I was saved from death's annihilation, my holy Master's feet of
pure gold, bestowing grace in holy silence, shine out, irremovably established within my heart as true
spiritual practice.


Arunachala Siva.       


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Re: Guru Ramana Prasadam - (II)
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2016, 09:49:19 AM »
Verse 193:

In the divine silence, the holy feet of the Guru caused the realm of grace to blossom within my heart,
and through the experience of their deeply peaceful nature, I gained them for myself in the form of a
life lived, as it were, on a cool mountainside (tan paruppata vazhvu).  Within my own heart I attained the
state of the real, the pure space of bliss for which my longing never ends.

Verse 194:

The state in which one attains and becomes permanently established in limitless peace, the pure state of
grace, the exquisite supreme bliss whose nature is delight, is none other than the holy feet of the Guru,
the tender flame of true knowledge that ever watches over those devotees whose love is true.

Verse 195:

When I became united with the feet of the Sadguru, my worldly ties were cut away through the practice
of absorption in his abiding Selfhood, with no longer any need to acquire empirical knowledge, and the
lofty knowledge of Sivam ripened within me as the vast Supreme.

Verse 196:

A column of pure light, sweet nectar to our minds, holy Mount Annamalai towers on high.  And there,
enthroned in holy majesty, filling my eyes with his blissful sight dwells my divine guru. Dwelling without
thought upon my Master's holy feet, I have merged with the open sky of bliss.

Verse 197:

Sipping the sweet nectar of Lord Siva's bliss from the bright lotuses of his feet that flourished within
my understanding, dispelling my deep sorrow, I was filled with the light of my own inner realization,
that blessed ocean of divine silence, so long desired.


Arunachala Siva.               


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Re: Guru Ramana Prasadam - (II)
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2016, 10:04:42 AM »
Verse 198:

My natural duty, as I perceive it, is to dwell without thought upon those feet that abide in holy silence,
flooding my consciousness with bliss.  This is the state of liberation, the holy silence in which the ego
that thrives on the mind's confusion is rendered powerless and disappears completely.

Verse 199:

Dispelling my suffering, the Lord of Siva's heaven revealed himself to me and became my master.
Lovingly I abandoned all my worldly activities at his ruddy and gracious feet, for in this devotee's
heart such things could no longer find a place.

Verse 200:

As the clinging bonds of false association fell away, I came to dwell as Lord's Siva's noble feet
whose measure cannot be told.  Holding on with an unrelenting grip, neither grasping not letting go,
I came to know as the true reality the feet of my wise Master that shine in my heart.

Verse 201:

The Lord renewed my existence and made it complete as suddenly as the bliss of Lord Siva flooded
through me, and I rejoiced as I drank in the intoxicating liquor of supreme bliss that welled up and
overflowed from the lotuses of his feet.


Arunachala Siva.       


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Re: Guru Ramana Prasadam - (II)
« Reply #3 on: February 01, 2016, 10:16:24 AM »
Verse 202:

At the golden feet of the Divine One, where the peace of blissful union with Lord Siva prevails,
dispelling the torment of the lustful mind and granting liberation. I have attained the experience
of true knowledge that shines as my Master's very self, so that 'I am the body awareness' is no more.

Verse 203:

His holy feet are the treasure that exists within the Heart as the life that is free of suffering caused by
the humiliating bonds of the world and the soul.  This life at the feet of the Lord, where the ruinous
seeds of our actions are consumed like cotton in a flame, is for my soul the life of supernal bliss.

Verse 204:

He caused a flower of light to unfold in the state of pure consciousness, so that the disastrous error
of a body-bound ego faded.  That radiance grew  brighter with my love until I realized the flawless
knowledge of the Self manifesting as the unbroken awareness I-I within my heart.

Verse 205:

Destroying the dark void of base ignorance, the light of the grace bestowing feet of my Guru and
Master, whose nature is of the form, of shining self knowledge,  revealed to me as my true self,
driving out entirely the degrading confusion of that false, delusional state, in which, I wandered
weeping and fretting over 'I' and 'mine'.


Arunachala Siva.   


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Re: Guru Ramana Prasadam - (II)
« Reply #4 on: February 02, 2016, 10:14:23 AM »
Verse 206:

Languishing in the slough of my soul's defilement, I knew not a single moment of clear understanding,
until my Lord revealed to me my own Self as Brahman. His fair feet, which in grace bestow delight of
blissful divine silence, shone out brightly, ennobling my body, mind, and speech.

Verse 207:

The Lord bathed me in the light of my own inner realization so that the mental trickery which bound
me to a world of illusion was exposed as false.  Then, as all desires and the thoughts which gave rise
to them fell away, the light of His holy feet was all that remained, radiating everywhere the peace that
in grace bestows the consciousness of the real.

Verse 208:

The wise Lord graciously granted me true knowledge, bringing to me a clarity that dispelled my mind's
confusion. In the beautiful sun like radiance of His golden feet, my three fold body, the source of my
deluded awareness, was revealed as false and disappeared and all that remained was the pure, transcendent

Verse 209:

Light of lights, His holy feet plunged me into the ocean of divine love, so that I tasted the sweetness
of the final bliss with which I could not be sated, then merged with me in the Heart as my own nature,
as the light of true awareness that flourishes as the origin and source of my understanding flooded in all

Verse 210:

Thinking yet beyond the realm of thought, I nurtured in my heart the realization that His holy feet,
dwelling in holy silence, free of guile, were the very Self.  And as the distress caused by the deluding
mind that exists in Maya faded, its falsehood revealed, the pure ambrosial flood of grace, the life
of absolute consciousness, became one with me.


Arunachala Siva.   


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Re: Guru Ramana Prasadam - (II)
« Reply #5 on: February 03, 2016, 10:52:09 AM »
Verse 211:

The grace bestowing feet of my Lord assumed so absolutely the right of possession over me that
there remained nothing that I had to read, or put into practice after reading and understanding.
It is those feet that remain in the hearts of those who have fully understood (and rooted out the
way of 'neti', It is not this.

Verse 212:

The holy feet of the guru shines in my heart as the knowledge bestowed in grace by the Self, which
embraces me in the form of final liberation.  Taking those feet as my siddhi (supernatural power),
I have attained strength and clarify of mind, so that the false desires which held me in the illusion
of worldly bondage have vanished like a dream.

Verse 213:

Drawn by His magnetic charm I have sought shelter at the lotus feet of Sri Ramana whose teaching is
eternal, so that the murky twilight of the illusory world, created by the trickery of the senses, has
faded in the clear light of dawn like turmeric left out in the sun.  (Turmeric loses its color when
exposed to sunlight).

Verse 214:

Whether the fate decrees that I should suffer through seven births or seven thousand, whatever
worlds I may inhabit, His gracious feet, the light of life within my heart, will be united with my
soul, enfolding me so that for my fortunate self all those appearances will be as a dream.


Arunachala Siva.             


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Re: Guru Ramana Prasadam - (II)
« Reply #6 on: February 04, 2016, 10:51:57 AM »
Verse 215:

Beneath my guru's gaze my heart was emptied of guile so that the false understanding which
had usurped my heart disappeared completely, and there, in silence at His holy feet, the pure ocean
of the Self, which nothing can contain, swept me up into the deep bliss of absolute Godhead.   

Verse 216:

To remain with the mind destroyed through dedication to the Lord is one glorious natural state,
the reality of the Self.  In  that state of delight that is the company of the guru's holy feet, there
exists nothing else to excite my desire other than Him.

Verse 217:

If the impetuosity of the deluded mind that drives us on is destroyed by our Lord,  before whom even
Gods bow down, singing paeans of praise, and then, if we cling to those fair feet, the grace- consciouness
that abolishes desire, all other clinging will be destroyed.

Verse 218:

Performing menial service to that treasure house of compassion, whose true wisdom is praised in the
four corners of the earth, I perceived and embraced final emancipation.  For the devotees of our gracious
Creator, there is no more exalted service -- for that indeed is the true spiritual practice of the wise.


Arunachala Siva.