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Major Chadwick Liberation Day - 17.04.2014
« on: April 17, 2014, 09:56:26 AM »
Today is Major Chadwick's (Sadhu Arunachala's) Liberation Day.  He merged with Sri Bhagavan, in the year 1962, while he
was ailing in a Vellore Hospital.  His Samadhi is there inside the Asramam.

Chadwick was ripe and ready when he came to Ramanasramam in 1935. It was the culmination or fruit of his sadhana
from 1919 on wards.  In that year, someone had presented him with a copy of Bhagavad Gita.  From then on this book had
been his constant companion.  From 1924, while staying in Chile in South America, he evolved something akin to self inquiry
for his sadhana.  The form of meditation he used to practice was 'to make the mind clear from thinking as an individual and just
rest in Godhead.'

However, he had a strong urge to find a spiritual master and receive his grace. But it was only in 1934, while he was in
Hungary he felt that India would be the best place for the fulfillment of his desire.  Soon  thereafter, while he was on a tour
to Spain, he was invited for lunch by a lady, an Englishwoman.  After lunch she gave him a copy of Paul Brunton's Search
in Secret India remarking, 'Take it and read it. It would of be of interest to you.'  This book was literally God-sent for Chadwick.
He felt strongly that Sri Ramana alone was his Sadguru for whom he had been longing.  He immediately sold all his belongings,
paid a short visit to his sisters in England, and made a bee-line to Arunachala. 

Very soon at about 7 a.m. in 1935, he had his first darshan of Ramana in the Old Hall.  At once he was captivated by
Sri Ramana's beauty whose aura was visible. 'His hands were most delicate, His features regular, and His eyes were a wonder.'

Chadwick found it difficult to believe that he was meeting his Master for the first time.  He could feel Sri Ramana's grace straightaway
and a tremendous peace in His Presence.  One can well understand this in the light of a later remark by Sri Bhagavan: 'Chadwick
was with us before.  He was one of us.  He had some desire to be born in the West and that has now been fulfilled.'

After a few months Chadwick was permitted to build a room for himself within Sri Ramanasramam itself. He was the first and
only Westerner to have this boon.  This enabled him adjust his timing in such a way as to be able to practice his sadhana
in the presence of Sri Bhagavan.  He would often boldly question Sri Bhagavan and get answers which were not only useful
to him but also devotees in general as well.

There are some important points he makes in his reminiscences, A Sadhu's Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi.  'Bhagavan
never encouraged people who came to confess their sins.  He would not allow them to continue but would shut them up
by telling them not to dwell on the past but to find out who they were now in the present.' As Chadwick adds, 'the point
was not so much that act but the attachment to it which matters.  Dwelling on it in retrospect was the worst thing they could
possibly do.'

Once when Chadwick was overcome with fear during sadhana, Sri Bhagavan explained to him that, it was the ego which
experienced the fear as it felt it was gradually losing its grip. It was in fact dying and naturally resented it. Sri Bhagavan
further advised, 'Question to whom is the fear?  It is also due to the habit of identifying the body with the Self.'


Arunachala Siva.                                 


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Re: Major Chadwick Liberation Day - 17.04.2014
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2014, 10:33:26 AM »
Chadwick also received several clarifications from Sri Bhagavan on the dream state.  He would explain that all his questions
about the dream state would arise only in the waking state and never in dream itself, Sri Bhagavan would remark.  'You do
not question your state when you are dreaming.  It is questioned by the one who is awake.'  He would then point out that
when one awakens to the Reality, then waking would also be like a dream.

All of us owe a debt to Chadwick for making Sri Ramana give an assurance about His guru-hood. When a devotee remarked,
'Bhagavan says He has no disciples.'  Chadwick claimed in remarking, 'I have come all this distance and sat at Sri Bhagavan's
feet all these years. Has it been a waste of time?'  Quick came Sri Bhagavan's statement, 'For the seeker of God His grace takes
a form.  Has he any doubt about it? Ask him, does he want me to give a written statement?'  What a categorical  assurance for all
of us!  But then do we need any assurance at all?  Are we not receiving His guidance feeling His inner presence whenever our
minds are inturned? 

Watching Sri Bhagavan's interest in the building of the Matrubhuteswara temple generally and the significance attached
by Him to the Sri Chakra inside the sanctum sanctorum, Chadwick developed special interest in Sri Chakra Pooja.  He also
felt strongly about the efficacy of Vedic chanting hearing which Sri Bhagavan would remain still and indrawn.  After Sri
Bhagavan's Maha Nirvana, Chadwick organized the Sri Chakra Pooja at Sri Ramanasramam on a regular basis and also
took keen personal interest in the Veda Patasala. 

Chadwick translated all the poems of Sri Bhagavan into English.  Sri Ramana went through the same and gave him detailed
instructions.  His faith in Sri Bhagavan was total.  Writing in 1946, to the famous poet seeker Dilip Kumar Roy, Chadwicik
hints how the Supreme guru would ensure attainment. He wrote, 'It seems to me that the great thing is to follow the Guru
and path unswervingly.  But we become disheartened and impatient. These seem to be the two greatest obstacles to attainment.
If only we can face these and go on in spite of everything and everybody then there is absolutely no doubt about the result.'

Munagala Venkatramaiah, recorder of the Talks becomes the voice of the devotees when he says, 'Bhagavan Ramana was
the greatest miracle not only because He was the living Reality but also He made the same accessible to His votaries among
whom Mr. Chadwick stands as one of the foremost.'


Arunachala Siva.