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Kunju Swami Liberation Day - 07.08.2013
« on: August 07, 2013, 10:07:08 AM »
Today is Kunju Swami's Liberation Day.  He merged in Arunachala in August 1992 at the ripe age of ninety five.

He came to Sri Bhagavan in 1920 when Sri Bhagavan was in Skandasramam.  He served Him as an attendant till 1932.

He came from Palakkad when his guru at the younger age one Kuppandi Swami directed him to Sri Bhagavan.
It was a thrilling experience for Kunju Swami to see Sri Bhagavan and His gracious look was fixed on Kunju Swami
for several  minutes.  At that moment he says, that all his confusions ceased and he experienced a peace and bliss he
had never experienced before.

"While we were together Bhagavan would often look at me; and as He did so, I became aware that His eyes had a strange
brilliance and fascination in them.  Whenever I looked into His eyes for any length of time, I saw bright effulgence. I was
also filled with a strange peace and bliss.  After each experience I would come back to my physical state with a shudder."

"In the early days of my stay at the Skandasramam, I found that I could get all my doubts cleared merely by listening to the
answers to questions put by other devotees.  Moreover, by listening to the answers, I was able to learn many new aspects
of Bhagavan's teachings."

"On several occasions Bhagavan's body would disappear in a flash and disperse into component atoms.  A little later a
smoke like form would appear and the atoms would come together in a form that resembled particles of dust.  Finally
the body would reappear in its normal form."

Kunju Swami wrote his reminiscences in Tamizh in the year 1977. (Enathu ninaivugaL).  This was later translated under
the title Living With the Master in English.

Kunju Swami is one of the earliest devotees of Sri Bhagavan who had spent long years with Him.

Arunachala Siva.