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(by Lucia Osborne)

Sri Ramana Maharshi developed a small tumor on His arm.  They called it a sarcoma after it had been surgically removed.
And it grew again much bigger. From a homeopathic point of view, it should never be have been operated upon.  A
French doctor from Sorbonne was of the same view.  We were very concerned.  There were several eminent doctors in

Having watched several such operations with successively worse results, I wrote a letter to Sri Bhagavan in my distress.
There was no more free access to Him after the operations except for those in attendance.  We had daily darsan from the
open door.  he told one of the attendants; 'They take this body for Bhagavan. What a pity.'  It was meant to reach me.
Next day He did not even look at me.  His displeasure at my attitude was obvious.  It was hard to bear.

Much later, someone told me that a woman devotee came to Him with a similar tumor on her neck and Sri Bhagavan told
her what to do.  He knew a lot about herbs and ayurveda.  The tumor disappeared.  He was indifferent to His own sarcoma,
letting people do what they liked out of devotion though in the beginning He did tell them to let it alone, that it was no doing
any harm.

Well, a few days later, actually the day before He gave up His body, I went on a giri pradakshina to be  exact, two giri pradakshinas,
one after another, so that I walked the whole night till dawn in a spirit of surrender, 'Thy will be done, you know the best.'
I could not pray for Him not to leave us through Arunachala is said to be a wish fullfilling.  That morning darsan I saw Him
sitting on the couch radiant with no sign of illness.  He gave me a look of such Grace that I was rooted to the spot, a good-bye
look which I will remember for the rest of my life on earth.  He was pleased.  He knew what had happened during my two
giri pradkashinas.  The next person behind me in the queue said to me after coming out: 'Have you seen?  Sri Bhagavan is
already in agony.'  So at that time, when I saw Him radiant smiling with Grace, she saw His body in agony.


Arunachala Siva.


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Re: The Quest - Sri Bhagavan's Maha Samadhi - M.P. Advent 2012.
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The end came that evening to the sound of chanting of Arunachala Siva, Arunachala Siva by the devotees. The chanting
was spontaneous.  At the precise moment, a brilliant light appeared in the sky which people saw in many other towns and places.
It slowly disappeared behind the peak of Arunachala.  Sri Bhagavan and Arunachala are One, the Hill being the embodiment
of Siva-Ramana-Arunachala.

A devotee, Y.N. Bhaurao Atharvale had an immediate confirmation of it in the same night.

To put it in his own words:

"....On receiving the telegram I came to the Asramam on the day of His Mahasamadhi.  My emotions and feelings were checked
somehow during the day He left the body.  But at night when everybody was asleep,. I began weeping bitterly feeling very
unhappy that I shall never henceforth see Bhagavan in an embodied form and enjoy the bliss of His presence.  All of a sudden,
in the dead of night some footsteps were heard and lo!  there came Bhagavan in an embodied form with a lantern in His
hand.  He  straightaway approached me, removed the curtain and said to me,  in a soft, gentle, loving voice: 'Oh ! Why do
you weep?  Did I not tell you that I am here?'  I controlled myself and bowed down to Him.  By that time, I raised  my head, He
had disappeared leaving me in utter surprise and desolation.  My thousand homages to Bhagavan Ramana.'               

A villager who used to supply milk when Sri Bhagavan and devotees were staying in Skandasramam was astonished to find
Sri Bhagavan sitting on a rock on the Hill AFTER  Maha Samadhi.  'But Bhagavan, we buried you,'  he managed to ask after
prostrating,.  'What of it?' was the reply.  'Who will teach all those devotees?' 'They will find the teaching in the books.'
The villager rushed down, greatly excited and told Prof. Sayed about it in great secrecy.  Prof. Syed told his wife and she told me


Arunachala Siva.     


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Re: The Quest - Sri Bhagavan's Maha Samadhi - M.P. Advent 2012.
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De Lancy Kapleau, the wife of the author of the modern Zen classic Three Pillars of Zen, came several times with her little
daughter to Arunachala after Sri Bhagavan's Maha Samadhi from Kamakura in Japan where she was practicing Zen.  One
day she brought brought to my attention a strange occurrence.  She fell ill at Kamakura, so ill that she could do nothing
for herself.  The little girl, about 8 years old, began nursing her and doing all she could to help.  One morning, she came out
of the next room skipping happily and told her mother that Sri Bhagavan was there, and seeing the look of disbelief or surprise
on her mother's face, added: 'He was there, I touched His face.'

Sri Bhagavan continues guiding as before. He said that the Guru-disciple relationship will continue after His physical death
the same.  He is the living inner Guru always present in the Heart.  All one has to do is to turn to Him and remember Him
and with time He reveals Himself as a living Presence and Guide.  It is up to the seeker.

Miraculous happenings occurred during Sri Bhagavan's lifetime on earth also but so unobtrusively, naturally that they did
not gain much prominence.  For instance, a Brahmin woman died.  The body has to be cremated within twenty four hours,
The cremation ground is in the open.  For the past two days it had been raining heavily.  How to light a funeral pyre of wood?
The bereaved  husband came to Sri Bhagavan to ask what to do under the circumstances.  Sri Bhagavan looked at the sky
through the window and said:  'It looks as if it is going to stop.'   The Brahmin did not wait for more confirmation.  He rushed
to arrange things.  It stopped raining long enough for the body to be cremated.


Arunachala Siva.


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Re: The Quest - Sri Bhagavan's Maha Samadhi - M.P. Advent 2012.
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A Professor from Australia got lost on the Hill.  Devotees were getting anxious for his safety on account of snakes and cheetahs
roaming the Hill at that time.  Night was approaching.  At last he turned up and explained that fortunately he had met Sri
Bhagavan who showed him the right way or else he would have to spend the night on the Hill.  Sri Bhagavan had remained
all this time in the Hall !

In the first year or so, of my stay at Arunachala, I wanted to go to the top not by any established winding paths but straight
from the path below from rock to rock as crow flies.  I presumed it would be simpler and quicker.  About half way up I saw
Sri Bhagavan below on the path returning with His attendant from His daily walk.  He saw me.

The climb was beginning to be difficult, what with bigger boulders and thorns interspersed with mountain grass between them,
perfect hiding places for cobras.  After scaling a few more intervening peaks I got stuck.  The boulders became so big I did
not know where to put my foot next.  It was getting hot and I was exhausted.  Suddenly I perceived at my side what looked
like a smooth beautiful green lawn with a large tree growing from it, its branches spread out like an umbrella to give perfect
shade.  I got there somehow and lay down under the tree. It was sheer heaven, far, far more than just rest.  How long I
stayed like that I do not remember.  At last very reluctantly I forced myself to get up to return home to the children.  On the way
I stepped into the Hall where Sri Bhagavan was reclining on the couch.  He gave me one look and I knew without a shadow of
doubt that He knew what happened on the Hill.  I never found this lawn again nor did any one else though we looked for it
at about the same place !  Nothing but boulders and rocks there.

chapter - concluded.

Arunachala Siva.