Author Topic: extreme self control and self torture brings you to a realized master!!  (Read 1590 times)


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Recently Hari observed in another thread that self torture will not bring closer to realization and Bhagavan's disapproval of self torture.

This provoked my thinking on few of the enlightened masters (whom many consider as enlightened) and how they reacted to self torture genuine sadhaks.

First is our Bhagavan Ramana Maharishee.   Well it is very curious to see how Bhagavan reacts when you go with extreme self control,  pressurized control of sense passions and vigorous rough self torture . When such a sadhak reaches out to Bhagavan and ask a problem about his sex desire for example, Bhagavan may choose to ridicule him midly or ask his welfares as if nothing else has happened.  But internally I believe Bhagavan truy recognized the efforts and approved all those self torture stuff,  which has brought this sadhak infront of the Maharishee.

To explain further, it may look like Bhagavan naturally and effortlessly gives out grace and takes a less interest in whom he should meet or give out grace.  But this is not really so.  By some strange divine order, only sadhaks with bounty of punyas and self torture penances to their credit can meet and talk to a sage like our Ramana. 

The best result of these rough self control techniques are that they bring you to our Bhagavan Ramana who will then cooly put aside everything saying you "you are already That, dont worry go home"

These words will actually trigger a internal process by which you really become natural self controlled person.   So in a sense, we should not take it for granted our Maharishee.

It seems he is not very curious in all these matters but he puts a side glare,  study us in and out and give out grace only proportionally.

For eg, take the case of Kayvakanta Ganapathi Muni.  It is his extreme penance that brought him enough credit to play with Bhagavan in Swimming in a pond. It looks natural with Bhagavan to do so,  but rarely he does this with everybody.

Next article I plan to write about how Papaji reacted to such reports and how Jillelamudi Amma removed lust in a devotee in an instance for which he actually waited for so long with penance.