Author Topic: some observations on ECO Friendly feedbacks  (Read 2705 times)


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some observations on ECO Friendly feedbacks
« on: September 14, 2015, 09:38:01 PM »
I saw a recent post ( not sure if it is removed) where one of the devotees shared his experience of the recent visit.

Basically the devotee finds peace only at Sri Ramanasramam and the whole of girivalam path is being commercialized, vehicles sound etc. that somehow steals the aura and peace of Arunachala.

And then there were talks on eco system and balance, worshipping the eco system first and then God. 

And that the corporation does not maintain temple properly and everybody pollutes the temple

And then the usual replies -- regretting the sacredness being lost in eco balance.

Well, without getting anger on me, let us look at basic teachings of Maharishee.

Time and again, Maharishee has told that this wolrd is neither too perferct nor too cruel , it goes in the middle way.  When devotees reported of dogs barking or noise,  Maharsihee would point out that, all these are emanations of the mind only.

In this light, the holiness of Arunachala and the peace we feel does not come from neatness, GREEN eco or ozone fresh air.  It comes from Self and no matter how ugly it looks around the grace will come. 

You people must have stayed in Bhagavan's time to see the plight of the days.  All the majestic looking devotees of current days will not even eat in the Pandal where they will serve food from a wooden Big disc called Muram in tamil.

If we give importance to bodily pleasures and luxury,  the whole point is lost .  There are so many nice resorts to get all that.

Arunachala is the place for going within .  Dont find fault with the crowd or vehicles, instead enquire who is finding fault.

Every particle in Arunachala is Shiva Lingam,  every word spoken there by shopkeepers and public are divine upadesa aimed at us. 

Let us not take our GO GREEN initiative and place God next to it.

Arunachala has given nowadays lot of good things to us -- the reforestration project has made the holy hill look green.  Have we seen how it looked in 1950s?

Hot and Cold are felt by body -- not by Atma.

If we go with our elevated standards of life, and start measuring Arunachala with the yardstick of luxury, we will definitely miss the point. 

Sooner or later Bhagavan will tell, " Oho,  these people first came here because of advanced civilizatioin and its materialistic obsession. well now they have become Masters to find fault with us  , this is not good, that vehicle emits smoke, this guy is honking etc"

Many of you may not enjoy this sharp tone, but I could not stop writing.