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Cow Lakshmi Liberation Day - 09.07.2014
« on: July 09, 2014, 09:26:41 AM »
Today on the 9th July 2014. Cow Lakshmi Liberation Day is observed in the Asramam.  In the early morning itself, the
cow's idol in the Samadhi is decorated with a new saree, turmeric and sandal paste and kumkum and flowers.  The arti
is shown and then the Asramam authorities distribute prasad.

The Cow donated to the Asramam in 1926 by one Annamalai Swami of Gudiyattam was named Lakshmi by Sri
Bhagavan.  Though reluctant to take the cow in Asramam, Sri Bhagavan later agreed.  She died in 1948.  She had nine
deliveries in all four of which were on the Jayanti Days of Sri Bhagavan.  At the time of one such delivery, Kunju Swami
remarked: 'It is auspicious that the cow Lakshmi delivered the calf on Sri Bhagavan's birthday.'  Sri Ramana interrupted
him to say, 'Correct yourself Kunju, my birthday celebrations are taking place on the day Lakshmi has calved.'

Sri Bhagavan would visit the cow shed regularly.  Lakshmi also became greatly attached to the Maharshi and would,
of her own accord, walk from her shed into the Hall even when the Hall was full of devotees.  One day the cow came to
Hall, put her head on the Maharshi's shoulder and wept.  He gently stroked her head and said, 'Who has hurt you?
Stop crying. I am here to befriend you.'  Lakshmi stopped crying, gave the Maharshi a few licks and went away comforted.

Lakshmi would walk into the Hall from her shed a few minutes after the birth of her new calf and stand mutely before
the Maharshi, who would then address her: 'Lakshmi, you have come to tell me that you have a new baby. I will come
and and see your child.'

Lakshmi continued through the years as one of the favored devotees of Sri Bhagavan.  Whenever he visited Sri Bhagavan,
He would pay attention to her, stroke her, and feed her with mountain variety plantains, rice cakes etc., The possessive
way  in which she approached Sri Bhagavan and the attention bestowed on her made many devotees believe that there
was some special bond between them in an earlier birth.  It seemed hard to explain in any other way, the great solicitude
and tenderness that Sri Bhagavan always showed in His dealings with her.

Many old timers at the Asramam believed that Lakshmi was reincarnation of an old lady by the name Keerai Patti, who
had known Sri Bhagavan from His earliest days in Tiruvannamalai and had on many occasions prepared food for Him
almost up to her death in 1921.  Sri Bhagavan has also referred to the fact of reincarnation without committing Himself.

It is believed that Lakshmi brought a lot of luck and prosperity to the Asramam, a fact that was mentioned by Sri Bhagavan

On the day of Lakshmi's liberation, the Maharshi sat beside her, took her head into His arms and gently stroked her neck.
He fixed His gracious gaze on her.  He kept her head in such a way that her right ear looked heaven wards.  (Siva is said
to say Rama Mantra to the dying patient on the right ear).  She passed away peacefully and was given a ceremonial burial
in the Asramam premises.  A Samadhi shrine built over the grace with her true to life statue, though of a smaller size, is
worshipped by the devotees to this day. An epitaph written by the Mahrshi in Tamizh verse confirmed her Nirvana.  When
Devaraja Mudaliar asked whether the use of the word vimuki in the epitaph was conventional or it really meant Nirvana, the
Mahrshi replied that it meant Nirvana.

Arunachala Siva.         


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Re: Cow Lakshmi Liberation Day - 09.07.2014
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The Verse in VeNba written by Sri Bhagavan on Lakshmi Liberation is as under:

சருவாதரிப்பேர் கொள் சம்வச் சரத்து
வரும் ஆனி ஐந்து சனா வாரம் - மருவும் முற்
பக்கத்து துவாதசி விசாகம் பசுவாமி
லக்குமி விமுக்த நாளாம்.

In the Tamizh year, Sarvadhaari, on the fifth day of Aani (Jyeshta month), Saturday, when it was Dwadasi and Visakam
star day, Lakshmi the mother attained Vimukti.

In Sri Ramana Ashtotaram, Sri Viswantha Swami says:

Om Matru mukti Vidhayakaya Namah |

Here, Matru refers to both Mother Lakshmi and Cow Lakshmi.

Arunachala Siva.