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Today is the punarvasu star day of the Tamizh month of Vaikasi (Baikasi).  punarvasu is the birth star of Sri Bhagavan.
He was born on the punarvasu star day in the month of Margazhi (Dhanur). 

In the Asramam, they celebrate the punarvasu day every month with special pujas for Sri Ramaneswara Maha Lingam.
A golden casket is adorned around the Lingam.

Muruganar sings in his Sri Ramana Sannidhi Murai a decad called Punarvasu vaNNam, the glory of punarvasu.

I am giving today a translation of another song Tiruk KaNNokkam (The Gaze of the Divine Eye), Verses 1612 to 1643 of
Sri Ramana Sannidhi Murai.

He is even the eye of the eyes
of Vishnu and Kannappa,
who both had beautiful eyes.
Damsels, you have the eye of discrimination
in this great and vastly spacious world!
So that all your five senses
may be usurped by the sense of sight,
With Ramana let us play kaNNokkam!

(Tr. David Godman)

Vishnu when He was doing Siva puja with 1000 lotuses, one flower became short.  So He gave His eye as the last lotus
for the puja.  He is called Hara Netra Arpaneswarar in that temple! Siva gave Him the disc as boon.

Kannappa gave his eye in Kalahasti when he found one of Siva's eyes was bleeding.  Then to test Kannappa 
Siva caused bleeding in His second eye too.  Kannappa to identify the eye (since he would be blind when the other eye
is also plucked) placed his leg on Lingam, and then was about to pluck his second eye too for submission to Siva.
Siva said, Nillu Kannappa, nilllu Kannappa, Stop Kannappa, Stop Kannappa and conferred him Siva Sayujyam immediately.

Kannappa attained moksha in just six days of worship to Siva.  But his worship, culminating in submitting his eye was
something unparalleled in history.


Today is also Sri Sankara Jayanti. Sankara was born on Chaitra (Chitra) Ardra star day.  This morning Ardra star ended and
punarvasu started.  So also Chitra ended yesterday and today Vaikasi starts.  However, Sri Sankara Jayanti is celebrated today.
I give one verse, Verse 23, of Sivananada Lahari:

O all pervading One !  Unto me who am engaged in Thy worship, vouchsafe eternal bliss at once.  How could I possibly
bear the grief, if, as a result of Thy worship, Thou bestowest on me the position of Brahma or Vishnu, and still I fail to
find Thee in heaven or earth after searching for Thee as a bird and a boar?

(The allusion is to Arunachala story).


Arunachala Siva.