Author Topic: Devotee in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada (Kootenay/Boundery Region)  (Read 2431 times)


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Hello and Namaste,

My name is Matthew and I am interested in forming a Satsang group for people in the Kootenay region of interior British Columbia, Canada. I have been interested in Advaita and Bhagavan for well over 10 years but since returning from Arunachala 6 years ago I have bloomed in devotion and strongly desire the company of fellow devotees. If you live in Nelson or in any nearby city (or perhaps in Washington or Idaho, which are quite closeby) please email me at:

I would really enjoy a formal/semi-formal satsang group but will happily enjoy a new friend.

In Bhagavan,
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Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya