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Re: Excerpts from Srimad Bhagavatam
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The Glories of Bharata-varsha
This is what the demigods chant:
'Oh, what kind of pious deeds have these people performed or what blessing has the Lord Himself pronounced being pleased with them, that they obtained a birth in the land of Bharata-varsha, a birth favorable for serving Lord Mukunda that is our aspiration?
What is the use of being engaged in difficult rituals, austerities, vows, charitable deeds or achieving the heavenly kingdom when one, due to an excessive sensuality, has lost the remembrance of the lotus feet of Lord Narayana?
 Of greater value than living in some heavenly places for thousand years or even kalpas, is to be born in the land of Bharata for a life of only hundred years. For the one who lives there,understanding the true value of life, can elevate himself and achieve the highest perfection by surrendering to the Lord.
What is the reason to visit those places - even those inhabited by the gods - where there is not the sweet stream of talks about Vaikunthha, nor the devotees are found who, always engaged in His service, take to His shelter, nor the festivals are celebrated for the Lord.
Those souls who, having achieved a human birth, have all the knowledge, are capable of engaging in action and have all means at their disposition, but despite this opportunity do not make efforts for immortality, will fall back into bondage, just like careless birds bound by a hunter.
 By their faith they [the inhabitants of India] are divided in their performance of the rituals. [But] with the oblations offered to the ruling deity and the reciting of mantras according to the proper method, the One God who is addressed with different names, He, the bestower of all benedictions in person, complete in Himself, accepts that most happily.
 The Lord fulfills the material desires of a devotee who approaches Him with such motives, but He does not bestow benedictions upon the devotee that will cause him to demand more benedictions again. However,He out of His own, unasked, grants to those devoted to Him, the lotus flower of His feet that put an end to all desires. Such is His mercy.
We are now living in the heavenly planets, undoubtedly as a result of our having performed ritualistic ceremonies, pious activities and yajnas and having studied the Vedas. However, our lives here will one day be finished. We pray that at that time, if any merit remains from our pious activities, we may again take birth in Bharata-varṣa as human beings able to remember the lotus feet of the Lord. The Lord is so kind that He personally comes to the land of Bharata-varsa and expands the auspiciousness.'

Book 5;Chapter 19.