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SURANNA was one of those rare birds with plumes of stern Vairagya and aparigraha (non grasping, non possessive), who,
seeking freedom soared high.  He tasted the nectarine bliss of Sri Bhagavan's grace and presence, and mission accomplished,
he left no trace behind.  He belonged to the tribe of silent and serious sadhakas in the mould of Bhatt Swami.  He embodied
perfect Vairagya and simplicity.

He had arrived at the Asramam in the early 1940s, a few years before I arrived in 1946, for a permanent stay.  He was short
and slim.  His demeanor was humble and  modest.  He displayed an unruffled calmness.  He wore only a dhoti down to his knees
and was bare-chested except for a shoulder cloth with which he used to cover his head whenever he went out.  None could say
whether it was to protect his head from the sun or as a camouflage to escape scrutiny and being spoken to.  This showed his
intent to remain solitary and dissuaded others from conversing with him.  He kept himself to himself and almost never spoke to
anyone not even to Sri Bhagavan.  His dhoti and upper cloth were worn and discolored.  He always carried with him the book
Raja Yoga by Swami Vivekananda.  He originally had a long black hair but always kept his head shaven by the time I arrived.
In 1946, he must have been in his early twenties.

He would sit in the farthest corner of the Old Hall where the two walls joined together, facing the feet of Sri Bhagavan.  He would
stay in the Hall as long as Sri Bhagavan was there.  When Sri Bhagavan went out to walk up the Hill, Suranna would go out but
would be back before Sri Bhagavan returned.  He went to the twon for madhukari -- to collect bhiksha in his hands in the mornings
and evenings.  He spent the nights in the premises of the Arunachaleswara Temple.


Arunachala Siva.         


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Re: Suranna - Smt.T.R. Kanakammal - Mountain Path, July-Sept. 2009
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When I arrived in Tiruannamalai I stayed with a lady Lakshmi Amma of the Komutty Vyasya caste.  I learnt of Suranna's
earlier history from her.  He came from a very affluent Vysya family of Komutty sub-caste who lived in Bangalore.  He was
a college graduate.  The only son of his parents, he lost his father early.  Of a very generous disposition from his childhood,
he spent his pocket money regularly to help poor and needy boys.  He detachment was remarkable.  He left home and ran
away to Arunachala without informing  anyone.  His mother came to know that he was at the Asramam and arrived suddenly
one day to take him home.  In those days, there were no guest rooms and visitors had to find their own lodgings.  Such lodgings
were very scarce and people who came, had to make their own arrangements if they wanted to be near the Asramam. Laskhmi
amma accommodated such visitors in her house and also fed them.  Though she would accept money for services rendered,
she was generous in feeding the sadhus who lived on the Hill.

Suranna's mother stayed with Lakshmi Amma and sought her counsel.  Lakshmi amma suggested pleading with Sri Bhagavan
to advise her son to return home.  She followed this advice.  She went up to Sri Bhagavan and prayed for His intercession to
persuade her son to return home.  Overcome with grief, she wept bitterly before  Bhagavan  -- a scene that was reminiscent
of the moving sight witnessed at PavzhakunRu when Mother Azhagammal broke down, after pleading with her son to return
home with her to Madurai.  Sri Bhagavan twice asked the young man to go back with his mother.  This was very unusual
because Sri Bhagavan let visitors do as they wished and never advised but merely listened.

But the young man showed no incination to return home.  And when he heard that arrangements were being made to take
him home by force, he simply vanished.  Eventually a Sadhu in the temple premises informed his mother that he had left to
visit Pandaripuram.


Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Suranna - Smt.T.R. Kanakammal - Mountain Path, July-Sept. 2009
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Brokenhearted she left Arunachala after requesting the Asramam administration to inform her when her son returned.

Rajagopala Iyer, who was in charge of the library, had been away for sometime and had just returned to resume work.
There was no proper and elaborate library then.  Other than the revolving bookshelf that stood next to Sri Bhagavan,
there were just two wooden glass fronted bureaus (almirahs) so that books could be clearly seen from the outside.
They were in the corner of the room.  'Ramanasramam' would be written on top of them.  That was all the library consisted
of in those days.

When he returned to the Asramam, he noticed Suranna sitting in his usual corner in the Old Hall.  He said to Sri Bhagavan:
'The young man who went to Pandaripur is back.  His mother left her address and asked us to inform her if he came back here.'
Sri Bhagavan said: 'Yes !  Yes !  He is back. I noticed him about ten days ago.  He has not spoken any word (Ah ledhu, hoon ledhu).
He has not even said that he has been to Pandaripuram. So how can I ask him to give us Pandaripuram prasadam? What can
we do?' People who went on pilgrimage when they came back normally brought prasadam to be offered to Sri Bhagavan and
the devotees.  Sri Bhagavan continued, 'We have to go according to their chitta vrittis (mental inclinations),' meaning let us leave
him alone.  Nothing further was said. 

But Rajagopala Iyer appears to have informed Suranna's mother of his return, as she came back and renewed her attempt to
take him home.  He repeated his earlier trick of disappearing.  She stayed on for some time fondly expecting him to come back
but it was in vain.  After she left he surfaced again!  He stayed on at the Asramam until Sri Bhagavan's Maha Nirvana, observing
his old routine.

One of Sri Bhagavan's attendants, Venkataratnam, was the only person whom he talked to.  Though Suranna accepted food he
was never known to accept money from anyone.  Sometimes I had the privilege of offering him food. 

After Sri Bhagavan's Maha Nirvana, Suranna left, but came back once, when he stayed with Venkataratnam.  He was not seen
at the Asramam thereafter. 

It was a wonder to observe ripe souls such as Suranna, who were drawn from far and near, to Sri Bhagavan's feet.  They
absorbed the infinite blessings of His glorious presence and then, at His Maha Nirvana, simply melted away. 


Arunachala Siva.,