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Kavyakanta Ganapati Muni Day 25.07.2013.
« on: July 25, 2013, 07:24:32 AM »

Today is Kavyakanta Ganapati Muni Day.  The Muni was a scholar extraordinary, with erudite knowledge in mantra sastra
and tantra sastra.  He got his upadesa from Sri Bhagavan to go inward into the source of mantra dvani (sound) and
thus stay in the Heart.  He is also said to have had a mantra upadesa from Sri Bhagavan. He stayed with Sri Bhagavan
in the early years and up to Mother's Videha Kaivalyam in 1922.  He composed Aryamba Ashtakam on Mother. He is the
one who named the well near Samadhi Hall as Aha-samana Tirtham, the waters that would quieten the mind.

The Muni is famous for three main works:

1. Sri Ramana Gita, containing the conversations between him, his disciples and Sri Bhagavan on the Hill on various days.

2. Uma Sahasram, in which the last three hundred slokas were dictated by Sri Bhagavan in Pachai amman temple.;

3. Sri Ramana Chatvarimsat, forty verses in adoration of Sri Ramana.

The Muni's wife Smt. Visalakshi was an adept in Tara Vidya.  He passed away before the Muni.

The Muni's powerful mind got scattered into forays of other things, like Congress Freedom  movement,   mantra upadesa
for Harijans, etc.,

He merged with Arunachala while he was in Sirsi, Karnataka. He is said to have done yoga dhyana in many Devi Temples,
like Padaiveedu, Kasi, Karagpur etc.,

Arunachala Siva.