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stayed at sriramansramam
« on: September 15, 2014, 07:48:45 AM »
Dear all,

Thought of sharing my recent experience of visiting Sri ramansramam.

The grace of bhagawan has brought me back to Thiruvannamalai after 4.5 years since my last visit in Feb 2010  :).I had stayed at ashram accomodation from September 4th to 7th morning (luckily both the times I got the accommodation in the ashram guest house). I got very emotional for bhagawans grace and compassion. The reason is I love bhagawan but to be frank I did not really do a significant thing (self enquiry/vichara) since my last visit except an occassional reading of some books, seeking his intervention for some worldly problems and has been completely engrossed into my corporate culture (I work for a corporate firm in Mumbai). Sri ramana literally pulled me out of this and brought me to his abode. It is all situations with so many hurdles (Got to attend a marriage in Vellore with lot of last minute issues). Unlike last time in 2010, this time I did not go with so much arthi (or devotion). Literally I was just pulled with a rope of love.
With this attitude when I had enetered the ashram premises my whole body started feeling guilty and when I entered the old hall I broke down for his compassion and grace. Slowly my mind started settling down and coming out of strong corporate and other vasanas. To be frank the only thing that kept my mind little silent is Bhagwans pictures in samadhi hall and old hall so I just watched for longer times. Another place was his the room where his body had the last breath. The photograph with lot of pillows make my cried a lot imagining his situations in April 1950 with a painful tumor, arthiritis and still he was so compassionate for his devotees.
Eventually the events unfolded for purpose of my visit again witness of his compassion

- I had a darshan of Sri arunachaleshwara (In Feb 2010, I entered the big temple straight away to patala lingam and somehow my feet did not take me to sri arunachaleshwara's sanctum sactorium). This time Bhagawan has made me to have a very good darshan (Some unknown pandit pulled me with force directly to inner sanctum sanctoriums of both annamalai and unnamalai, made me sit and did  a small puja on my name) I was shell shocked with this unexpected event as I do not even know anything about unnamalai and how to go there also. This time I struggled with language (I speak Telugu. English and Hindi)
- I did giripradakshanam at morning 6 am which itself has a significance for me (In feb 2010, I did it at night on a full moon day which again was a coincidence). It was so peaceful and one sadhu on a way interrupted me to show Nandishwera on arunachala. Such a wonderful darshan which I did not have anytime before.
- First time I started thinking that I can also at least attempt self-enquiry or vichara after reading a book "For those with little dust" by Arthur Osborne. My mind started calming down and I would say agreed to do vichara. I always admire Arthur Osborne because his book "The mind of sriramana maharshi" bought in Hyderabad bak in 2008 has introduced me to bhagawan of whom I never heard about nor did not see his picture until then. This second book has instilled the fire of self enquiry in me.

Please pardon me for such a long message which I am posting out of my self-interest. After coming back to Mumbai, even that fire is still there but slowly it started flickering and I am worried I would fall back to this sea of desires, attachements etc., and may not be able to continue. Saying that I strongly believe that at anytime I feel Bhagawan's grace flowing with out any interruption and probably that is what it is making me to write this.

I always remember an incident mentioned by swaminathan. Once when he decided to have a darshan of bhagawan, some one I think grant duff (though not very sure) advised him not to go alone but with people whom he has stronger attachments. The reason he stated was when you want take a look at a deep valley people tie some strong ropes and attempt to look as it can make you reel and fall down deep down i to the valley. Sri ramana is such a strong magnetic valley of bliss that anyone can simple fall in.
I feel this us what has made sri rajagopalachari to prevent gandhi to visit the ashram.