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Kunju Swami's Liberation Day -07.08.2014
« on: August 07, 2014, 09:36:16 AM »
Kunju Swami, Sri Bhagavan's one of the earliest devotees, attained Liberation on this day, at a ripe age of 90 plus,.

Kunju Swami served as one of the Maharshi's attendants from 1920 to 1932.  He was having a guru by name Kuppaandi
Swami in Kerala, who told him about Sri Bhagavan. Sometime in 1920, he left his home in Kerala with great eagerness
to have Sri Ramana darshan. 

When he reached the Skandasramam, he felt a thrill on seeing Sri Bhagavan.  He narrated about his boyhood to Sri
Bhagavan in Malayalam.  And how he has been doing Japa etc., Sri Bhagavan listened to him with a smile.

Later Sri Bhagavan said: 'First you know who you are.  See from where thoughts arise.  Turn your mind inwards and see
in the Heart. 

As they sat silently, Sri Bhagavan's Gracious look was fixed on him.  At that moment, all his confusions ceased and he
experienced a peace and bliss that he had never experienced before.

He worked as His attendant for 12 years.  Whenever he looked into His eyes for any length of time, he saw a bright
effulgence.  He was also filled with a strange peace and bliss. After each experience he would come back to his normal
physical state with a shudder. 

On several days Bhagavan's body would disappear in a flash and disperse into its component atoms.  A little later,
a smoke like form would appear and atoms would come together in a form that resembled particles of dust.  Finally
the body would reappear in its normal form. 

At Skandasramam, sometimes he never saw Sri Bhagavan lying on the bed fully stretched out on his back on his side.

In 1932, after serving Sri Bhagavan as attendant, he felt an urge to devote himself  entirely to sadhana.  As he entered
the Hall, he heard Bhagavan saying to others there that real service to Him did not mean merely attending to His
physical needs, it means following the essence of His teachings, that is, concentrating on realizing the Self.  This cleared     
his doubts and he shifted to a room in Palakottu to continue with his self inquiry and at the same time remaining close
and regular contact with Sri Bhagavan. 

He continued to stay but inside the Asramam, after Sri Bhagavan's Maha Nirvana.  He continued his sadhana till his ripe
age of 90 plus and attained self realization.  Thanks to Ganesan, his old age requirements were taken care of.

He has written his reminiscences only during his last years, called Enathu NinaivugaL. 

Arunachala Siva.         


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Re: Kunju Swami's Liberation Day -07.08.2014
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Bhagavan has referred to Kunju Swamigal as ?Another son has come?. It is truly a very special blessing. Read from Swamigals? reminiscences

I thought a great deal about how I should prostrate, how I should conduct myself before Sri Bhagavan. I decided to accept whatever he said first as his upadesa. When I reached Skandasram and saw Sri Bhagavan, I was thrilled. At that time my friend, Ramakrishnaswami, Perumalswami and Akhandananda prostrated before Sri Bhagavan. I did likewise. Ramakrishnaswami was pleasantly surprised to see me. He said to Sri Bhagavan, "He is from my village. He has been a sadhu from a very early age. It was he who sent me here." Sri Bhagavan nodded his head. Then Ramakrishnaswami said to me, "Please stay here. We shall be back soon." I learned later that Annamalaiswami, an attendant of Sri Bhagavan, had died of the plague and they were going for making arrangements for his burial. I heard someone weeping in the adjoining small room. An old woman cried, ?A gem of a fellow has been snatched away. What a tragedy!" Someone was sitting beside her. Turning towards them Sri Bhagavan said pointing to me, "Why are you all so upset? Another son has come here to fill his place."
Guru's Command is Upadesa

After a little while, there was no one in the place except me and Sri Bhagavan. Sri Bhagavan had not spoken a single word to me. He took some flour from a small tin and put it in a vessel and poured water from his kamandalu and stirred it and put the vessel on the charcoal stove. I thought he was making some elixir and looked forward to it in silence. It was actually some gruel. He poured a little of it on a plate, got up and lifted a basket. Four pups came out with joy to the plate to drink the gruel. Sri Bhagavan tried to restrain them as he thought the gruel might be too hot for them. Sri Bhagavan, who had not spoken to me till then, said, "Catch the four." Immediately I caught hold of the four pups. After the gruel had cooled, he said, "Release them one by one." According to my earlier resolution, I decided to accept his first utterance as the first upadesa. "Catch hold of the four great utterances." I released the pups one by one, feeling that I should also give up my attachments. The pups with their stomachs full tottered along. One of them passed urine. Sri Bhagavan got up, washed the spot with water and wiped it with an old gunny bag. I had an urge to help him. I refrained from doing so, as I thought that I should not do anything without his permission. Sri Bhagavan came back after cleaning up the place. Then another pup fouled up the place, and seeing me restless, Sri Bhagavan said, "Clean it." I cleaned up the place. "Wipe the mind and keep it clean" I considered this his third upadesa. I experienced great happiness and peace.

from the fb Sri Ramana Maharishi
Om Namo Bagavathe Sri Ramanaya