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A very deep point for our contemplation
« on: September 17, 2013, 05:51:19 AM »
I include this topic in Teachings of Bhagavan Ramana thread primarily because this deals with the sense of I,  but the dialogues belongs to Sri Nisarghadatta Maharaj edited by Robert Powell under Nectar Of Immortality and The Ultimate medicine book.

For now,  ignoring who told this and who edited this dialogues,  let us consider the below points.

The below points when listened humbly and with a open mind,  atleast for me starts a internal process that goes very deep into myself.  Please dont approach this with brain answers,  put the question seriously and very sharpy within yourself and then don't try to give a brain answer, rather go deep and contemplate as advised.

Now I summarize what Maharaj says repeatedly in his last days in these dialogues.

Maharaj asks to find out ,  putting aside all concepts,  when did you first feel on this earth that "you are".   Is it on the first day of your physical body birth?  or on 10th day ?  one year later? when?  he wants to focus our attention , going back in time to try to find out , when we slipped from the state of "not knowing that I exist" to the state of "I exist".  He wants us to deeply contemplate the matter.

This must be done only with the faculities available to you right now,  without the aid of scriptures or second hand knowledge of any sort.

He simply asks to try to trace this source of moola maya,  how all of a sudden you felt "you are" and when?

He then slowly puts one more question, what was your state one day before your birth?  8 dayd before your birth? 100 hundred years before your birth?  again we should not give a brain answer depending on re-incarnation or yuga cycles etc.  Here, Maharaj is trying to drive at point the state that prevailed lot of cosmos and passing of times without even knowing that it exists.    According to Maharaj,  one day before our birth we were in that eternal primordial state,  the Absolute state where we did not even know that we exist. In that state,  there is no need for sadhana or karma or misery or happiness. 

But all of a sudden,  not even on the day of the birth of this phsycial body, much later than that birth day,  at certain split second of borderline,  we suddenly started feeling "we are".  2 month old baby or 6 month -- we need to find that out.  not that we will find it out.  the more we contemplate seriously on this question,  the more unfolding of the maya, the beingness will be felt.

Last but not least the above contemplation will be very deep and very revealing to someone who h as done lot of "I am" self abidance meditation and someone who did self enquiry for prolonged time.

Because the above points are very deep going into this "I am" and even beyond.

So Maharaj stresses this point repeatedly in different fashion in the below dialogue books:

Seeds of consciousness,  Consciousness and the Absolute  by jean Dunn

Nectar of Immortality , The Ultimate Medicine , The experience of Nothingness--  Robert Powell

Beyond Freedom