Author Topic: 32 dharmas which Devi did when she is in Kanchipuram doing tapas:  (Read 2190 times)


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It is said in Puranas, that Kamakshi did 32 dharmas while she was in Kanchipuram in tapas, for getting the left form of Siva.

1. Making roads.
2. Food for priests
3. Food for people of all religions.
4. Feeding the cows.
5. Food for prisoners.
6. Giving bhiksha who come to the door steps.
7. Snacks for children.
8. Food for destitutes.

9. Taking care of pregnant who are awaiting delivery.
10. Rearing up the children.
11. Milk for needy children.
12. Cremating the dead who are destitutes.
13. Dress for destitutes.
14. Applying white chunam for the houses that need such white wash.
15. Medicines for patients.
16. Helping washermen.

17. Helping barbers.
18. Give spectacles for the needy. (?)
19. Giving ear rings for children.
20. Giving medicines for eye patients.
21. Giving hair oil for the needy.
22. Giving hot oil balming for the head ache patients.
23. Protecting the distressed.
24. Drinking Water supply facilities.

25. Building Maths.
26. Digging water tanks.
27. Growing orchards.
28. Helping the curing of dead animals' skin for footwear.
29. Food for animals.
30. Ploughing the lands for growing paddy.
31. Protecting the lives of people who are in danger.
32. Arranging for the marriage of girls whose parents have no money.

(Source: Tiruppugazh)

Arunachala Siva.