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Aavani Moolam - 04.09.2014
« on: September 04, 2014, 02:42:50 PM »
Today is the Aavani Moolam - Moola star day of the month of Aavani, Sravana.  Only on this day, Siva sent word
to the king through Manikkavachagar that horses as wanted by him would come.  He came with horses and handed
over to the Pandyan King.  In fact, they were all jackals made into horses.  The King happily took over them and placed
them in the stable.  At night, these 'horses'  became jackals and broke open the stable and rushed into the city creating
much damage.  The King got angry and jailed the saint.  It happened on this day only.  Further Siva came as a village
boy and offered to throw sands on the flooding Vaigai river. He took pittu ( a jaggery and rice flour mixture) from an
old lady who was selling that and ate it and slept well on the bank of Vaigai.  The King came to inspect and found that
the boy is not doing his duty.  He thrashed him with his cane.  The blow was felt by everyone in the world including the King!
The King then understood that the boy is Siva and prostrated to him and also released the saint.  The floods receded on its
own and Vaigai was calm and steadily running river.

நரியைக் குதிரை பரியாக்கி
 ஜாலம் எல்லாம் நிகழ்வித்துப்
பெரிய தென்னன் மதுரை எல்லாம்
 பிச்சதேற்றும் பெருந்துறையாய்
அரிய பொருளே அவிநாசி
 அப்பா பாண்டி வெள்ளமே
தெரிய அரிய பரம் ஜ்யோதி
 செய்வதொன்றும்  அறியேனே. (Ananda Malai - Tiruvachakam, 50.7)

You made the jackals into horses and performed all magic.  The Southern King Pandyan and his Madurai city
people became mad seeing this magic. O Rare Substance!  The remover all mishaps!  O the flood of Pandyan
Kingdom.  O Light - rare to see.  I do not know what to do or say!

Arunachala Siva.