Author Topic: The Paramount Importance of Self Attention: Sadhu Om.  (Read 18949 times)


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Re: The Paramount Importance of Self Attention: Sadhu Om.
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12th January 1978:

Sadhu Om:  In Upadesa Undiyar, the second and third of the three lines of each verse ends with the word 'undipaRa' which is
a compound of two verbs, undi, which means 'rise' and paRa, which means 'fly', so it can mean 'rise and fly' but also means
'play undi', an ancient game played by children, which probably involved jumping and singing.  Undiyar is thus an ancient style
of song composed in particular metre, and such songs were originally composed to accompany that game.  In this playful style
of song, Bhagavan  expressed the highest truth, because such truth can be grasped only by a child-like mind. In Crumbs from
His Table, Chapter 13, 'Some Surprising Incidents', Ramananada Swarnagiri recalls: 'Sri Bhagavan was correcting and aiding some
youngsters of not more than ten years of age, in memorizing His Sanskrit work Upadesa Saram and the writer was laughing,
so to say, up his sleeve, at the futility of coaching the youngsters who could not understand A,B,C of this highly metaphorical
poetry.  without the utterance of a single word, Sri Bhagavan turned to him and remarked that though these children might not
understand the meaning of these poems then, yet they would be of immense help to them, and would be recalled with great
relief and pleasure, when they came of age and were in difficulties.'

The mind of the child is like a clean slate, whereas the mind of an older person is like a well scribbled slate, burdened with many
deep rooted beliefs and preconceived ideas. 

contd., from the next issue of Mountain Path, Jan-Mar. 2014.

Arunachala Siva.