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Maha Puja - 2013 - 02.06.2013.
« on: June 02, 2013, 09:30:04 AM »

Today is the liberation day of Mother Azhagamma.  She attained Videha Kaivalyam (liberation at the moment of passing away)
on a Vaikasi (Baisaki) Krishnapaksha Navami, day (the ninth day of waning moon).  As per the English calendar it was May 19th
1922, at night around 8 pm.  This day is observed as Maha Puja Day in the Asramam with special pujas for Matrubhuteswara
Lingam and Devi Yogamba. 

Mother Azhagamma met Sri Bhagavan during Christmas holidays of 1898 for the first time after Sri Bhagavan left Madurai
to Tiruvannamalai.  At that time Sri Bhagavan was staying in Pavazha KunRu (Coral Hill).  She became extremely sad seeing
Sri Bhagavan wearing an old koupinam, with long matted hairs and long finger nails and an uncared body.  She went to
see Him every day for a few days.  Sri Bhagavan never even talked to her.  The devotees around Sri Bhagavan told Him to
say some answer to mother. So Sri Bhagavan wrote on a piece of paper:  "Every thing happens according to one prarabdha
karma. The Lord does accordingly.  If a thing were not to happen, however much one tries, it will not happen.  If it were to
happen, whatever may be the obstacles it will happen. Hence the best course is to keep silent."             

This is the first Upadesa given by Sri Bhagavan in writing to anyone.

Mother Azhagamma came to see Sri Bhagavan after 15 years in 1913 on her return from Kasi.  At that time Sri Bhagavan
was staying in Virupaksha Cave.  During her second visit, Mother had brought with her, Mangalam,  wife of Nagasundaram,
His brother.  Both were permitted to stay in the Cave.  Mother asked Sri Bhagavan to bless Smt. Mangalam to bear a male
child.  Then they returned to Manamadurai where she was staying.  Smt. Mangalam soon delivered a male child.  The child
was named Venkataraman. 

In the year 1914, Mother Azhagamma again came to see Sri Bhagavan after her visit to Tirupati.  This time, at Tiruvannamalai,
she took seriously ill.  The fever lasted for two to three weeks.  Sri Bhagavan prayed to Arunachala to save her mother from a\
cruel death.  He has written fiver verses, where He calls Arunachala as Mother. Mother Azhagamma got cured completely and
then returned to Manamadurai.

Meantime further tribulations came to Mother Azhagmma. The brother in law Nellaiappa Iyer and daughter in law Mangalam,
both passed away.  She had no else to support her in life.

Hence she came to Tiruvanamalai again in the year 1916. She stayed this time with Echammal and met Sri Bhagavan daily.
After a few days, she explained her desolate condition and sought Sri Bhagavan's permission to stay with Him.  The devotees
could not understand what Sri Bhagavan would say.  They objected to Mother Azhagmma's stay with Him, saying if that is
permitted, even Mudaliar Patti and Echammal would ask for her similar permission.

Finally Mother Azhagamma almost decided to return.  Sri Bhagavan out of abundant compassion told her:  You can stay with me.
In case others object, we shall go elsewhere in the Hill and stay.  The devotees who had earlier objected, prostrated before
Sri Bhagavan and sought His excuse. 

Thus Mother Azhagmma started staying with Sri Bhagavan permanently.


Arunachala Siva.             


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Re: Maha Puja - 2013 - 02.06.2013.
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Sri Bhagavan used every day of Mother's stay to teach her spiritual values.  She was a widow and she had been observing
madi and acharam (Brahmincal purity for widoes).  Sri Bhagavan made fun of her so called brahminical observances  'Amma,
today there is only drum stick and onions?  What will you do?"  If you eat, will Yama trouble you by taking you through
dangerous forests of onions and drumstick trees?' He used to ask her laughingly.  He advised her that any sattvic food
in moderate quantities will suffice for spiritual progress. Sri Bhagavan also slowly removed her observance of caste differences
and said that every living being is Atma Swarupam.

One day a grass cutter came very tired and hungry.  Amma had not yet taken her food. But Sri Bhagavan told her to give
him some food.  Normally brahmins will not eat after food is served to non brahmins.  Mother conquered this unwanted old
habit and fed the grass cutter even before she could eat on that morning. 

One day Mother wanted to prepare papads for her son.  She had collected the stock of ingredients, with the help of
Echammal and Akhilandamma. She asked Sri Bhagavan to help her in making the papads.  Sri Bhagavan said: You
make your papads.  I shall make my papads.  Thus came the famous Appala Pattu, Song of papads, full of Vedantic
inner meaning!

Mother one day had an opportunity to have darsan of Sri Bhagavan's divine form. She saw Him suddenly disappearing
from where He was sitting.  She was about to weep.  Suddenly He reappeared, with garlands of serpents and vibhuti
smeared throughout His body.  After some time, He appeared as Ramana and laughed. This darsan made Mother to
understand the true nature of Sri Bhagavan and she developed great devotion to Him, rather than treating Him as her

Mother used to sing Vedanta songs in Tamizh like those Avudai Akka and thus matured her inner nature to become
a Jnani.

In Virupaksha Cave, there was water problem.  A devotee named Kandaswami found a spring in another area in the Hill
and dug about 6 feet there and found a source of water.  He set right the surrounding areas removing bushes and weeds
and also planted coconnut trees.  This place came to be later called Skandasramam. Sri Bhagavan and Mother moved there.

In Skandasramam, Mother started cooking more to serve devotees to.  Greens, vegetables and rice were brought by
devotees. Regular hot food became the daily affair and Sri Bhagavan and devotees had hot food, everyday, thanks to

Mother also developed the nature of helping everyone needy to the extent possible.,  One day one Sabhapathi Swami
asked her whether he can have a dhoti as he had given his to another poor man.  Mother readily tore her sari and gave
him a portion for wearing.   It is at this time, Kunju Swami had arrived at Sri Bhagavan's feet.


Arunachala Siva.                     



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Re: Maha Puja - 2013 - 02.06.2013.
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On the day Kunju Swami had arrived, one Annamalai Swami (not Annamalai Swami of Palakottu) had passed away.
Mother was weeping uncontrollably for his death.  Sri Bhagavan said: "Why do you cry for that son? Another son
(Kunju Swami) had arrived for your help!" Kunju Swami became very happy at this statement of Sri Bhagavan.
Mother's youngest son Nagasundaram also arrived in the year 1918, after his wife's death.  He later became the
Sarvadikari of the Asramam.  While Mother was in Skandasramam, her daughter Alamelu and her husband Pichu
Iyer had come to invite her their new housewarming ceremony.  Mother refused to go as she was afraid that she would
die when she was away from Sri Bhagavan.  She wanted to leave her mortal coil at her son's, Sri Bhagavan's place.

From 1920, Mother's health deteriorated.  No medicine could cure her frequent illnesses.  Her condition became worse and
at the night of May 19, 1922, she had become quite serious.  Sri Bhagavan knew that her days on the earth are coming to
a close. On that morning, He was sitting with her without taking food. He placed His right hand on her right side of the chest
and the left hand on her head.  Late in the evening she was finding hard to breathe.  At that time all her Vasanas were
appearing in her mental eye one after another.  Sri Bhagavan made her Vasanas to come and die one after another.

Kavyakanta Ganapati Muni, Rajagopala Sastri, and Vaidyanatha Sastri were chanting Vedas sitting near them. Kunju Swami
and Ramakrishna Swami and others were chanting Arunachala Akshara Mana Malai. It was a virtual war between Sri Bhagavan
and Mother's Vasanas and finally all the Vasanas died and around 8 pm. Mother also got her Videha Kaivalyam . Sri Bhagavan
did not leave His hands from chest and head till He heard a metallic sound which indicated the breath merged in the Atma
Sthanam i.e right side of the chest, the Heart. 

With Mother's Videha Kaivalyam, Sri Bhagavan's face shone brightly.  He must have been inwardly happy about the liberation
of Mother.  Mother's body also was shining brilliantly.

Sri Bhagavan said: Let us all take food.  There is no impurity here.  After food Sri Bhagavan and other devotees, chanted
Tiruvachakam by turns throughout the night.  This lasted from 9 pm till early morning.

In the early morning, at the foot hills a Samadhi pit was made as per Tirumoolar's Tirumandiram.  Mother's mortal coil
was interred in the pit with vibhuti, campho, salt and other ingredients.  Smt. Alamelu Ammal and Sri Pitchu Iyer, the grandson
Venkatarman (Smt. Mangalam's son) had already come to the Hill knowing the news a day before.   After closing the pit,
a Lingam was installed which is now called Matrubhuteswara Lingam.  Kavyakanta Ganapati Muni composed Aryamba (Azhagamma
in Sanskrit) Shatgam.  He also prepared a Sri Chakra and was installed near the Lingam,.

At noon all the ceremonies were  over and with Arti for Lingam and Sri Chakram.  Food was served for hundreds of people
at Palakottu., 

There were daily pujas for 48 days, one mandalam. On the day of completion, Sri Bhagavan found a wet surface near the
place, and asked devotees to dig.  This became the famous well which is called Azhagamma Tirtham. Water was taken from
that well for daily puja.  Even today water is taken from that well for pujas for Sri Matrubhuteswara Lingam and Sri Ramaneswara

After Mother's Maha Samadhi, Sri Bhagavan continued to stay there and all others followed and this became today's
Sri Ramanasramam.  Sri Ramanasramam came to existence from December 1922.

A regular temple as we see today, was completed on March 17, 1949 and Kumbabhishekam was celebrated on that day.
A Meru (three dimensional Sri Chakra was also installed just a fortnight  before that celebration. 

Sri Ramanarpanamastu |

Arunchala Siva.                   


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Re: Maha Puja - 2013 - 02.06.2013.
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When Mother Azhagamma first came to see Sri Bhagavan and when she pleaded Him to come back, Sri Bhagavan gave
a reply in writing on a piece of paper with pencil.  It is the first Upadesa of Sri Bhagavan to any one.

In the Collected Works of Arthur Osborne, a poetical rendering of Sri Bhagavan's reply has been given.  It is as under:

The fates of souls are all by God ordained
According to the deeds they have done
That end that's destined ne'er to be attained
Will never be achieved by anyone
However hard they try.  All those things, too
That are destined must occur one day,
Will come to pass whatever you may do
To interfere and try their course to stay,
And this is certain.  At length we come to see
That it is best that we should silent be.


Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Maha Puja - 2013 - 02.06.2013.
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In 1914, Sri Bhagavan's mother paid a brief visit to Him at Tiruvannamalai.  While there she had severe attack of fever,
which some thought to be typhoid.  Her life was despaired of and Sri Bhagavan composed the following verses for her
recovery.  Needless to say, she recovered.  Two years later she came and took up her abode permanently at Sri Bhagavan's
place on the Hill.

1. Hill of my refuge that cures the ills of recurring births !  O Lord ! It is for Thee to cure my mother's fever.

2. O God that smitest Death itself !  My sole refuge !  Vouchsafe Thy Grace unto my mother and shield her from Death.
What is Death if scrutinized?

3.  Arunachala !  Thou blazing fire Jnana !  Deign to wrap my mother in Thy light and make her one with Thee.  What need
then for cremation ?

4. Arunachala ! That chasest away illusion (maya) ! Why delayest Thou to dispel my mother's delirium !  Besides Thee,
is there anyone who with maternal solicitude can protect the suppliant soul and ward off the strokes of destiny?

(Trans. by Prof. K. Swaminathan)


Arunachala Siva.         


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Re: Maha Puja - 2013 - 02.06.2013.
« Reply #5 on: June 02, 2013, 11:35:01 AM »

In 1914 or 1915, Sri Bhagavan was living in Virupaksha Cave with His mother, who did most of the cooking.  He Himself
was a skilled cook and both then and later often helped to prepare the food.  On one occasion, His mother was making
papads, a thin round cake made of black gram flour fried crisp, and she called Him to help her.  Instead of doing so,
however, He composed the following poem giving instructions to mother for spiritual development under the symbolism
of making papads.

Try and make some poppadums.
Eat them and your longing satisfy.
Don't roam the world disconsolate.,
Heed the word, unique, unspoken
Taught by the teacher true who teaches
The truth of Being-Awareness-Bliss.
Try and make some...... satisfy.

1. Take the black gram, ego-self
Growing in the five fold body field
And grind it in the quern,
The wisdom-quest of 'Who am I?'
Reducing it to finest flour.

Try and make some..... satisfy.

2, Mix it with some pirandai juice,
Which is the holy company,
Add mind control, the cummin seed,
The pepper of self restraint,
The salt of non attachment,
And asafoetida, the aroma
Of virtuous inclination.

Try and make some..... satsify.

3. In the heart mortar place the dough.
And with mind-pestle inward turned,
Pound it hard with strokes of 'I', 'I',
Then flatten it with the rolling pin
Of stillness on the level slab of Being
Work away, untiring , steady, cheerful.

Try and make some...... satisfy.

4. Put the poppadum in the ghee of Brahman
Held in the pan of infinite silence
And fry it over the fire of knowledge.
Now as I transmuted into That,
Eat and taste the Self as Self
Abiding as the Self alone.

Try and make some ....  satisfy.

(Tr. Prof. K. Swaminathan)


Arunachala Siva.