Author Topic: Is it wrong to consider Guru as God and everything?  (Read 5895 times)


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Re: Is it wrong to consider Guru as God and everything?
« Reply #15 on: August 05, 2013, 09:39:11 AM »
I cannot find final conclusion about this topic. Some Gurus teach that God must be worshiped along with Guru. But they also teach that Guru is God. So in fact Guru is a form of God. Then why should other form be worshiped? Some say that Guru is like prophet of God meaning that He just teachs but He is not the Creator of the Universe. So is it wrong to consider Guru as all the Gods, as Creator, Controller and Destroyer of this universe, as Brahman Himself? Some argue that if Guru is God then why He does not cure you or make your life straight, don't save your family's life or stop a war. Or if He is God then why He does not know everything... etc. So finally my questions are what is the real teaching about Guru in Vedanta and is it wrong to consider Guru as Shiva, Krishna or Rama?
Hi Hari

There is no final conclusion.  If you would have searched Vaishnava Groups,  it is a great offense for them to call someone as Bhagavan.

But the school of vedanta and advaita considers Guru as par equal to Ishwara in every possible way (though some school of advaita do suggest that the five fold activities lies only with Ishwara)

Coming to Ramana Maharishi, the beauty is he never wanted himself to be worshipped and if someone worships he never objected.

But if someone asks these cross questions.  that will greatly delight our Maharishee.  I have seen this attitude in our Bhagavan.  When a doubtful atheist or a person doubting his attainment comes and meets him,  our Bhagavan seem to get more happy and starts endorsing whatever they say saying "that is right"

So probably if you would have gone to old hall with this question in mind during Bhagavan's lifetime ,  his answer would be (imaginary,  no hurt meant )

Oh I see,  that is the question.  I dont call myself Swami.  Then turning to disciples,  see,  this is the trouble of calling me Swami by you people.  Now here is a question that if I am Swami,  do I have omniscience and omnipotence.  Now turning to the questioner and smiling, "see Sir,  I dont have all that skills knowing your mind and knowing the whole universe,  people call me Swami,  people call me Maharishee ,  that is all.  What is the meaning you have to ask them only whoever gave these names to me.  As for my experience is concerned,  naane sivaanu iruken "I am sitting still like shivam'


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Re: Is it wrong to consider Guru as God and everything?
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Dear Krishnan,

Sri Bhagavan used to make jokes of this Swamitvam (Swami-hood) that is conferred upon Him.  He has said once that
when the sculpture of His was being made, see this "kallu swami" is going to suffer a lot.  Whatever they cannot do now
to me, (like garlanding, touching the feet etc.,) would be done to him and this swamitvam is a difficult business!

And that is what exactly is happening to the statue in the Mother's Temple of Sri Bhagavan.  They have however put
railings around It to prevent these things.

Arunachala Siva.