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Dancing to Save
« on: September 18, 2013, 10:48:44 AM »

Lord Siva's divine dances fall into many categories.  'Nama Sivaya' is known as the Sthula Panchakshara, the gross five letter mantra.
'Na' indicates His feet;  'ma' His abdomen; 'si' His shoulders. 'va' His face and 'ya' His matted locks.

The Sthula Panchakhara indicates the Lord's dance, which is responsible for our birth. 

The Lord takes pity on jivas and in order to liberate them, He gives them birth so that they may worship Him and be liberated.

Sivaya Nama is known as Sookshma Panchakshara.  The hand that holds the drum is represented by 'Si'.  'va' is represented
in the lower left hand, which is called vara mudra.  'ya' is symbolized in the hand that shows the 'abhaya mudra, that is protecting
pose.  It is called Gaja hastam, since the hand extends like an elephant's trunk. 'na' is expressed in the hand that holds the flame.
And 'ma' is represented in the feet that press down the demon Muyalakan, the symbol of ignorance.

The circle of fire around the dancing God represents AUM. So Lord Siva assuming the Sukshma Panchakshara as His body gets rid
of our karma, destroys our pride and grants liberation  to the soul.

The dance of he Lord is known as Jnana Natana.  He first dances to grant birth to jivas so that they may live on this earth,
and make attempts to liberate themselves.  He then dances the dance of Knowledge so that the born Jivas may be liberated.
The purpose of this dance is to ensure that we get Jnana and thereby attain moksha.

The Chidambaram Dance: 

There is yet another dance called Ananda Natanam or the Dance of Joy.  This, He dances in the Chidambaram Temple in the
Dancing Hall or Hall of Consciousness. 

Goddess Sivakama Valli watches it and so do Vyagrapada and Sage Patanjali. 

There are those who are no concerned about worldly matters. Their minds are focused on God.  This dance is for such devotees.
Those who see it will attain moksha. 

However, it cannot be seen easily by everyone.  It can be seen only by Jivan muktas.

The fact that Goddess is witness to this dance itself will save us.  Through Her Grace, we shall become recipients of His Grace.
And since we are recipients of the Lord's Grace, we shall attain moksha.

(courtesy: today's Hindu.  K. Sambandan)

Arunachala Siva.