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Sadhu Om's Path of Sri Ramana part II book
« on: July 05, 2013, 07:48:00 PM »
Dear devotees

I read the book Path of Sri Ramana Part II,  part I still I am not able to get it.

Now after reading few chapters randomly (i always read anybook like that) ,  I feel I wanted to present here my humble viewpoints.

Before that my hands hesitate, as the book was by a great saint Sadhu Om,  very good sincere disciple of our beloved Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharishi.

Please take this constructively and dont take it wrongly or get offended by it, especially Sadhu Om admirers.

The book has classifed and compared many spiritual levels and schools

Those who chant great sanskrit slokas like Aditya Hrudayam,  the greatest potent Gayathri etc.  are commented much .  Ofcourse Sadhu Om condemns the upasana with motive,  but at the same time the tone of the book towards true object devotion itself is not so appealing.

Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi was a bhrama jnani who gave his greatest who am i teaching.   He was really a Maharishee for no scriptures really put the self enquiry exactly in the same way as Sri Ramana put it into.

But to subscribe Bhagavan's prescribed sadhana for his devotees to only this type of method is wrong.  Because Bhagavan Ramana freely advocated Arunachala Shiva worship and nicely explained many stories of Vittal from Bhaktha Vijayam.

His love towards Jnana Sambandhar and the siva worship was demonstrated many times.

Many devotees like Andavan Pichai Maragadham ammal , mudaliyar patti, echammal and others purely got benefitted by one and only way ie devotion to God and Sadguru.

So Sri Sadhu Om's book should be carefully read ,  it is very high level, sometimes it condemns all sort of objectified devotion but I completely believe it is because of Sadhu Om's genuine desire to encourage and catalyst all self inquiry sadhaks to move fast in one and only focus of self inquiry.

I did not want to write this --  because my mind which is of generally devotion nature start admiring such a great saint Sadhu Om  very easily.

But at the same time,  our beloved readers must take caution not to join the tone of the book and look down on other great mantras and sthothras.  I am sure that is not the aim of the book .

Also one should not think that Ramana Maharish was very strict and very particular only in self enquiry.

Further , I think the English structure of the book need not have classified very literally all the different levels of sadhana into school groups.

For things in spiritualism are so inter-mingled,  there is not a clear cut division, constantly almost every moment ,  a mleccha gets elevated by noble thoughts and a great yog gets degraded to cheap thoughts.

These leelas undergo almost every second ,  so i feel to classify and put sadhaks into one class is not very easy.

we never know ,  what will be our motive and state of mind,  the next moment,  such is the great power of Maya.

Why I tell all this is,  while reading the sadhana marga of a particular devotee of Sri Ramana often, we may encounter conflicting opinions, seemingly they are conflict. so exercise caution that ego is not raised in any way be it related to self enquiry.

One should note that in Ozhivi Odukkam the saint even goes to extreme steps much extreme than the polite Sadhu Om style,  when it comes to condemning upasana.

But again Ozhivil Odukkam did not mean it really -  it was written in such a style only to push the final stages of a mumukshu.

I thought better to share what I felt than to keep it in mind.