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Maharshi, oncology and original world.
« on: October 06, 2015, 02:33:42 PM »
These posts are too long. And my English is not perfect. I would like to shorten it but I see it is impossible, otherwise the meaning of the matter won?t be conveyed.
The matter is important and the information is precious. It may be expressed shortly in two items:

1. On reading the post you will get to know about one method, which can give a salvation for people suffering from many diseases. Oncology disappears, HIV+ / AIDS becomes neutral and don?t make any harm for organism.

2. In addition to it, thanks to this method, a feeling of Self becomes more intensive, dense and sweet, like God?s incense. Samsara ceases to be as a cycle of sorrow, becomes full of bliss and like Shiva?s tiger straightens the back, makes a jump turning into a bridge and stretches into Nirvana. Nirvana and Samsara are felt as One, entire, only.

I think these two items are enough for reading the post until end :)


I had Satori ( temporary realization / awakening ). It was at the time of reading books ?Face to face with Ramana Maharshi? and ?Talks with Ramana Maharshi?. It happened several times and it was wonderful. But it was later?

My first acquaintance with Ramana Maharshi?s name was unlucky. There was no positive impression. I would said contrary, impression was slightly negative.

After reading his biography I decided that he was not enough powerful yogi, because his death was caused by oncology. And sidhi weren?t demonstrated by him openly. And he told that striving to sidhi is not very good. So, my first acquaintance ended without any result.

My second acquaintance started after several years, when I was interested in Advaita. So, Ramana Maharshi?s name appeared again and I got to know that yogis of that time called Maharshi the most powerful yogi among all living yogis. I was interested in it and my new acquaintance with Maharshi and Advaita started.

Some thoughts and ideas were born and I decided to share it with other people, interested in Advaita.



Maharshi said the world appears simultaneously with someone who perceives the world. The three appears simultaneously: the world; someone who perceives the world; the process of the perception. These three appear simultaneously and disappear simultaneously also.

Maharshi cited an instance of a slumber. In a slumber someone gets the body of the slumber and perceives the world of the slumber.

I would not say the world we are living in is a world. It looks like a space for incarnations. And this space contains many worlds in itself.
There is an appropriate body for every world.

Let?s take an eagle for example. The eagle perceives the world in the body of eagle. There is a whole eagle?s world for the eagle !

The eagle has eyesight better than eyesight of the elephant. And the wings. And the feather has place to be. But the elephant has nothing of the kind.

An elephant has his own world, because elephant has an appropriate body. The elephant has eyesight not so good as the eagle has. In addition to it elephant has too thick skin without feather and the wings are absent.

But the elephant is not unhappy for lack of eagle?s eyesight.

The elephant does not suffer nor from the thick skin / hide presence, nor from the wings absence. He is quite happy because all his characteristics conform to his elephant?s standard.

Every world has its own standard.

A mole hasn?t got any need of eyes. The mole?s world is smelling and sounding, full of exciting adventures as hunting worms, insects and females. The mole?s world is marvelous!

There are many worlds in this space. The worlds are often intersected at definite points. There is a symbiosis, antagonism or neutrality among the worlds.

So, we see that for the world perception is necessary to have two things. These are body (or ?hard?, if to speak programmer language), and ?soft? (instincts, mental and psychic installations, reactions and so on).

There is an appropriable ?soft? for every ?hard?. And every ?hard? has to be compatible with its ?soft?. It is like device and driver for this device.

The elephant would be unhappy, having an eagle?s soft. He would be in a horrible depression, because his body does not allow him fly up.

But the eagle would be really unhappy, having broken wing.
Damaged hard and improper soft is the reason of all human?s miseries.

So, what is the secret of the elephant?s happiness ?

Undamaged hard and suitable soft. These two are creators of the elephant?s happiness.


What is a body ? The food eaten by the body becomes the body.
The quality of the body depends on the quality of the food.

Long, long ago Atman was appeared especially. The appearance of Atman had a distinctive form, pleasant smell and a good taste. People have tasted it and named ?banana?.

So, what is a banana ? The desert only ? Or a food for monkeys ? This is living appearance of Atman ! What may be better as the food ?

But people decided to kill the living appearance of Atman using fire. They began to eat dead food, because it seemed to be tastiest for them. As a result, their bodies lost their natural abilities. Saying figuratively, they became to have serpent-like bodies.

Their physical and astral bodies have turned into poor quality conductors of high energies. So, it got dark. Became less of light and more of darkness and ignorance.

They lost knowledge of Advaita and became to have worldly attachments. They gave birth to various ideas full of nonsense, stupidity and marasmus. They wanted to make happy the world with the one and indivisible empire; the world-wide revolution. And in addition to it they wanted to feed the world with genetically modified food.

It is something we call ?the world?. This is an unoriginal, false world, a clone. People live in this serpent world and perceive it in their serpent-like bodies.

Samsara became to feel sick under influence of the dead food and dead ideas. Samsara was doubled up with pain and ceased to be as a bridge.
So, there is nothing special that it is a cycle of sorrow.

People lost precious knowledge about standard of their hard and soft. Instead of standard the norm was invented. But what is the norm ? The norm is determined by a majority of the people. 
Their norm exists for excusing abnormality of their society.

It is the reason why people perceive the world full of ignorance, diseases and sorrows as a norm and don?t consider for a moment in what way have we come to be here. The norm is and the norm concerns to all people. All of them suffer. All of them go to doctors and take a medicine. All of them have various problems. All of them call it norm, because all of them do it.
This is their norm.

This is the norm, which went away from the original standard.


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Re: Maharshi, oncology and original world.
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There is very interesting and useful book ?The Essene Gosel of Peace?.
You cannot find the book in the Bible, because it is non-canonical / apocryphal book.

The manuscript of the book was found by pure accident in archives of Vatican by one of the researchers.

In the book Jesus says next worlds:


The Essene Gosel Of Peace
Book One

Jesus says:
?...if you eat living food, the same will quicken you, but if you kill your food, the dead food will kill you also. For life comes only from life, and from death comes always death. For everything which kills your foods, kills your bodies also. And everything which kills your bodies kills your souls also.

And your bodies become what your foods are, even as your spirits, likewise, become what your thoughts are. Therefore, eat not anything which fire, or frost, or water has destroyed. For burned, frozen and rotted foods will burn, freeze and rot your body also.

Be not like the foolish husbandman who sowed in his ground cooked, and frozen, and rotten seeds. And the autumn came, and his fields bore nothing. And great was his distress. But be like that husbandman who sowed in his field living seed, and whose field bore living ears of wheat, paying a hundredfold for the seeds which he planted. For I tell you truly, live only by the fire of life, and prepare not your foods with the fire of death, which kills your foods, your bodies and your souls also."
"Master, where is the fire of life?" asked some of them.
"In you, in your blood, and in your bodies."
"And the fire of death?" asked others.
"It is the fire which blazes outside your body, which is hotter than your blood. With that fire of death you cook your foods in your homes and in your fields. I tell you truly, it is the same fire which destroys your foods and your bodies, even as the fire of malice, which ravages your thoughts, ravages your spirits. For your body is that which you eat, and your spirit is that which you think.


"So eat always from the table of God: the fruits of the trees, the grain and grasses of the field, the milk of beasts, and the honey of bees. For everything beyond these is of Satan, and leads by the way of sins and of diseases unto death. But the foods which you eat from the abundant table of God give strength and youth to your body, and you will never see diseases For the table of God fed Methuselah of old, and I tell you truly, if you live even as he lived, then will the God of the living give you also long life upon the earth as was his.


Fruit and vegetable living-foodism / raw-foodism includes in itself food which wasn?t underwent thermal processing using temperature 41C and higher. It is fruits, vegetables, dry fruits ( dried in shade under sun without thermal processing ), nuts, oils (unrefined, obtained by cold-pressing ).

Why the temperature 41C is so important ? Enzymes are ruined under this temperature. It has concerning not to fruit / vegetable enzymes only, but to enzymes of human body also. It is a reason why people cannot live more then one hour if the temperature of the body is 41C.

Raw fruits and vegetables have their own enzymes. Thanks to the enzymes the food is digested. So, the food is digested by itself in a human stomach.

Thermal processing ruins enzymes ( and not enzymes only ) in the food. So, the enzymes of the human organism are used. As a result the body becomes exhausted and quickly grows old. The body is like a battery and the enzymes are as a charge.

For transition into living foodism is necessary for about eight months. During the time an old gut microflora will be changed for new one.

In the beginning of transition will be assimilated for about 30 % consumed living food, so may be loss of weight until some measure. But after eight month will be assimilated for about 70 % and weight become stabilize.

For gaining weight is necessary to eat more dry fruits and oils.

An organism makes transition from necrobiosis into vitabiosis ( vita-metabolism ).

After eight months an environment of a blood, lymph, muscles, bones and brain will have other abilities.

The environment is unsuitable for deceases and parasites and they leave the organism.
Oncology disappears during one year, even less. HIV+ / AIDS becomes neutral and don?t make any harm for the organism.

Getting rid of diabetes takes more times, may be until several years, but it disappears also.

Physical and astral bodies become available to conduct high energies without overloads.

That people who have sidhi say that after their transition into living-foodism their powers / energetic have been increased and their extrasensory perception became more subtle.

The main causes of yogis? deaths are well known. As a rule it is or a cerebral stroke or an oncology.
But living food eating can solve these problems.

A cerebral stroke befalls in case of a flaccid brain. In that case walls of blood vessels of brain are too thin and too stiff. As a result, the blood vessels burst, the blood comes into brain and it leads to death.

But living food eaters have a resilient brain and elastic blood vessels. Such brain don?t know what a cerebral stroke is.

About oncology.

A body of yogi who eats dead food will be under energetic overloading. High energies will ruin and exhaust body on a cellular level. It is reason why yogis eat so little quantity of food. They say that the less food person eats, the longer he lives. And they are right.

But in case of living food situation will be another. Living food will nourish a body until last cell. An exhaustion of the cells will be impossible. In addition to it, inner environment of the body will be unsuitable for oncology.


First of them and well known In Europe was
Maximilian Oskar Bircher-Benner, M.D. (August 22, 1867 ? January 24, 1939)

He used living-food diet and physical activity as a medicine at his sanatorium.

Nowadays one of well known living-fooders is Victoria Boutenko [bu-tEn-ko].

Victoria Boutenko is the author of the book "Green For Life"

Summary of Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko

Victoria and her family had a lot of problem with health, including oncology and diabetes.
But after their transition into living-foodism this family got rid of all their deceases.

After that she founded ?The Institute of Health? in US ( they are living there ), where she taught her patients about living-foodism.

Their results were next: all people who made transition into living-foodism got rid of oncology. All of them, without any exclusions !

But there were some, who after several months living-foodism, having moral support from their families and all conditions for further advancement, turned back to dead food.
As a result, the oncology began to progress and they have died.

It was a puzzle until time, but a clue was found.

The cause was such. In the process of digestion of a dead food a toxins was made. The toxins have characteristics close to narcotic.
Nervous system becomes depended of the toxins and has something close to the drug habit or narcotic dependence.

In addition to it, their mentality was old. They have been having worldly attachments and knew nothing about Advaita.

So, Victoria Boutenko made a good work and she is doing it until now. In addition to it, she showed what is raw-foodism without Advaita.

Ramana Maharshi performed a great work and showed for us what is Advaita without raw-foodism.

I think the time came to combine into one Advaita and raw-foodism.

Actually, it was one and entire from beginning. It was integral appearance of Atman. And it is looking like the combining take place by itself, because the time came.


The body of living-food eaters is enduring. It is reason why they take first places in contests of long-distance race and cycle racing.

A muscles / thews become more elastic and persons of pensionable age even become able to do the splits after one year living-foodism and physical exercises.

Thanks to living-foodism dispassion develops and passions becomes more controlled. They say it is a reason why sexual intercourse becomes longer.

Of course, it is possible if an organism is not wasted, but has stabile weight. As it was written above, eating dry fruits and oils gives it.

The women?s matter.

During transition into living-fuddism menstruations disappears. First it became rare?one time in two months, then one time in six months and disappears totally. But reproductive abilities become stronger.

By the way, such discomfort as menstruation happens with humans only and with some of domestic animals, eating dead food from human?s table.
All other biological organisms, living on this planet, don?t know what a menstruation is.

What will a doctor say ?
Really, what will he say after he got to know that a woman has no menstruation during last six months ?

In addition to it, her blood test will be different from ?normal?.
An organism of a living-food eater has own norm. There are different norms for different worlds.

A doctor will say she is ill and needs in a course of medical treatment.

It would be comically but it is tragically. The matter is that doctors during six years of university education study nothing about raw-foodism. This subject is absent in their educational process.

I don?t know what about India, Britain or US, but in Ukraine and other countries former Soviet Union educational system is old and unfit for acceptance something new.

But situation in Western countries is not much better. The theme of raw-foodism is a threat for medicine and pharmaceutical business in every country. It is a reason why they try to pass over in silence and don?t speak about it on TV or newspapers.  That is why the theme is unpopular.

Contra-indication to raw-foodism.

Most often it may be enteritis (inflammation of guts ). As a rule, it may be after taking chemotherapy or another chemicals.

What is a chemotherapy ? It is toxins. Some one takes toxins, organism lead out it through guts and when its concentration becomes too high, the inflammation has place to be.
So, it is necessary to get rid of inflammation and after that to do transition into raw-foodism gradually.

In any case you have to have a consultation with your doctor !
But don?t forget to ask the doctor if he is know about row-foodism.


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Re: Maharshi, oncology and original world.
« Reply #2 on: October 06, 2015, 02:41:38 PM »

A great literary epos ?Mahabharata? describes a Kingdom of snakes.
All in this kingdom is like in human?s kingdom.

Here we can see bad Takshaka, who is able to do evil only. There is also a neutral Vasuki, who takes care of goods for all snakes.

There is also Shesha, one kind and honorable snake. He is keeping long fast, as he refused eating other creatures. So, gods granted longevity to him.

Here we can find brahman-snacks, magics and teachers, various skilled craftsmans and lazybones, gambler and so on. Everything is like in human?s world. Such a human-like serpentarium.

This literary work has some episodes where we can see that good serpents and good people have the same shape and there isn?t any difference between shapes. Even more, human?s saint man Janatkaru marries Vasuki?s sister who has the same name?Janatkaru. Their matrimony gives birth to Astika ( one, who is eternal being ). Astika gives salvation for good serpents.

  ...And in due time, the sister of the snakes gave birth to a son of the splendour of a celestial child, who became the reliever of the fears of his ancestors and maternal relatives...

... And the name by which he was known to the world was Astika. And he was known by the name of Astika (whoever is) because his father had gone to the woods, saying. 'There is', when he was in the womb.

The Mahabharata, Book 1: Adi Parva: Astika Parva: Section XLVIII

So, a question arises: what is a difference between good serpents and good people, if their shapes are equal ?
Answer is such: not shapes have difference, but their content.

Although Mahabharata doesn?t give a clear answer, we see that here is a talk about vegetarian raw-foodism. I don?t know was author of this literary work living-food eater or not, but I know exactly it has been written under Divine Grace.

There is a difference between perceptions. Imagine a human, who is eating living food, is healthy and full of power and imagine another one, who is eating dead food, has bad health and his body is a shelter for various deceases. Their perception of a sunrise, bird?s singing and flower?s fragrant will be different, subjective.

What common have humans and serpents ? Presence of toxins in their bodies.
It is a reason why a serpent was taken as an image of a human, who is eating dead food.

An organism of a serpent accumulates toxins / venom for hunting and self-defense. But we cannot say the same about human?s organism.

An organism of a person who is eating dead food will accumulate more and more toxins. And if in addition to it the person has deceases, the quantity of the toxins may be incredible in comparison with an organism of living-food eating person.

It isn?t a secret that toxins influence on a nervous system and astral body. It is a reason why perception will be different, as a rule.

We see that Astika saves good serpents from perdition. How does he do it ? By the word !
Astika says one word only and even Takshaka hung over bonfire and was saved from an agony of fire.

Good serpents have been sawed. A word, i.e. a necessary information in due time saves good serpents from death.

We see this occurrence happens in India. Astika saves serpents on territory of India. Not in Europe or other country. Astika is send first of all to people of India. Why ? Because they are able to accept it. And I will explain what I?m talking about.

After the theme of raw-foodism became known for me, I started to practice it. I was staying in row-foodism as long as possible according to circumstances.

Then I wanted to share this information with people, who were suffering from oncology.

In internet I found a sites of teenagers, who was suffering from leucaemia ( oncology of marrow ) and they were needing in transplantation of marrow. It costs at least $120 000 + 30 000 for rehabilitation after operation.

Their parents have income for about $100 per month. So, they were looking for sponsors and any help.

I have send letters to them and was very amazed at their responses. It was responses of zombies.

At first, they and their parents were shocked by diagnosis ?oncology?. After that they were programmed with doctors for questing money for operation. And after long hearing about complexity of medical treatment they have believed that there is no another way. And as a result, they became disabled for simplicity.

And as I was very amazed, I decided to send letters to dozens person like these.

The result was next.
Only two from ten said ?thanks?. But it doesn?t means they will run to practice raw-foodism.
The others eight from ten thought I was jeering at them, or were simply not able to understand what I was talking about.

Their answers were like this: ?What are you talking about ? What carrot ? What bananas ? We have a need in $120 000 for operation our child !
The impregnable wall. The zombies.

I don?t know what about other countries, you can do experiment in internet, if you like. But in my country they cannot accept Astika. It is a rule. Unfortunately.

In addition to it, economic situation in my country isn?t very good and those people who would like to eat living food only cannot afford it for themselves.

But there are some exceptions from that rule.

I see that people who are looking for an exit and are not waiting for a doctor, who will bring a miracle-working medicine on a silver platter, discover an exit by themselves. They find groups of livind-fooders in social nets, do transition into raw-foodism and become free from oncology.

Such people have no need in Astika, because they are Astika for themselves. They found by themselves and they practice by themselves.

That is why I?m writing Astika is sent for people of India first of all.
India has another mentality and not so zombied with medicine to counterbalance of western countries. Medicine in India had no time to turn people into an appendage for a medicine dropper for pumping money out.

This world is a serpentary. And the serpentary in serpent-like bodies is perceived accordingly.

There are serpents of various kinds, shapes, colors and slits of eyes. They make nests according to their interests. After that they make a big nest and constitute a nation or a State.

Each nest has own language, culture and guards own part of a pie, preventing illegal migration of serpents from other nests. It is their norm. And it is even good until measure.

I think there is no need to change something in this serpentarium. The serpentarium takes care about itself. But there is a sense to spend time and efforts for making new world.


I think, much people asked the question. And I have some thoughts about it.

First of all worth to remember that there is no one in the world, who knows all about everything. If you know one, show me.

What was a main cause of absence an information about raw-foodism ?

The information was scattered among satvic food, Ayurveda, nestitherapy, various diets, medicines, doctors and so on. It was lost among ?

The same relates to Advaita.
Advaita was hidden among various kinds of yoga, religious, methods, systems, ashrams, gurus and their disciples. Even until now a lot of people know nothing about Advaita. And I was one of them until recently.

So, what hindered to find a needle in a haystack ?
A myth about God?s will. 
Even with followers of Advaita the myth have played a malicious joke.

They ought to say frankly: we are in ignorance, we don?t know how to solve the problem and don?t see any exit. But may be is someone, who knows, may be there is information unknown for us?

They were caught by the ancient myth. As ancient, as ignorance and the serpentarium is.

The myth hindered to find information about raw-foodism when Maharshi was in his body yet. So, their quests were confined in field of medicine.

And not for Maharshi only. How much awaken people died of oncology and other deceases !  You, who are living in India and are well informed, can count them.

There is no any God?s will to suffer from oncology, but there is our ignorance, which is an obstacle on the way.

God?s will cannot be inscrutable, but ignorance is inscrutable all the time.

The myth about God?s will in its different varieties is the worst of the worst myths and brought a lot of harm to humanity.

People thought out the myth to concealment their ignorance.

People, standing on upper level of social hierarchy cannot admit frankly their own ignorance in the face of people, standing on lower level. Otherwise they will be looking like dolts and their ego will be wounded.

Every priest wants to be wise and clever in parishioners' opinion.

And every father and mother wants the same according to their children.

If a priest cannot give answers to his parishioners, he talks to them about God?s inscrutable will.

When parents cannot answer why milk is white if a cow is brown and a grass is green, they say to their children about God?s will.

Why sun rises and sets ? Why a day and a night have place to be ? Because it is God?s will !

In that way the myth has become customary and is very handy in use until now.

Why a fridge switches on and switches off periodically ? Can you give a detailed answer ? You cannot ? Then there is one of two--or God?s will, or you are ignorant in this question.

The myth about God?s will is an inscrutable darkness. And this darkness is presented as a light. O, wonder ! This is a door, painted on a wall. It is a reason why the door has no any enter or exit. So, there is no sense to knock at the door.

The myth turned off many people from search. People think it is God?s will, known to everyone. Or it is inscrutable and no one can know it.

But what will ? Whose will ? There is no any absolute God, separated from person. And there is no person, separated from Atman. There is something and I call it ?system?. You can call it ?system Atman?.

The system may be having different settings. So, working modes may be different also. Working modes are depending on settings.

Someone eats living food and practice Advaita. It is settings. According to this settings will be modes. It is a reason why a person will have such kind of events in life and not another.

Another person eats dead food, has slow-moving activity, alcohol or nicotine dependence, know nothing about Advaita. So, there is nothing surprising in his modes.

The ?system Atman? functions automatically. Maharshi called it ?automatic divine activity?.

But in time of Maharshi ?automatic divine activity? was related to positive doings, called ?miracles?.

Actually, all our activity is divine and automatic. But what it will be?life full of wonderful events or a cycle of sorrow depends on settings.

There is no any God?s will, because absolute God, separated from person is absent.
The ?system Atman? is.

As it was written above, none can know all about everything. The book ?Face to face with Ramana Maharshi? has an illustrative example of it:


Dr. M.R. Krishnamurthi Iyer was the first doctor of the Ashram
dispensary, which was started in 1929.

In the later 1930s, continuous hiccups gripped Sri Bhagavan. I
was treating him. Days passed and I had tried all the medicines known to
the profession; all in vain. I got thoroughly upset. I spoke no words to Him,
but standing in His presence, I prayed mentally that He should show me a
way to cure Him.
I returned home grief-stricken and cried and cried like a child till I
fell asleep. In the early hours of the morning, Sri Bhagavan appeared in my
dream and asked, ?Why are you crying?? I replied sobbing, ?Bhagavan,
you know why. I don?t know how to save you from hiccups. What am I to
do?? Sri Bhagavan consoled me saying, ?Don?t cry. In the courtyard of
your house there is a plant of Seenhikodi. Pluck some leaves from it, fry
them in ghee and then pound them along with dried ginger and jaggery,
make balls of it and bring them to me. Don?t worry!?
I woke up delighted. My wife and I went out with a hurricane
lamp and searched for the herb in the courtyard. Except for a small strip,
the courtyard was plastered in cement. In the small strip many bushes had
grown. There among them, we did find the herb; prepared the medicine
and almost ran to the Ashram. As we entered the hall very early in the
morning, we found Sri Bhagavan on His couch. With a smiling face, He
greeted us and extended His hand with these words: ?Give me what you
have brought!? He swallowed a part of the medicine.When I spoke to
Him about the dream He looked innocent as if He knew nothing about it!
Needless to say, the hiccups stopped as expected and He was restored to
normal health.


Here we read: ?When I spoke to Him about the dream He looked innocent as if He knew nothing about it!?

Bu it was really so! Maharshi knew nothing nor about the slumber, nor about the recipe ! He knew nothing in details, but intuitively he knew it is medicine. So, he said: ?Give me what you have brought!?

It was ?automatic divine activity?.


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Re: Maharshi, oncology and original world.
« Reply #3 on: October 06, 2015, 02:45:50 PM »

Let?s think about it.
The world would be another. Most of people would be living in tropical and sub-tropical climate and a density of population would be more thicken. But it wouldn?t be a problem.

Even contrary, it would be a great achievement. It would be a leap upon qualitatively new and higher level of being.

It is known that living-foodism borders on prana-foodism. And is possible to combine these two. 

In case of thick density of population the energetic will be more concentrated. It will be filling as a thick Divine Grace. I think great sidhi and powers will be appeared. Automatic divine activity will be very powerful. 

Every square meter may be productive. Ground will be irrigated and fertile.

In addition to it, is known cases when a food was multiplied by Jesus Christ many years ago, and by yogis nowadays. I think, this practice may be widely used in case of need if necessary    thanks to automatic divine activity. As a result, have to be enough living-food for all.

Ecological situation will be a lot better.

Detergents are possible to produce, using plants and herbages without unhealthy chemicals.

Pardon me, but even excrements will have other characteristics, because of new kind of microflora. Food, which is alive on enter is alive on exit also. And after simple bacterial processing it may be used as fertilizers.

According to pollution-free engine I can say shortly: we would have it, but interests of oil cartel make obstacles. There are many useful inventions, but these inventions are bought and hidden. Until time.

Critical mass.

There is a decree of nature, which says that after a quantity reaches certain level, a new quality becomes available. They call it ?critical mass?.

By the example of it we can see nuclear reactor. For starting reaction is necessary to have a certain quantity of radioactive material. Without due quantity the reaction is impossible.

I think, the combination of Advaita and raw-foodism has it?s own critical mass. And after reaching it, new quality will be appeared.

In nature after quantity of live organisms reaches certain quantity, the new organization and transition on a qualitatively new and higher level of being is possible. For example, let?s take an anthill or a bee swarm.

What can do one ant, living separated ? Even millions ants living separated cannot built hill. But only those are able, which are unified into one, having own egregor, an as a result? a qualitatively new and higher level of being.

We see that there was an automatic divine activity in Maharshi?s life. But how much more would be it if in one time and in one place would be gathered 1000 people like Maharshi ?!

I can imagine doing when will be 10, or even 100 people. But I cannot imagine doing when will be 1000 people.

I think great sidhi and powers will be appeared. It will be automatic divine activity on a qualitatively new and higher level of being.

I would like to see it and not see only, but to be as a participant of it.

The family.

The family in original world will be on qualitatively new and higher level also. The family which is practicing Advaita and raw-foodism is an excellent place for incarnations of Saints, Buddhas, Nirmanakayas.

If I to be one of them, I would choose such family.

In that way becomes possible for parents to have a Nirmanakaya at home. So, won?t be necessity to go afar and to stand in long turns for darshan.

An awaken persons are difficult of access, as a rule. They are surrounded with a thick crowd of followers and it is difficult to force a way through it and to have a talk with one of them.
But it is another matter if you are His / Her parents :)


All achievements, which we can see in nature?wings, feather, tails and so on, became available thanks to crisis. Evolution is unavailable without crisis.

There was a time when a tropical climate was at all Earth. After that the first fall of temperature gradually happened.

As a result, some biological organisms got feather, other fur. Some of them went into warm water and gradually became adapted to it (dolphins, for example).

All this adjustments would be impossible without crisis.

Something like we can see according to world-wide economic crisis. Some people see financial collapse in their business, another people can see new opportunities and new profits.

People will have a transition into original world thanks to crisis.
Crisis leads all humanity to parting of the ways. People, having immedicable deceases have two ways only.

One of them leads down to death and another leads up to qualitatively new and higher level of being.

Dinosaur died out because had no time for adaptation. Something like we can see, looking at a part of humanity, which suffers from various deceases and has no information about raw-foodism and Advaita.

But in case of humanity I wouldn?t say it is evolution. It is a transition, returning to nature, original world.

Groupes of transition.

Everyone to whom living food and Advaita is available can do transition into original world.

In many countries will be formed such groups. But the most suitable conditions have India.

Here mentality is close to Advaita and Maharshi?s name is well known. There is a lot of living food and many people who can have it.

People who live in US have enough money for buying living food and in addition to it they have a stimulus.

US take first place in the world of quantity people, having oncology. And a quantity of people, who have HIV+ / AIDS grows in this country and in all world.

The crisis hurries people on qualitatively new and higher level of being.


I think it would be helpful to open in Tamil Nadu ashram for people, having visible cancerous tumors and who has no money for buying living food. 

During one year their tumors will go away. Would be nice to take photo and video before and after and show it on TV. Many people could see it.

I think, Tiruvannamalay is the most suitable for this purpose. Many devote comes to this town. So, they will be able to see it and to take part in it.

Probably, Tamil Nadu will be important center of new world-wide movement, starting from India. I see everything is forming by itself into one picture like mosaic, like puzzles.

It is looking like Shiva forms Himself, where Arunachala is His foot, Tiruvannamalay place of His sitting and the world is His house.

It is looking like Atman appears and draws himself in picture.

Who has eyes to see, let him see.


The end.


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Re: Maharshi, oncology and original world.
« Reply #4 on: October 09, 2015, 07:08:50 AM »
Interesting thoughts and experiences on Raw,living food.It does have its utility and place and is well worth the consideration.Yet,to think of a symbiotic relationship between advaita and 'raw foodism' (not that the two cannot go together-Fruits,Roots,nuts milk and Ghee(clarified butter) are quality foods that are recommended as satvic food in moderate quantity)-To think of an ideal world where all will be disease free,long lived and everyone will be imbibing the advaitic experience,etc is more of a speculation.

Here are a couple of excerpts from The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna:
1.Siva was seated in Kailas. His companion Nandi was near Him. Suddenly a terrific noise arose. 'Revered Sir,' asked Nandi, 'what does that mean?' Siva said: 'Ravana is born. That is its meaning.' A few moments later another terrific noise was heard. 'Now what is this noise?' Nandi asked. Siva said with a smile, 'Now Ravana is dead. Birth and death are like magic: you see the magic for a second and then it disappears. God alone is real and all else unreal. Water alone is real; its bubbles appear and disappear. They disappear into the very water from which they rise.
God is like an ocean, and living beings are its bubbles. They are born there and they die there. Children are like the few small bubbles around a big one.
God alone is real. Make an effort to cultivate love for Him and find out the means to realize Him.

2.There is need of everything. Once Sita said to her Husband: 'Rama, it would be grand if every house in Ayodhya were a mansion! I find many houses old and dilapidated.' 'But, my dear,' said Rama, 'if all the houses were beautiful ones, what would the masons do?' (Laughter.) God has created all kinds of things. He has created good trees, and poisonous plants and weeds as well. Among the animals there are good, bad, and all kinds of creatures - tigers, lions, snakes, and so on."

Coupled with the philosophy of  Advaita , is the theory of Maya and this Maya has to be understood for what it is.I will refer you to this wonderful talk by Swami Vivekananda that elaborates on the above excerpts from the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna.You may read it here:

Now as to the question as to why Bhagavan(or any other authentic Sage)never lay any emphasis on Raw Foodism(or any other food!) is brought out in the following excerpt from The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna:

3.A man attains everything when he discovers his true Self in himself. The object of sādhanā is to realize that. That also is the purpose of assuming a human body. One needs the clay mould as long as the gold image has not been cast; but when the image is made, the mould is thrown away. The body may be given up after the realization of God.

The simple reason as to why we are laying so much emphasis on the Body and aim to preserve it disease free is simply because we identify ourselves with it so strongly!Now securing this we also want to have a pot shot at what we call as 'advaita' or in other words ,the unlimited experience where the 'Body' is nought!We then try to workout a synergy between the two and in doing so ,we dream of an utopian world that would manifest a 'higher level of Being'

The Upanishads say categorically:na karmanaana,na prajayaa,DhanAy na--ThyaagAynaikay amritatva mAnasuh-It neither by works nor by progeny(the type of Descent) nor by wealth(and this includes physical well being as well!) is immortality gained,but only by thyaga or Renunciation(the Renunciation of the 'I' and 'mine').

Nothing should become an obsession and this begins with the food one eats.Just eat in moderate quantity what is easily available and satvic in nature and stay focussed on God or Self that one truly is(was and will be!).This is 'automatic Divine activity' for the Sage and not the 'miracles' or any other 'spectacular' thing that happen in their presence and witnessed by the admiring 'devotees'.For the sage steeped in the Self-all activities are automatic or 'God's will'.I will post another excerpt from The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna on this.



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Re: Maharshi, oncology and original world.
« Reply #5 on: October 09, 2015, 07:18:25 AM »
"Live in the world like a cast-off leaf in a gale. Such a leaf is sometimes blown inside a house and sometimes to a rubbish heap. The leaf goes wherever the wind blows-sometimes to a good place and sometimes to a bad. Now God has put you in the world. That is good. Stay here. Again, when He lifts you from here and puts you in a better place, that will be time enough to think about what to do then.
God has put you in the world. What can you do about it? Resign everything to Him. Surrender yourself at His feet. Then there will be no more confusion. Then you will realize that it is God who does everything. All depends on 'the will of Rama'.
Story of "the will of Rama"
A DEVOTEE: "What is that story about 'the will of Rama'?"
MASTER: "In a certain village there lived a weaver. He was a very pious,soul. Everyone trusted him and loved him. He used to sell his goods in the market-place. When a customer asked him the price of a piece of cloth, the weaver would say: 'By the will of Rama the price of the yarn is one rupee and the labour four annas ; by the will of Rama the profit is two annas . The price of the cloth, by the will of Rama, is one rupee and six annas .' Such was the people's faith in the weaver that the customer would at once pay the price and take the cloth. The weaver was a real devotee of God. After finishing his supper in the evening, he would spend long hours' in the worship hall meditating on God and chanting His name and glories. Now, late one night the weaver couldn't get to sleep. He was sitting in the worship hall, smoking now and then, when a band of robbers happened to pass that way.They wanted a man to carry their goods and said to the weaver, 'Come with us.' So saying, they led him off by the hand. After committing a robbery in a house, they put a load of things on the weaver's head, commanding him to carry them. Suddenly the police arrived and the robbers ran away. But the weaver, with his load, was arrested. He was kept in the lock-up for the night. Next day he was brought before the magistrate for trial. The villagers learnt what had happened and came to court. They said to the magistrate, 'Your Honour, this man could never commit a robbery.' Thereupon the magistrate asked the weaver to make his statement.
'The weaver said: 'Your Honour, by the will of Rama I finished my meal at night. Then by the will of Rama I was sitting in the worship hall. It was quite late at night by the will of Rama. By the will of Rama I had been thinking of God and chanting His name and glories, when by the will of Rama a band of robbers passed that way. By the will of Rama they dragged me with them; by the will of Rama they committed a robbery in a house; and by the will of Rama they put a load on my head. Just then, by the will of Rama the police arrived, and by the will of Rama I was arrested. Then by the will of Rama the police kept me in the lock-up for the night, and this morning by the will of Rama I have been brought before Your Honour.' The magistrate realized that the weaver was a pious man and ordered his release. On his way home the weaver said to his friends, 'By the will of Rama I have been released.'
"Whether a man should be a householder or a monk depends on the will of Rama.Surrender everything to God and do your duties in the world. What else can you do? A
clerk was once sent to prison. After the prison term was over he was released. Now, what do you think he did? Cut capers or do his old clerical work?
"If the householder becomes a jivanmukta, then he can easily live in the world if he likes. A man who has attained Knowledge does not differentiate between 'this place' and 'that place'. All places are the same to him. He who thinks of 'that place' also thinks of 'this place'.

The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna


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Re: Maharshi, oncology and original world.
« Reply #6 on: October 09, 2015, 07:33:56 AM »
For the ignorant the term 'Divine will' has a particular significance and meaning born of ignorance but to a Sage it is very categorical and definitive-Everything happens by the Divine will and the Sage is not the 'doer'.
There is no possibility of such a sage to think of attempting a reconciliation of 'Raw Foodism and advaita' and trying to usher in a world populated with 'Higher level Beings'.
So,your conjecture or rationale that Sri Ramana never attempted such a thing because he may not have known it is off mark.
As Bhagavan always counselled-'First realize the Self;then see if anything else needs to be done"(I have paraphrased).

All the same,I do highly recommend that Good satvic food is quite an aid to sadhana and your suggestions are good.Yet,the question in a practical every day world is -'How to find Organically grown food that is free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers?"and other than growing them oneself,or  going to the fields and supervising them or atleast having some authentic information that they are truly grown such-there is no way that one can come to eat them raw without even washing them in hot water!


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Re: Maharshi, oncology and original world.
« Reply #7 on: October 09, 2015, 03:14:50 PM »
2 Ravi.N

I don't see any contradiction between a living food and Advaita. These two harmonize together very well. Actually, a raw food is a part of a satvic food.

You write:
"To think of an ideal world where all will be disease free,long lived and everyone will be imbibing the advaitic experience,etc is more of a speculation."

Why ? Maharshi said that three appears together--the world, some one who perceives the world and the process of perception. So, an original world is possible even when one person is.
Of course, not all people, living on this planet will be in original world. Two worlds exist simultaneously--an original world and a false one. Each of them has own values.
A quantity of people in original world will grow thanks to health crisis and str.

I don't make any new world, but I throw away what is non-original. The truth remains. The same do Advaita.

You say about Swami Vivekananda. He knew a lot of yoga, but nothing about row-foodism. So, there is nothing strange he wrote nothing about it. Many of them knew nothing and wrote nothing.

There are many theories, but the criterion of the truth is a practice. One year practicing raw-foodism and Advaita is enough, as a rule, to have answers not from books, but from own experience.

About the will of Rama.
By the will of Rama someone may eat a dead food. By the will of Rama he may be having various deceases. By the will of Rama he may suffer. By the will of Rama he may be taking a medecine. And by the will of Rama he may die.
But by the will of Rama someone may does transition into raw-foodism. And by the will of Rama he may be living for a long time in good health and a clear mind. By the will of Rama his spiritual life may be more effective.
So, we see two wills of Rama, at least ! And by the will of Rama someone may chose one of them. Of course, if he knows about the second will.

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Re: Maharshi, oncology and original world.
« Reply #8 on: October 09, 2015, 09:37:52 PM »
1.Birth...Growing old...Diseased...Death
2.Birth...Growing old...Healthy.....Death

There is no fundamental difference as as long as one is caught in the cycle of birth and Death.

The 'Will of Rama' is to be choice Free and not about exercising the correct choice between 1 and 2.
Choice 2 is no better than choice 1 in the fundamental sense.



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Re: Maharshi, oncology and original world.
« Reply #9 on: October 09, 2015, 10:48:33 PM »

Why ? Maharshi said that three appears together--the world, some one who perceives the world and the process of perception. So, an original world is possible even when one person is.

This is only a sort of concession to the person who cannot appreciate Advaita in its totality and still cannot dismiss the world as unreal , as an appearance.

For the sage steeped in advaitic knowledge,there is no such a thing called world(the so called original or otherwise).Self or Brahman alone exists and it is never born and never ceases to be.This is called 'ajAta' vada ,the word ajAta means unborn .
what you have cited(as Maharshi's statement on the perceiver,perceived and the act of perceiving as occurring together ) is what is called Dhristi Srishti vada in advaita Philosophy and is only an intermediate concession to one who cannot appreciate the Self as something that exists in and by itself without a second thing.(Advaita means without a second thing)



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Re: Maharshi, oncology and original world.
« Reply #10 on: October 13, 2015, 08:32:27 PM »
2 Ravi. N

D.: What does Maharshi think of the theory of universal illusion (Maya)?
M.: What is Maya? It is only Reality.
D.: Is not Maya illusion?
M.: Maya is used to signify the manifestations of the Reality. Thus Maya is only Reality.

30th January, 1935
Talk 20
'Talks with Ramana Maharshi.'

The world we are living in is a manifestation of Atman. All living beings are His manifestations. The fruits and vegetables are His manifestations also. These are the most suitable manifestations for a food. People who kill the manifestations and eat a dead food make obstacles on their spiritual way, because a dead food poisons not a body only, but a soul also. It is a cause why the world is one big obstacle for itself.

But it is not worth of trouble, because all people do it and it is a norm in this serpentarium.

Of course, a living food cannot substitute Advaita. A living food does a good harmony only. As it is shown by practice, going out of Samsara is possible on a dead food also. In this incarnation or another...

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Re: Maharshi, oncology and original world.
« Reply #11 on: October 14, 2015, 06:17:50 AM »
Please go through the talk by Swami Vivekananda regarding the nature of mAyA.
The 'Talks by Sri Ramana maharshi' is excellent but has its limitations and I have found several inconsistencies on account of inaccurate translation and phrasing.
There is a translation into Tamil of this English version and it is done by Viswanatha swami,a relative and devotee of Sri Bhagavan,who was actually present when these conversations took place ,and he has corrected these aberrations in the Tamil version called 'Sri Bhagavath VachanAmrutam'.Here is a rare case where the Tamil version is more authentic than the Original English version!

The Talks that you have quoted centers around Atman as the only Reality behind seeming manifoldness and appearances.Coming to the excerpt you have posted,it goes like this:
Q:What does Maharshi think of Maya?
B:mAyA?Sat is the Reality of mAyA.
Q:Is not mAyA a false appearance?
B:That which seemingly projects out of Sat Swarupa is mAyA.Since it does not have any locus standi apart from the sat swarupa,it is swarupamaya.

In simple words,to mistake the appearance for the Essence is mAyA.The appearance is on account of the Projecting power of Brahman or Self.
For example,to think 'I am the Body'  is on account of mAyA. We may loosely say that as long as we identify ourselves with anything other than Sat(Self or Brahman),we are under the spell of mAyA.

This is how Sri Ramakrishna explains this:
There is poison in a snake;but though others may die if bitten by it, the snake itself is not affected by the poison.

Yes,I agree with whatever you have said and it is certainly useful to try and see  how much we can benefit from the Right choice of food.



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Re: Maharshi, oncology and original world.
« Reply #12 on: October 14, 2015, 06:39:32 AM »
In this incarnation or another...
The whole thrust of Sri Bhagavan's teaching is in the 'Here and Now'-We are Right now 'Sat' or the only Reality.'Who am I' or self enquiry is to get rid of the illusion 'I am the Body'.
Hence there is no emphasis on more than what is needed-Just simple satvic food.Why fatten the Goat to kill it?
Just get rid of all limitations and Realize the Truth-Why aim for a disease free Body,Longevity?-all these are binding thoughts.
Yes,a Healthy body may foster a Healthy mind(may be not!)
Right now we are the Infinite Atman ,Undecaying and immortal whether we know it or not.
The Sages only prod us to know the Truth.


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Re: Maharshi, oncology and original world.
« Reply #13 on: October 15, 2015, 07:43:31 AM »
Talk 574.
D.: What are asanas (postures or seats)? Are they necessary?
M.: Many asanas with their effects are mentioned in the Yoga sastras.The seats are the tiger-skin, grass, etc.; the postures are the 'lotus posture', the 'easy posture' and so on. Why all these - only to know oneself- 'I am the body; the body requires a seat; it is the earth'- thinking thus, he seeks seats. But in sleep did he think of the support or the bed: the bed on the cot and the cot on the earth? Did he not exist in sleep too? How was he then?
The truth is - Being the Self, the ego rising up, confusing himself with the body, mistaking the world to be real, differentiating the objects, covered by the ignorance of the 'I'-conceit, he thinks wildly and also looks for seats. He does not understand that he himself is the Centre of all and thus forms the basis for all. If questioned he talks of the effects of seats and footwear in terms of gravitation, magnetism and so on. Without them he imagines that the power of his austerities will dwindle away. Wherefrom do they all derive their power? He looks to the effects, seeks their causes and imagines them to be the power of seats and of footwear. A stone thrown up falls back to the ground. Why? Owing to the gravitation, says he. Well - are all these different from his thoughts?Think and say if the stone, the earth and gravity are different from his thoughts. They are all in his mind only. He is the Power and the wielder of it. He is the Centre of all and their support. He is also the Seat.The seat is meant to make him sit firm. Where and how can he remain firm except in his own real state? This is the Seat.

Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi
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Re: Maharshi, oncology and original world.
« Reply #14 on: December 21, 2016, 08:33:34 PM »
Oh, I see there are more then 1500 views of this topic. Maybe there are someone here who has experience of combination Advaita and Raw-fooddism ? I would be grateful if you share your experience here.