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Re: Sri Bhagavan and animals, birds etc.,
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An insect is rescued:

This incident was narrated by Bhagavan's attendant Sivananda Swami to Sivaraman, Sri Viswanatha Swami's brother.
It shows how keenly observant and profoundly compassionate Bhagavan was.  Sivananda Swami narrated:

It might have been in the morning at about 10 am.  Bhagavan was returning from the goshala.  I was with Him.  When
He neared the well which was next to the Hall, He noticed some particular sound coming out of the well, similar to the flapping
of wings by a bird or a large insect struggling in the water.  Bhagavan stood still and looked into the well and found that it was a large
insect with wings.  Bhagavan told Sivananda Swami, 'Please see whether it is in a playful mood fluttering its wings on the water
or struggling to escape drowning.  If the former, don't disturb it. If it is the latter, please quickly release it from the water.'

Seeing the insect was struggling, I reached the insect with a long bamboo pole.  The insect sat on it , came out and was
rescued.  It flew out joyously!

(Source: Moments Remembered, V. Ganesan)

Arunachala Siva.       


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Re: Sri Bhagavan and animals, birds etc.,
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Mosquitoes were a perpetual problem for devotees.  Bhagavan did not criticize the devotees if they swatted mosquitoes
which were biting them.  In the 1940s, He even permitted the cowshed to be sprayed with pesticides, so that the cows
would not be troubled by the biting of mosquitoes or insects.  However, if He was questioned about the moral aspect of
killing mosquitoes, He would usually answer by saying, that one should not identify with the body, that is being bitten.

A devotee who asked Him about this got the reply:-

'If you were to take your complaint against mosquitoes to the court of law, the mosquitoes would win the case.  Their
Dharma i.e the rule that they must live by, is to bite and sting.  They live on the blood sucked after biting.  They are teaching
you that you are not the body.  Your object to their stings only because you identify yourself with the body.

(Source: Living by the Words of Bhagavan.)

Arunachala Siva.     


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Re: Sri Bhagavan and animals, birds etc.,
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The Black Cow:

This is an account by Suri Nagamma in one of her letters of a cow, which waited for the holy and benevolent look
of Bhagavan, to take her last breath peacefully:

For the last three days, the black cow in the goshala was suffering from some ailment.  She was tied to a tree
near the shed built for the calves.  Though she was suffering for three days, Bhagavan did not chance to pass
that way.  Yesterday, she was in her last throes of death.  Though she was suffering since morning,  she did not
breathe her last till 5 p.m. Bhagavan got up from His couch in the Hall at 4.45 pm. as usual to go behind the goshala.
While returning, He turned towards the place where the cow was, stopped at the shed constructed for calves,
and watched the black cow for a while. As Bhagavan was the embodiment of kindness, it was natural that His heart
melted with pity.  He favored the cow with a look of deliverance from bondage, and then He came back and sat as usual
on His couch.

After Bhagavan's benign look fell on her, the jiva remained in the body for only five minutes.  The black cow had waited
for Bhagavan's benevolent look and as soon as that was obtained, her jiva left the body.

(Source: Letters from Sri Ramanasramam, Suri Nagamma)

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Sri Bhagavan and animals, birds etc.,
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After Bhagavan's Maha Nirvana, a devotee mentioned about the incident of the devotion of a calf to Bhagavan:

In the Asramam, there was a calf that used to visit the houses of devotees of Bhagavan, in Ramana Nagar.  The
devotees welcomed her lovingly and gave her sweets and fruits to eat.

One day I was in Sri Ramanasramam. My friend came and told me that the calf was standing in my compound.
When I heard this, I was very happy.  I rushed to my house to feed the calf with fruits and sweets.  As I did not
see the calf in the compound of my house, thinking that she may be inside the house, I went inside the house and
looked for her, but she was not to be seen.  When I entered my bedroom, I saw the calf standing in front of the
photograph of Bhagavan fully immersed in it.  Her eyes were fixed on Bhagavan with love and devotion.  She was
bowing to Bhagavan with her forehead touching the photograph of Bhagavan. She had merged and become one with
Bhagavan at that moment. 

She did  not even notice me entering the room.  She was oblivious of her surroundings.  Seeing the love and the devotion
of the calf, I was enthralled but at the same time, I felt ashamed of myself for the lack of the same intensity of devotion
that the calf had for Bhagavan.  In spite of me being a human being, and in constant touch with Bhagavan, not even once
had I surrendered so completely to Bhagavan!

I waited in the hall for the calf to come out of the bed room.  When she came out, I fed her with sweets and fruits.
Who knows which great devotee of Bhagavan had tenanted the body of the calf?

(Source: Arunachala Ramana, Volume 11)

Arunachala Siva.           


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Re: Sri Bhagavan and animals, birds etc.,
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Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya

Posted in Rough Notebook thread by Sri Subramanian.

 Once in pachaiamman koil, Sri Bhagavan was there ans some monkeys were sitting around Him.  He was telling the monkeys about Atma Vichara.  Viswantha Swami who came that side, asked Bhagavan: 'Bhagavan !  You are teaching Atma Vichara to these monkeys. What will they understand?'   Bhagavan smilingly replied: 'I am also teaching Atma Vichara, to you people. How many have you understood it correctly?  So also these monkeys.  Some will understand and some will not. Kavyakanta who was nearby laughed and laughed till his ribs might burst.

 Arunachala Siva. 


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Re: Sri Bhagavan and animals, birds etc.,
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In 1916, Bhagavan's Mother Azhagammal and her youngest son Nagasundaram came to live with Bhagavan at Virupaksha
Cave. A little later, in the same year, it was decided to move into Skandasramam.  Bhagavan moved there along with a number
of devotees and His animal companions. He would make Skandasramam His abode for the next six years. 

In the days just prior to Bhagavan moving from Virupaksha Cave to Skndasramam, there was a monkey troop near Virupaksha
Cave.  There was a young monkey in the troop who had started to show some promise, and was gaining popularity within the
tribe.  The leader of the troop became envious and was very much displeased.  Out of jealousy he attacked the young monkey,
making him fall from a high tree.  The fall badly injured a leg. The leader and the other monkeys abandoned him to his fate
near the Virupaksha Cave.  Barely conscious, the monkey eventually limped into Virupaksha Cave.  The all compassionate
Bhagavan bandaged his leg and nursed him back to health.  In due course, the injuries were healed but  he was left permanently
crippled. Bhagavan named him Nondip paiyan, the little Hobbler.  He was called Nondi as a pet name as he had to limp while
walking or running.

Nondi would always sit on Bhagavan's lap or next to Him while He ate His food.  He would never waste food offered to him.
He was a scrupulously clean eater.  He followed Bhagavan wherever He went, limping along.  Even Bhagavan told him not to
follow Him, he would follow with great effort.  He developed a fondness for Bhagavan and was devoted to Him, looking up to Him
as his Master.  Under Bhagavan's loving care, Nondi's leg improved, and he regained his strength. Nondi became a friend not only
to Bhagavan but also to other Asramites. They appreciated his charming personality.

But whatever has a beginning has an end too.  Nothing is eternal except the Self.  Five days later, the monkeys from Nondi's
former troop came to Virupaksha Cave. The asramites saw them coming and were scared that they might hurt Bhagavan.
Even Mother Azhagammal felt the same and told Bhagavan to leave Nondi. But Bhagavan assured them that nothing would
happen.  The monkeys would not hurt anybody in Virupaksha Cave.

As soon as Nondi saw his troop members, he went and climbed on to Bhagavan's lap. One of the members of the troop
came near them and looked at Nondi's bandaged leg, Bhagavan told that monkey that He had applied medicine and bandaged
to cure the injured leg.  The monkeys were sorry that they had hurt Nondi so badly.  They gave a friendly growl and one of them
came and pulled Nondi asking him to rejoin the troop.  But Nondi did not want to leave Bhagavan. He looked at Bhagavan.
Bhagavan told Nondi, 'Your troop has come to reclaim you. Go with them like a good boy.  Do not forget us when you become
a King.'  So saying, Bhagavan patted Nondi and sent him back with his relatives.  Like other animals the monkeys too have love
and attachment to one another.

Nondi used to come to see Bhagavan even after Bhagavan and others moved to Skandasramam. He used to come with his troop
and be with Bhagavan for some time.  When Azhagammal once gave Nondi food in a separate plate, he refused to eat,
preferring to share food with Bhagavan from His plate, helping himself by taking from the plate!

Nondi after eating, would pick up the fallen grains from the floor and made it neat. Bhagavan's appreciated Nondi's smartness.

(Source; Moments Remembered, V. Ganesan; Hobbler and the Monkeys of Arunachala.)

Arunachala Siva.                               


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Re: Sri Bhagavan and animals, birds etc.,
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Venkitoo and Nondi:

The following incident took place when Venkitoo (Sri T. N. Venkataraman, past President of the Asramam) was about four
and a half years old:

One day, some devotees brought an offering of snacks for everyone at Skandasramam.  After distributing the prasad,
Mother Azhagammal set aside a special plate for Nondi who had gone out and placed it inside.  Venkitoo had his share,
and ate it with relish.  During this time, Venkitoo's father,  along with some of the devotees had gone to town for alms.
Bhagavan had gone up the Hill for a stroll.  After finishing the morning chores, Azahgammal went inside to take a nap.
After mother Azhagammal fell asleep, Venkitoo started eyeing the snacks reserved for Nondi.  Unable to resist any longer,
he thought that he would sample Nondi's snacks.  But as he started eating it, he could not refrain from taking more from
Nondi's plate.  Suddenly Nondi burst in.  He growled at Venkitoo, snatched the food from the child's hand, and slapped him
on the cheek.  The boy started crying in horror.

Hearing Venkitoo's loud cry, mother Azhagammal woke  up.  Venkitoo complained that Nondi had slapped him, and that
time, Bhagavan returned from His walk.  He had overheard Azhagammal's words and saw Venkitoo rubbing his cheek.
He understood that Nondi had slapped Venkitoo for eating the snacks that mother had put aside for him. 

Bhagavan said smilingly to Venkitoo, 'So you got the blow Venkitoo? It serves you right.  That is Nondi's portion of the snacks.
We should not take what belongs to others, should we? It was Nondi's share.'

Petting her grandson and consoling him, Azhagammal told Bhagavan: 'Poor child! What does the child Venkitoo know about
his own share or that of another? He is really scared.'

Bhagavan called Venkitoo and put him on His lap, patted the child affectionately and said, 'Do not worry.  Nondi is a nice
fellow.  He will not beat you anymore.  Because you took Nondi's share of food, he was upset and slapped you on the
cheek. Look how very gentle he is with grandma and me.'

From that day, onwards, Venkitoo was no longer tempted by Nondi's plate.

(Source: In service of Bhagavan, Bhagavan paNiyl in Tamizh, a reminiscence of Sri. T. N. Venkatraman)     

Arunachala Siva.         


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Re: Sri Bhagavan and animals, birds etc.,
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Etiquette of Monkeys:

Just as human beings have their own customs and regulations, the monkeys too have their own etiquette. 

When Bhagavan was on the Hill, the following incident took place.  One day a monkey king came to Skandasramam.
He was the king of a large tribe.  Bhagavan had just sat down to have His meal and Mother Azhagammal was serving
food.  The monkey king came and sat next to Bhagavan.  Before the eating, Bhagavan gave the first mouthful to the monkey
king. But instead of eating,  the monkey king growled and gave Bhagavan a slap on the cheek.

Bhagavan asked the monkey, 'Why are you angry? I fed you first, didn't I?'

But even as He was saying this Bhagavan suddenly realized His mistake.  He then asked that the food be served on a separate
leaf.  The monkey king was pleased, he ate the food with relish and left happily after finishing his meal.  Afterwards Bhagavan
explained to the devotees that this monkey king had to be treated in accordance with his royal status.  Since he had not been
given a separate leaf, he was angry with Bhagavan and slapped Him.

(Source: Unforgettable Years, Sri Ramana Maharshi Center of Learning, Bangalore)

Arunachala Siva.           


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Re: Sri Bhagavan and animals, birds etc.,
« Reply #68 on: March 14, 2014, 01:13:58 PM »
Visit of the Old Monkey King:

After coming down from Skandasramam to the present Asramam, Bhagavan, as always, was surrounded by His devotees.
One day, Bhagavan unusually got up abruptly after listening to some peculiar noise and went eastward to the farthest
fence of the Asramam.  An old monkey with a retinue of female monkeys was shouting and crying aloud.  Bhagavan alone
had heard it, perhaps the cries of the monkey were directed at Him!

He went near the crying monkey and listened to him and then addressed him: Thatha! (Grandpa) What to do? I have been
retained here.  I could not come there.  I also miss you all very much.  You have come to see me with your queens, all the way
from there, risking attacks from other herds of monkeys staying in these parts.  How are you?  How is your family?  Is everything
alright?  I am quite well here. Please go back and also take back these queens safely.  It is very good of you to have come to
see me.

Bhagavan's voice was choked and tears were rolling down  from His eyes!

Bhagavan returned to the Hall and told the devotees about the incident.

(Source: Purshottama Ramana, Sri V. Ganesan)

Arunachala Siva.           


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Re: Sri Bhagavan and animals, birds etc.,
« Reply #69 on: March 15, 2014, 11:52:48 AM »
Perilous Journey - Blessings to the Newborn:

When Bhagavan was living in Skandasramam, if a monkey had a baby, the mother would bring the new born to Bhagavan
in order to seek His blessings.  On such occasions Bhagavan would take the baby and stroke it affectionately and give
His blessings before giving it back to the mother. 

Once Kunju Swami, who was a witness to such an incident, told the following incident to Sundaram Anna (Sri V. S.  Ramanan)

Just after moving down the Hill from Skandasramam, Bhagavan was sitting at the back of the present Ramanasramam
and talking to a mother monkey and her baby.  The mother monkey was apparently complaining to Bhagavan for having
left Skandasramam and shifting all the way down to the foot of the Hill.  In order to come for Bhagavan's blessings, she
had to travel quite some distance, trespassing the territory of other monkey clans. 

Bhagavan listened patiently to her protests and then with genuine regret said, 'Amma! I am sorry.  There was nothing
I could do. We had to come here.'

Meanwhile, Bhagavan took the young one in His hands, caressed and fondled him, and then handing the baby back to
the mother, urged her to leave quickly because the monkeys of the other tribes whose terrain she had encroached might
attack her and the baby.

(Source: One Hundred and Twenty Five years of Grace, Jayanti 2004.)

Arunachala Siva.           


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Re: Sri Bhagavan and animals, birds etc.,
« Reply #70 on: March 16, 2014, 09:51:19 AM »

Suri Nagamma tells another story of how Bhagavan cited the example of monkeys to teach His attendants about

Sometimes, these great monkey warriors knock the fruit out of the hands of new comers, while on their way to Bhagavan,
and at times they would snatch away the fruit kept by their side, which people get back as Bhagavan's prasadam from His
attendant.  Noticing these things, Bhagavan would say, 'They take their share of the fruit, why be angry with them?
There is the concentrated look, the 'lakshya drishti'.  Somehow they find out where the fruit is kept and in the twinkling
of an eye, all of them come and take away their share.  Their attention is always on the fruit.  That is why, in Vedantic   
parlance the monkey's look is given as an illustration of the concentrated look, 'lakshya drishti'.  The moment the Guru
makes a sign with his eye, the disciple should understand; otherwise the disciple cannot achieve his aim.'

Kanakammal, a staunch devotee from the days of Bhagavan and who is still staying near Sri Ramanasramam (she passed
away in the year 2010), tells us that the monkeys were able to get away with many pranks because of the special privileges
they enjoyed with Bhagavan.  Often, when unwary visitors to the Asramam would bring sweets and fruits or other article
of food as offerings to Bhagavan, monkeys would pounce on them and rob them of the delicacies.  Even as the devotees
and the attendants watched helplessly, Bhagavan would smile mischievously, as if to say, 'You are no match for my monkey

(Source:   Letters from Sri Ramanasramam, Suri Nagamma.  Cherished Memories, T.R. Kanakammal.)

Arunachala Siva.     


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Re: Sri Bhagavan and animals, birds etc.,
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What can you do about this?

In her book Cherished Memories, Kanakammal relates the following story:

Once, a Westerner who was on a visit to the Asramam, brought a folding canvas chair, to the meditation hall. Since
he was not accustomed to sitting on the floor, he had brought this low chair to meditate in Bhagavan's presence.  When
the visitor was unfolding the chair, and setting it up, an Asramam attendant noticed it.  The attendant approached the visitor
and told him that it was not the practice to sit on a raised seat in Bhagavan's Presence.  The visitor felt that it was impossible
for him to squat on the floor, so he picked up his chair and left the Hall.

Bhagavan was watching this and told the attendant, 'So you have done a great service to your Master, have you not?
The man was planning to use a chair because he could not sit on the floor. You very cleverly prevented him from acting in
such a disrespectful fashion. Now what are you planning to do about this person who is sitting right above my head?'
All of us looked up, and saw a monkey perched on the roof of the Hall, directly above Bhagavan's head.  Until Bhagavan
pointed out the monkey, nobody had noticed him. Now all our eyes were upon him; but the monkey was totally unconcerned
about the attention he was receiving from the people below.

Bhagavan said, 'We try to impose our will upon others, if it is possible to do so.  If the other person happens to be
stronger, we let him have his way.  That is human nature.  Why should we concern ourselves with such trivial matters?
What difference can it make, whether a person sits on the floor or upon a chair?  What is high and what is low?  Are these
not mere concepts?  Should we not learn to look beyond these things?

(Source: Cherished Memories, Smt. T.R. Kanakammal)

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Sri Bhagavan and animals, birds etc.,
« Reply #72 on: March 18, 2014, 09:55:22 AM »
The Monkey and the Child:

Mrs. M.A. Piggot, an English lady, who had read Search in Secret India, came to see the Maharshi.  The services of  disciple
interpreter was provided.  There were many visitors at that time in the Hall, including some ladies with infants.  The place
resounded with noise. At length silence prevailed.  Suddenly Maharshi, who seemed to be looking at infinite space, was
heard to say softly, 'Korangu!" (Monkey).  A little baby was then discovered in the doorway unobserved by the mother who
was seated on the other side of the door, with a large monkey, who was seated on his hind legs, who with both hands, was
fondling the child with the tenderness of a mother, not hurting the child  in the least, both being at peace with each other
in Maharshi's presence.  When Maharshi's voice was heard the monkey jumped out nimbly and disappeared in a trice.

Mrs. Piggot who witnessed this very greatly expressed and felt blessed to be there.  What a wonderful scene of equality
between the child and the animal!  Was this not due to Bhagavan's Presence?

(Source: Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi - Talk No. 13)

Arunachala Siva. 


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Re: Sri Bhagavan and animals, birds etc.,
« Reply #73 on: March 19, 2014, 12:54:39 PM »
Bhiksha for Monkeys:

The monkeys were Bhagavan's companion throughout His stay on the Hill/  Stories about monkeys abound in every book
of Bhagavan.  During His stay in Virupaksha Cave and Skandasramam, Bhagavan would divide the alms collected equally
among those present including monkeys.  After eating their portion, the monkeys would make loud noises expressing gratification.
When Bhagavan came to the present Sri Ramanasramam, the same monkeys visited Him. Soon they settled in the Asramam groves.
They were fed in the Asramam presently also.

Year by year the number of human devotees steadily increased. Gradually, for monkeys, the intimate access to Bhagavan was
reduced. However, as the visitors came in large numbers, so did their fruit offerings, which Bhagavan was always keen to share
with His four-legged devotees. Streams of visitors came for festivals.  On such days, Bhagavan saw to it that His  moneky
companions were also included in the festivities.

On festive occasions like Bhagavan's Jayanti and other festival days, Bhagavan would see to it that food was taken out separately
made into balls, placed in a basket, and then taken to Palakottu.   Bhagavan used to sit personally and hand over the balls
one by one with great joy to the monkeys. The monkeys were must disciplined and would  express their joy with a big cry in
unison! A photo  has been taken of this even at the time of Bhagavan's Shastiapta Purti (60th birth day)  in 1939.  One can
see the radiant smile on Bhagavan's face in the photograph. This photo is there in Sri Ramanasramam.

Bhagavan used to refer Sri Rama Navami days as 'monkey day'.  He was insisting that they must be fed sumptuously especially
on that day.  On a Sri Rama Navami day, one of the attendants Vaikuntavasar, was sent to Palakottu with a lot of tasty food
to feed the monkeys.  Bhagavan followed it up and inquired from Vaikuntavasar as to what happened.  he replied, 'When I went
there there were only two or three monkeys.  But after a time, all came. They were well fed. The did not quarrel or bite each other.'

Bhagavan said, 'They don't fight when there is enough for all.  All trouble arises only when there is a want. They also raise
a big cry as an indication of their joy, whenever they get plenty to eat.'

Bhagavan's devotee G.V. Subbaramayya records that on Mother's Aradhana Day i.e Maha Puja Day, the monkeys were
given a big feast supervised personally by Bhagavan.  A vast troop of monkeys sat in a row.  They came in turns to receive
food from Bhagavn's hands in a most orderly manner.  After all of them were fed, they screeched in chorus with joy as if to say
thanks to Mother Azhagammal.

(Sources: Moment's Remembered, V. Ganesan; The Hobbler and the Monkeys of Arunachala; Letters and Recollections,                   
Suri Nagamma; Timeless in Time, A.R, Natarajan, Bangalore; Sri Ramana Reminiscences, G. V. Subbaramayya.)

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Sri Bhagavan and animals, birds etc.,
« Reply #74 on: March 20, 2014, 12:49:37 PM »
Kindness to Monkeys:

One afternoon in 1946, at 2 p.m. some savories prepared by the Asramam were distributed among the devotees.
A few of them were given to Bhagavan also.  Bhagavan ate them, drank some water, went out and came back,
when some monkeys came to the window near His sofa.  Seeing them, Bhagavan asked His attendants to go and bring
some of the savory preparations, saying that the monkeys would relish them very much.  The attendants returned saying
that the people in the kitchen refused saying that they had not prepared enough savories to feed the monkeys also.

'Oho! How did we get them then?' said Bhagavan. 

'This is ration time', said a devotee.

'What if it is ration time?  When we have rations, why should they (monkeys) not have rations as well?  The problem
will be solved if a ration card is obtained for the monkeys as well. They will eat these things with greater relish than we.
If they do not have it, why should we have it either?  When we are eating, see those children (i.e the monkeys) are looking
at us,' said Bhagavan.

Thereupon they also got their share.

From that time onwards, Bhagavan used to accept things only after the monkeys' share was given to them.  It seems,
earlier it was a routine to set aside a share of food and prasadam for the monkeys and other animals before distribution
to human devotees.

(Source: Letters and Recollections of Suri Nagamma.)

Arunachala Siva.