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Arunai Vijayam Day - 01.09.2013
« on: September 01, 2013, 09:35:20 AM »

Today is the day on which Sri Bhagavan (young Venkataraman) arrived at Arunachala.  It was a Tuesday, the 1st
September 1996.  The young Venkataraman was only 16 years old!

He had His death experience (V. Ganesan calls it 'selfhood experience' ) on 16th July 1896 at Madurai. K. Swaminathan
says it was 16th July 1896.  But Smt. Gayatri Devi Vasudev, the niece of Sri B.V. Raman, after anlayzing the horoscope
of Bhagavan thoroughly, has said that it was on 10th July 1896.

The journey of Sri Bhagavan from Madurai to Arunachala is known to most of us.  He traveled by train from Madurai to
Villupuram.  In Villupuram, a hotelier gave Him meals but did not take money for the same.  Then He walked some distance
and then spent 2 annas to travel by bus and reached Mambazhapattu.  From then on He had no money and He had to walk
up to Arainainallur in the hot sun.  He became tired and weary.  In Arainainallur temple, He had a jyoti darsan of Arunachala!
(Saint Tirujnana Sambandhar had also jyoti darsan there!)

He had no food.  He asked for food from the temple priest.  He was refused.  He was also not to stay inside the temple.
It became nightfall.  He walked up to Kilur and then went into the Veerataneswar temple.  He again had darsan of Veerattaneswara and then asked for food from the priest.  The priest as usual refused.  The drummer who was a good person told the priest that his
share can be given to the boy. The young Venkataraman took the food and walked a little distance and then fell unconscious.
The remaining rice got scattered on the road. 

Next morning, He found that He had no further money and then sought the help of Muthukrishana Bhagavatar to lend money
taking His ruby rings.  He got Rs 4.00. Bhagavatar's widowed sister gave Him food and sweetmeats since it was Gokulashtami
Day. (31.8.1896). From Kilur, He traveled by train and arrived at Arunachala on the morning of 01.09.1896.

He went straight to Arunachaleswara.  It was about 11 am.  There was nobody in the sanctum sanctorum.  He went and
embraced the Lingam.  He said: 'Father, I have come to You as per Your commands.  Hereafter it is Your Will.'
He spent the rest of His 54 years in Tiruvannamalai only.

Om pituradesa sona sailam prAptAya Namah |

Om. Salutations to the One who came to Sonasailam as per Father's wish. |   

Arunachala Siva.