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Books and Materials on Sri Bhagavan
« on: September 24, 2014, 11:29:57 AM »
Dear Devotees,

As a humble devotee like everyone of you, i felt an urge to convey that the devotees may please be informed that it is best to refer to the materials and books presented and sold by the official website of Sri Ramanasramam alone ( As the works available in here alone can be considered the most authentic for your study and reflections on the teachings of Sri Bhagavan.

In todays world, in times of information overload, in platforms such as Internet, there are plenty of information and in-depth information, analyses and deep study in to the teachings of Sri Bhagavan. Devotees are best advised to not take these materials as granted. Do not even depend on the information available here in this forum for granted. Always make sure about the authenticity of the words, statements, observations by Self Effort by checking if they genuinely stated by Sri Bhagavan.

There are random information and studies available everywhere, it could prove be a great stepping stone in ones sadhana that might end up creating needless confusions. This is not to discourage reading the various information available instantly. There is a reason by we need to pay some money and buy books, for our study, than that of simply downloading pdf files from internet for free!

Keep simple things fist. Go by the Rules. It will never fail.

Thank you.

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