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punarvasu vaNNam - 05.08.2013.
« on: August 05, 2013, 09:25:16 AM »

Today is the punarvasu  star day in the Tamizh month of Aadi  (Ashada).  Sri Bhagavan like Sri Rama was born on a
punarvasu star day, in the Tamizh month of Margazhi (Dhanur).  The Asramam celebrates the punarvasu star day
in every month, by special pujas to Sri Ramaneswara Mahalingam.  The Lingam is adorned with a golden casket (the
color of punarvasu star is golden).  Sri Muruganar has composed verses under the title punarvasu vaNNam in Sri
Ramana Sannidhi Murai.  Sri Ramana Sannidhi Murai is a composition full of bhakti rasam.  (devotional fervor).

I shall give one verse from Tiruchuzhiyal Padigam (Decad on Tiruchuzhi).  The decad is quite noteworthy because Sri
Muruganar says:  'Even if I forget you, my tongue would utter your Name.'  The Name and Form are quite important
in bhakti marga.

Verse 423:

Lord Ramana, Master of Wisdom shining
On the Vedas' lofty crown,
Because I came to You I have gained
This bliss unparalleled
Lord of ancient Pandyan Tiruchuzhi,*
Be still, clear minds adored,
I may perhaps sometimes forget You
But my tongue shall for ever Your Name utter.     

(* Tiruchuzhi is in Madurai district which was capital of ancient Pandyan Kingdom.)


Arunachala Siva.