Author Topic: some lessons learnt from life for sadhakas  (Read 999 times)


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some lessons learnt from life for sadhakas
« on: November 20, 2014, 12:00:47 PM »
Dear devotees,

Below are my practical experience in life.

In the name of duty,  do not be-fool yourself in working hard day & night and accumulate money.  Accumulating more and more money and more and more safety has nothing to do with duty. 

Don't expect to derive any pleasure from this world.  This world is full of maya and misery with intermittent pleasures.  Don't try to integrate wordly life with sadhana.

There is no shanthi in external objects.  Only Arunachala our Father loves us.  Nobody else really exists.  Don't run after external objects and try to find satisfaction.

Whatever 'to-do' list you have in life is born out of maya.  There is really nothing to be done in this world.  If you feel you have to accomplish something, that is simply born out of your desire.  DESIRE ALONE Prompts action. A jnani has no sankalpa.
Like Him, try to abide by the will of Arunachala.

The world and its events are not under your control.  You are being lived, you don't live .  The Hiranyagarbha principle dreams of this world. you are simply a character.

In the end all your achievements cancels out.  Realize this and love only God.