Author Topic: Atma Vidya Vilasam - (11)  (Read 1924 times)


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Atma Vidya Vilasam - (11)
« on: September 03, 2008, 04:15:08 PM »
Verse 33:-  When gold is absent, there are no gold ornaments.
When the earth is absent, there are no pots and jars. When
there is no ocean, there are no waves and foams.   So also,
in Brahma Jnani, there are not expressive objects outside.
The Jnani is alike a fattened elephant, deserted by all the
other animals in the jungle and moves about freely and climbs
the mountains at his will.

Verse 34:-  In Yoga, one is asked to concentrate on the tip
of one's nose, to arrest thoughts.  They are asked to show
'mudras' - hand posture, to the divine will.    They are further
asked to perform 'namaskaras' - prostrations, to show reverence
to gods.  The Jnani with his silence, as yoga, mudra and namaskara,
stay at the river bund, immersing in meditation and enjoys

Verse 35:-  The attachment to the worldly objects is called
'raga'.  Non attachment is 'viraga'.  In  a Jnani, his renunciation
is raga and abandonment is viraga.  He has no body consciousness,
not clad at all or clad in minimal clothes, will not speak to anyone
anything, fully devoid of thoughts and feelings, will not do any
duties excepting the minimal duties.  He takes any food that
is available to him, moves about freely and sleeps under a tree.

Verse 36:-  Keeping the mind internally absorbed in Brahman,
he remains in Peace of Jnana.  He has got unbrised feeling towards
friends and foes, and there is no harm to him, even if he lives
in deserted houses or wanders on the river banks abetting
long stretches of sand dunes or jungles.

Verse 37:-  The Jnani enjoys lying on the soft bed of soil and
enjoying the cool breeze as if fanned, ever in a peaceful state,
radiating like a full bloom moon.  He is Siva, the Purusha and
the Siddha.

to be contd....

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Atma Vidya Vilasam - (11)
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2008, 04:30:10 PM »
Similar feelings expressed by Adi Sankara in koupina Panchakam.