Author Topic: I was initiated into Self Enquiry ?  (Read 1419 times)


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I was initiated into Self Enquiry ?
« on: December 26, 2013, 05:47:32 PM »
Dear all,

Until now by different modes of expression and different questions, doubts I have been chasing this self enquiry upadesa by our Lord Ramana Maharishee but without much success.

Suddenly one night, I was imagining a favourite spot in my native village shiva temple --  that spot is a small dakshnamurthi shrine with a tall rishabhaa roda statue behind that dakshnamurthy in standing posture.

Immediately Maharishee's image as in the first photo of 21 years age came to my mind and he was imagined to be sitting along with me near the Dakshnamurthy shrine.

The initiation into self enquiry spontaneously begain in absolute silence.

I was signalled by the Maharishee to experience that the I thought is the root of the thread of other thoughts.  And to find out from where the I sprang out --  meaning I was to enquire from where "I" first emerged.  In tamil to say,  I was asked to find out the உற்பத்தி ஸ்தானம் of the I thought meaning the birth-place of the I thought.

It was something like finding out from where a great water falls begins.

It was so unambiguous,  it was so refreshing that the Upadesa took place in a waking state, without any hallucinations or fevered illusions or dreams.   It took place by a simple imagination of the mind, only that the srhine chosen,  the photo of the Maharishee chosen,  the mode of conveying the upadesa etc. were peculiarly all holy,  a feeling of holiness prevailed long after.

With this,  somehow my heart's depression on having missed the Maharihsee disappeared for some time.  He seemed to stress that finding out the source of this thread of thoughts beginning with the I thought is the riddle i need to solve, and having given that riddle, and me occupied with that puzzle, now there is no need for direct physical contact.