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(From 'Day by Day with Bhagavan' 17-9-46)
« on: July 08, 2014, 09:21:50 AM »
This night about 9-15 p.m., T.S.R.?s child Ramana was bitten by something near the well in their compound. After a few minutes, the child was suffering very much, vomiting and perspiring profusely. They consulted Dr. Siva Rao living next door and he gave something which he said was a general antidote for all poisons. In a few minutes he felt the child?s pulse and advised them it would be better to take the child to Bhagavan. They accordingly brought the child and when they entered the Asramam compound the child was in a state almost of collapse, the body having become chill and the breath almost ceasing. They entered the hall, and told Bhagavan, and he touched the child, passing his hand all over the child?s body as if soothing the child, and said, ?It is nothing. He will be all right.? It was only after that, the parents had some hope that the child would survive. When they came out of the hall, they came across our Ramaswami Pillai, and he showed them another visitor who had come to the Asramam only this afternoon, who was an expert in saving people from snake- bites, etc. and pronounced some mantras on the child and declared the poison had been got rid of by his mantras. The child recovered gradually, and the parents have told me that it was saved only through Bhagavan?s grace. Another thing which may also be mentioned here is that the child himself, as soon as he felt pain, cried out, ?Let us go to Bhagavan. The pain will go if we go there?, though on some occasions he would even refuse to be taken to Bhagavan when the parents proposed to take him there.

source: as reced by me from my friend mr evan keith


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Re: (From 'Day by Day with Bhagavan' 17-9-46)
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Dear drsundaram,

Sri Bhagavan has raised the dead or near-dead only on two occasions.  In both the cases He did only for that same child
Ramana.  The other occasion was when he wanted to wash his legs in Ayyankulam Water inside the temple and slipped
and fell into the tank.  This time, Sri Bhagavan came as an old man and picked him up.  When Ramana came next day to
the Hall, Sri Bhagavan asked the boy with a curious smile: 'Were the waters of Ayyankulam Tank quite chill?'

Arunachala Siva.