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Friday Message -- Jillelamudi Amma's divine fragrance
« on: July 04, 2014, 10:58:08 AM »
Extract taken with thanks from:

This site has many wonderful details.

                         ( Jean-Pierre Melelli , is known to many of us as Sonagiri , a devotee from France . We publish here a letter he wrote to Usha Rao , for the benefit of readers of ? Mother of All ?, a narration of three instances of his experiences relating to Divine Mother ) ? Editor
          ? It is always with a great happiness that I read the Quaterly magazine ? Mother of All ? and this year , in January 2003 , by the grace of Amma Anasuya Devi , I had the joy of staying for two days near my Divine Mother in Jillellamudi . I arrived there from Sri Poornananda Ashram in Srisailam , after a long pilgrimage in South India covering Ramana Ashram , Anandashram , Nityananda Ashram and Prashanti Nilayam in Puttaparthi ? ?
                JAYA HO MATA SRI ANASUYA
               My beloved brothers and sisters in Amma , I should like to tell you all , through the pages of the quaterly Magazine ? Mother of All ? three lovely stories relating to the eternal presence of Divine Mother .
           In the year 1990 , while reading a book  of Muzz Murray , I think , on the various Ashrams of India , my eyes were attracted to a photograph of Amma and a related text on Sri Viswajananee Parishat. Immediately , I wrote a letter to the ashram in Jillellamudi . Our brother Gopala Rao answered my letter and sent two audio cassettes of bhajans ( one cassette sung by Divine Mother Anasuya )
             Immediately , I listened to the Divine voice of Amma ? As soon as I listened to the voice of Divine Mother singing a bhajan , I smelt in the room around me , a divine fragrance , as if a special incense was lighted !!!
          Since Amma occupies a prominent place in my life and heart , She has obviously a very pre-eminent place in my Meditation room as well .
              In May 1992 , I celebrated Amma?s Jayanthi , in my Temple ( Meditation room ) , placing flowers at Amma?s photograph , lighting incense and later camphor . During Arathi , I lighted camphor in front of Her picture , then put out the flame completely . Suddenly the camphor lighted on its own again with a very beautiful and high flame as if Amma Anasuya telling me ? yes , I am here and everywhere ! ? It is the second loving sign of Divine Mother?s presence .
            Finally , 13 years after I met my Mother in vision filling my heart , I came to India with friends , for the first time , by Her Grace ! Of course arriving from Sri Poornananda Swamiji?s Ashram in Srisailam , I went to the house of my Mother in Jillellamudi ? like a child returning to its house !
              Everywhere in the Ashram , I felt the living presence of Mother ? Amma was there , almost twenty years after Her Mahasamadhi . Divine Mother is always everywhere like a mother taking care of her children !!!
               During my stay in Jillellamudi ( alas too short ! ) I asked within myself for an external sign of Amma?s presence . So , in the morning on one of the days of my stay , I was sitting in front of Amma?s idol in the Temple during the morning puja . Then a man who arrived there enquired us as to which country we came from and said ? it is by the Grace of Amma that you are here in Jillellamudi . You are not at Amma?s abode because Amma wanted it . If Amma did not wish so you would not be here ! ?
             Seeing this man , I felt a sign of Amma , because when I saw him I somehow was sure that I knew him since several years in the past , though I saw him for the first time. It appears he also felt as if he knew me since quite a long time , the name of Sonagiri ( the holy name of Arunachala given to me 20 years ago by the nephew of Ramana Maharshi , my spiritual Father ) .
      It was strange that we knew each other though we never met earlier directly . This I felt was a sign of Divine Mother !
                    I treasure this pilgrimage to the Abode of Divine Mother in Jillellamudi  very warmly and wholeheartedly . Dear brothers and sisters at the Lotus Feet of Amma in Jillellamudi , I thank you all very very much and all those in the service of Amma. I hope to come  again to Jillellamudi by Amma?s Grace !
                    JAYA HO MATA SRI ANASUYA
                    RAJARAJESWARI SREE PARATPARI !!!