Author Topic: Important question -- what is vedic and what is avaidic  (Read 880 times)


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Important question -- what is vedic and what is avaidic
« on: July 09, 2014, 12:48:17 PM »
Recently drsundaram sir posted some quetion on shrardhaa rituals.

There is one important quote from that paragraph that deserves separate discussion and clear analysis.  The statement is as below

"Having Vedas as the yardstick , should we not reject / discard all AVAIDIC  RITUALS  for our own good, failing which we are wrongly lead and  exploited?  "

This is not just a sentiment of 2 people referred to in the question.   There is a whole group calling themselves Vedic and they tend to discard Rama, Krishna , Guru photo worships as AVAIDIC.

They mostly reject all this dhoopam, dheepam, meditation on a Guru's photo as AVAIDIC.

They will definitely reject Ribhu Gita or Thiruvarutpa as AVAIDIC. 

Our Bhagavan's Self Enquiry may get some discount but that is also AVAIDIC beyond a point.

And more importantly Arunachala hill worship or Giri Pradakshina is AVAIDIC as per that group.

The Nama Sankeerthanam,  Hare Krishna maha mantram are AVAIDIC.

Basically this group claims this:

whatever is not there directly in vedas,  which were later added by spiritual masters are AVAIDIC.

They will straight away refer only to pure vedas for any support. if not they will reject it as AVAIDIC.

So 99% of all our sadhana becomes AVAIDIC.

My question is,  what are the points they put forth for this approach?   As shristi or creation unfolds the master disciple relationship will flourish and more dialogues like Ribhu Gita, more photos of Guru will come out. are all this AVAIDIC?

This makes me feel it is safe to just listen to vedas and not to on this 'research' it will make one totally mis-guided.

there is one beautiful story from Maha Periyava which I will share later.  this demonstrates the major confusion going among the vaidhikas .