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Today is the 63rd Aradhana of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi.  He attained Maha Nirvana on a Chaitra Krishna Paksha thrayodasi,
i.e. 13th digit day of waning moon.  As per English calendar it is on 14th April 1950. 

As at He left His mortal coil, a shooting star whirled past from Nirvana Room and was observed in the sky and moving northwards,
the shooting star perched on the summit of Arunachala.  This unique feature was seen by many people in Chennai and Mumbai
and a few other places and devotees rushed to Tiruvannamalai to attend to His Maha Nirvana proceedings.  The Mother of
Pondicherry who was at the front portal, also witnessed this and she immediately prostrated towards the shooting star.

This unique feature of announcing a Brahmajni's departure from the world was not there in any of the life of other saints
and sages at any time.

Sri Bhagavan arrived at Arunachala on 1st September 1896, and He never left Tiruvannamalai till His leaving of the mortal
coil, spending almost 54 years in the same place.

Sri Aurobindo said that He was a Hercules among the Yogis.

The rituals of placing his mortal coil were done the next day, next to Mother's Temple.  His mortal coil was placed in a
khadi bag and vibhuti, camphor etc., were filled into the bag and then placed inside the samadhi pit.  The buildings
came later after many years.

Annamalai Swami who never saw Sri Bhagavan, after His order not to see Him, was suffering from acute colic pain
and he came to the terrace of his cottage on that late evening and he saw the shooting star.  At that very moment,
his colic pain disappeared.

Arunachala Siva.       


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Re: Some thoughts on Sri Bhagavan's 63rd Aradhana - 07.05.2013.
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Saranagati Sang:

Composed by Manavasi V. Ramaswamy Iyer in 1914.

Raga - Hindustani - Mandu


Sarangati un para nan
Inippugthunaithan Edu   (Saranagati)

Sarangati Gathi Pala Arunachala Nirai
Ramana .... Karuna.... Varuna     (Saranagati)

Anu Pallavi.

Tharunam Idu Vanro Karunai   Nokkave
Kalaharanam Akkidil Haa Haa En Seiven
Thumbai Neeki Inbai ALikka En AnbA
Innam ParAmukham Ennal ThAlAdayya Sri Vediya


Translation into English:


I surrender unto you (myself)
Where else am I to surrender myself
Tell me?   (I surrender myself)

Anu Pallavi.

Who is perfect in Arunachala,
Who endows one with Ultimate Release,
O Ramana, Rain cloud of Compassion,
Is this not the appropriate time
For granting me your glance of Grace?
If you delay, Lo, what am I to do?
My Lover, Remove my sorrow
And grant me Bilss     (I surrender myself)
I can't bear any more indifference,
O Brahmana (One who is Brahman Itself)
                ( I surrender myself unto You.)


Ramaswami Iyer composed this song when he had unbearable colic pain.  The pain got relieved.   From that time,
this Sarangati song became famous and is chanted / sung by many many devotees.


Arunachala Siva. 


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Re: Some thoughts on Sri Bhagavan's 63rd Aradhana - 07.05.2013.
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From wikipedia about Bhagavan's final years and also about his samadhi .

Final years (1948-1950)

In November 1948, a tiny cancerous lump was found on Ramana's arm and was removed in February 1949 by the ashram's doctor. Soon, another growth appeared and another operation was done by an eminent surgeon in March 1949 with radium applied. The doctor told Ramana that a complete amputation of the arm to the shoulder was required to save his life, but he refused. A third and fourth operation were performed in August and December 1949, but only weakened him. Other systems of medicine were then tried; all proved fruitless and were stopped by the end of March when devotees gave up all hope. To devotees who begged him to cure himself for the sake of his followers, Ramana is said to have replied, "Why are you so attached to this body? Let it go" and "Where can I go? I am here."[10]

By April 1950, Ramana was too weak to go to the hall and visiting hours were limited. Visitors would file past the small room where he spent his final days to get one final glimpse. Swami Satyananda, the attendant at the time, reports,

    On the evening of 14 April 1950, we were massaging Ramana's body. At about 5 o'clock, he asked us to help him to sit up. Precisely at that moment devotees started chanting 'Arunachala Siva, Arunachala Siva'. When Ramana heard this his face lit up with radiant joy. Tears began to flow from his eyes and continued to flow for a long time. I was wiping them from time to time. I was also giving him spoonfuls of water boiled with ginger. The doctor wanted to administer artificial respiration but Ramana waved it away. Ramana’s breathing became gradually slower and slower and at 8:47 p.m. it subsided quietly.[citation needed]

Henri Cartier-Bresson, the French photographer, who had been staying at the ashram for a fortnight prior to Ramana’s death, recounted the event:

    "It is a most astonishing experience. I was in the open space in front of my house, when my friends drew my attention to the sky, where I saw a vividly-luminous shooting star with a luminous tail, unlike any shooting star I had before seen, coming from the South, moving slowly across the sky and, reaching the top of Arunachala, disappeared behind it. Because of its singularity we all guessed its import and immediately looked at our watches – it was 8:47 – and then raced to the Ashram only to find that our premonition had been only too sadly true: the Master had passed into parinirvana at that very minute." Ramana Maharshi was 71 years old at the time of his death.[43]

Cartier-Bresson took some of the last photographs of Ramana on April 4, 1950, and went on to take pictures of the mahasamadhi preparations. The New York Times concluded:

    Here in India, where thousands of so-called holy men claim close tune with the infinite, it is said that the most remarkable thing about Ramana Maharshi was that he never claimed anything remarkable for himself, yet became one of the most loved and respected of all.[citation needed]
However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them? - Buddha


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Re: Some thoughts on Sri Bhagavan's 63rd Aradhana - 07.05.2013.
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Sage - Acting

Wei Wu Wei.

I someone were to ask what the greatest words recorded as having been spoken by Ramana Maharshi, despite the
immense range of choice one might reply without hesitation -- the adjective 'greatest' being taken to imply 'of greatest
import.'  Factually, the words were written rather than spoken, in the form in which I know them, introducing His 'Upadesa Saram.'.

They are 'It is not by action but by renunciation of action that one attains Liberation.'

Could any words be more fundamental?  Surely nothing expressed in relative language could point directly towards reintegration.

Let us examine them more closely.  What is action?  In relativity, it denotes 'reaction'.  The Maharshi is speaking of positive
acting, so that its repudiation produces absence of that kind of acting which is voltional and reactive, leaving acting which is
non-reacting, which is not action by a 'self' but is being acted, letting be acted, pure and direct acting, acting which is not reaction.

Such, surely, is Sage-Acting.


Arunachala Siva.                 


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Re: Some thoughts on Sri Bhagavan's 63rd Aradhana - 07.05.2013.
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Where has Bhagavan gone?

(Swami Virajananda)

'They are despondent that Bhagavan is going to leave them and go away.  Where can He go, and how?  These words of
Sri Bhagavan contain the whole truth of what He is.  They are assurance and more than that, they are fact.  But how are
we to grasp this promise, how to understand this mysterious eternal presence?

Imagine, you will, an endless sheet of pure light.  Call it the Absolute, or Brahman or That Which Is...... it does not matter.
All the names and forms you wish to behold  -- mountains, rivers, plants, countless beings - see them as if painted on this
sheet, some of them completely opaque, so that you cannot see any of the underlying light, some fully transparent, others
partly transparent, according to the predominance of the various gunas.  Now see in the middle of each being a tiny aperture,
as is in the lens of a camera.  That is the Self, seated in the Hearts of All, and it is of course identical with the substratum.  The
less ego, the more is it open, the more the light can come through.  What an infinite combination of light transparencies,
and aperture sizes the God has thus made! 

There are some quite dense, but with much brightness in the Heart -- the 'sinners' who, in spite of ignorance, are humble and
often unselfish, some transparent ones with but a tiny aperture, showing that in spite of clean living, and holy observances,
the ego has not gone, as well as many other combinations.

How do the Jivanmuktas, the sages, look?  There is no question any longer of transparency or darkness, for being devoid of ego,
their aperture has opened until it reached the outline of their shape, so that, except for this outline, the underlying light is all there
is.  And all that happens when their bodies die is that this outline gets erased.  What remains is the light they always were -- call
it God or Brahman or That Which Is.  This is why there is no question of Sri Bhagavan going away.  This is why He is our very Self.                                       

The Smriti says:

Neither inward nor outward turned consciousness, nor the two together; not  an undifferentiated mass of dormant omniscience;
neither knowing nor unknowing, because invisible, ineffable, intangible, devoid of characteristics, inconceivable, indefinable, its
sole essence being the assurance of its own Self; the coming to peaceful rest of all undifferentiated, relative existence; utterly
quiet; peaceful, blissful, without a second; this is Atman, the Self, which is to be realized.
                                      - Mandukyopanishad, Verse 7.


Arunachala Siva.                     


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Re: Some thoughts on Sri Bhagavan's 63rd Aradhana - 07.05.2013.
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Charles Reeder:

In the Colorado mountains I look into a cluster of pine needles.  In the autumn sun they radiate clear and pure from the bough.
Has it really been eleven years since we first came to Arunachala, to Bhagavan?  Time itself has rotated like those needles in
the sun, and we can no longer find the point where we started.  And that itself is happiness, the endless turning round  of small
pebbles in the swift current of His Grace.

It is wonderful that Bhagavan's path of inquiry is not something that gives itself to exact description or map making for it is
stirring of the self in each of us.  If we point to the way or the Self as an object, we pretend to be strangers in our own home.
It is only Sri Bhagavan who makes it clear to us -- we see it so plainly in His smile -- for who is but He be our own Self?  And it is He
who tells His devotees that wherever they go in the world or beyond it, they continue to circle around Him and within Him
who is Arunachala.   

And that is not all, for time and space themselves are forever doing this pradakshina around their Source.  So we cannot speak
in some ordinary way about Bhagavan's centennial, for He was not one who merely appeared and disappeared in time. The
centennial itself is doing pradakshina around Him.  The blue sky is doing it as well.  he sits with the deepest absorption in the
center, blessing those who move.  The pradakshina itself is but his in-breathing  and out-breathing, manifesting the original pattern
of being to all who can receive it.

To speak of Bhagavan's birth and passing is to do pradakshina to our small conception of who He is, but this too is resolved in Him,
for He is the most infinitesimal being as well as the greatest one who manifests the being of all world systems.  No matter which
path we may take, we ultimately find ourselves worshipping in the most fundamental sense that primal being who dwells within
each of us.  It was and is Bhagavan's gift to the world to manifest this being so unmistakably and so lovingly.

On this, His centennial, the human beings, the animals and the mountains, the dwellers in the six realms, whether consciously or
unconsciously all join in the pradakshina of that unutterably great being.


Arunachala Siva.                   


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Re: Some thoughts on Sri Bhagavan's 63rd Aradhana - 07.05.2013.
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To Sri Bhagavan - the Only Reality Eternal:

C.S. Bagi.

The World is STILL.  And Light and Sound and Thought
Transfixed in Space and Time, like the insects caught
In amber rock, are bygone thing in-wrought
In Cosmic Consciousness, where all is Nought.

Alas, how vain are eyes that think they see!
And ears they hear, and Mind that it is not  free!
True Freedom us to stay all Thought and be
Like waveless waters of the deepest sea.

No more can I be still go astray,
For fixed is all I do from day to day.
My steps along the round of time must stay;
Without Your Grace I cannot even pray.

But what is fixed to me to Thee is void
Through hardest rock Your softest will can ride;
All fire, earth, water, and air must hide
As I this mock existence Thee beside.


Arunachala Siva.   


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Re: Some thoughts on Sri Bhagavan's 63rd Aradhana - 07.05.2013.
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Supplication to Sri Bhagavan:

A.K. Ramachandran.

Decades ago, as a student, I used to gaze with admiration at the photo of a youth in a loin cloth before whom my
father used to prostrate.  The last words of my father, before losing consciousness were about Sri Bhagavan and about
how eagerly he had been looking forward to spending some years in Sri Ramanasramam.,  These words were ringing in
my years when I visted Sri Ramanasramam in 1930.  I was especially blessed on this occasion as I saw Him alone in the
dining hall in the early hours of the morning.  I caught hold of His holy feet as Markandeya caught the Lingam, and told
Him about the last words of my father. With tender love beaming out of His eyes, He said that my father had taken leave
of Him before passing away!

When I beseeched Him to bless me, He said: 'It will be all right in the end.'  Those words of benediction have rung in my
ears and brought me hope in moments of depression.  It is those blessed moments which I cherish in my heart as the most
worthwhile event in my life.


Arunachala Siva.       


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Re: Some thoughts on Sri Bhagavan's 63rd Aradhana - 07.05.2013.
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The Incomparable Ramana:

( A poem in Sanskrit, translated. Original by K.R. Viswantha Sastri)

1. Forever, I bow to Him Who is God-incarnate and who is known to the world as Sri Ramana, on whom the foremost
of the learned in the Upanishads have fixed their minds, Who by His strength has completely annihilated the might of
Cupid, Who shakes off the illusion affecting the people's mind by dint of the multitude of His blessings -- the giver of
everything desired to the best of His devotees, Who is beyond all attributes.

2. Whose sayings, sweet and succinct, containing the essence of the milky ocean of wisdom, Who made a sacred cave
of His abode, Who from boyhood has endowed with the profound Knowledge of a Guru, Whose eyes are like the petals
of a lotus, Who effectively initiates by the great Pranava Mantra (silence) that wards off all evil.

3. Who has conquered  the mind and is a Superman beyond all comparison, Who is extolled by masters, in Vedanta, Whose
effulgence destroys all disease, Whose advent is due to the fructification of the merits of Mother Earth, Whose mind is
turned away from women,  Who is beatific and noble.

4. Who knows the course of creation (of the universe) and its dissolution, Who has achieved absolute control of Prana,
whose nature is auspicious, Who is resolutely engaged in liberating others,  Who is powerful like a lion in overcoming the
proud opponents of the religion of Reality, Whose noble qualities destroy sins leading to hell,  Who is straightforward.

5. Who has renounced all senses of possession, Whose ego is lost in Pure Consciousness, Who gently carries a fine stick
in His exquisitely beautiful hand, Who, by virtue of  His extraordinary austerities has dedicated  Himself to the Lord of
Parvati, Who by His intelligence excels Brihaspati, the Preceptor of Gods, in Whom all desires are set at rest.

6. Whose bright forehead and body are besmeared with sacred ashes, the radiance of Whose smile surpasses the
beauty of moonlight,  Who Himself feeds the antelopes with handful of grass, Who holds a beautiful begging bowl,
and Who is the Leader of the host of ascetics.

7. Who by His forbearance surpasses Mother Earth, of sacred glory, the God ascetics, Who has proved His excellence
by His vision of equality, Who is the fruition of the austerity of the great man Sundara in his previous births, Who is the
mighty wind dispelling the cloud of fear of samsara, -- the endless recurrence of birth and death.

8.  Who is the Ocean of the Nectar of Grace, Who is incomprehensible , unattached, ever youthful, Whose Form is invisible
to the unregenerate, Who is surrounded by the blessed ones who have vanquished delusion, Who is abstemious, and Who
by a single glance of His removes the afflictions of His devotees.

9.  Who is intent on supporting those who seek refuge in Him, Who abides in Arunachala, Whose splendor of Self Knowledge
dazzles the rays of the brilliant sun and Whose lotus feet serve as the boat to cross the ocean of samsara -- to that God-
incarnate Sri Ramana Maharshi, I bow for ever.


Arunachala Siva.                           


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Re: Some thoughts on Sri Bhagavan's 63rd Aradhana - 07.05.2013.
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What does He mean to me?

Wolter A. Keers.

....And I find that it is impossible to give a neat answer to this question.  The first thing, perhaps, is that He opened my heart.
Immediately when I saw Him, even from a distance, I recognized that this was what I had been looking for.  But when I say
that this was radiating, all penetrating and all overwhelming, and all overthrowing love, striking me with the power of lightening,
I know that only those who had the same experience will know what I mean.  To anybody else, all this is verbiage, at best
creating an image of someone, very magnificent.

Inside and outside of Ashrams, in the world, crowds of people put on their face saying, 'Oh, how marvelous, such a Maharshi,
such a wonderful thing.'  Beware, let us face it; in the eyes of common sense an appearance like Sri Ramana Maharshi is the
embodiment of the most outrageous and perhaps even dangerous lunacy, that man could think of.  Well, Sri Ramana Maharshi,
was the Unimaginable, and therefore indescribable. 

Perhaps, it is after all, not such a blessing to India that in the country, (and there is no country I love and respect more than India)
one can believe and say all the right things without being locked up.  For it makes it possible that you repeat the right words and
remain fast asleep.  But if you live in London or Melbourne or Ottawa or Amsterdam and you to the baker early in the morning and
you tell him, 'Of course, I was never born!' and you repeat it to the green grocer and to a policeman and to a doctor, I would like
to see how long you still roam about free in the streets of cities, without being locked up in police station).   It is perhaps not such an undivided blessing that the one whom with some of us regards as their Master, has become so accepted and respected.     
For to go to the Asramam and to read the Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi, requires no guts, these days.

But to see what He meant: that you, fool, are one big bankruptcy; that.....

In literature, all over the world, one finds magnificent descriptions of sorrow. But who can describe happiness?  Happiness is
a state without ego, and therefore without a someone in it to describe it, or even to remember it. What we remember is its
afterglow, its reflection in feeling and body, not the moment when we were present as happiness itself, as happiness only.

Sri Ramana Maharshi is not the frail, old dying body, that I saw reclining on a chair, but the Unimaginable, egolessness, pure
radiance, and the body, however  much we may have loved its appearance, was merely like a glittering diamond reflecting
the light that He really was.

Instead of seeing that an ego is mere stupidity or belief in a fantasy, you have been cherishing it and even cultivating it by
feeding it with important questions and problems.  Your life until now was led by the belief in something totally imaginary,
Again, there was no condemnation in this -- it was a discovery, something revealed to me, suddenly, and leaving me in utter
amazement.  Perhaps that is what triggered it.  His mere presence revealed to me how utterly stupid I had been until then,
that it was love which revealed it, not by criticizing father-knows-better attitude that we know only too well.  My darkness
was revealed by the mere confrontation with light -- light that did not condemn me or wish to change me, but accepted and loved
me totally and unconditionally; light, as I understood later, that saw me as nothing but light.

About His silence.  It was only three or four years later, that the full impact of what His silence had revealed to me became clear
and 'my own'.  Perhaps, these two last two words and their inverted commas indicate the problem.  Bhagavan never gave anyone
the possibility to believe that you, as a person, could realize the truth.  The axis, the central point of sadhana that He proposed
to most of us, was the invitation to examine who put questions, who came to see Him, who wanted to realize, who felt exalted,
or miserable or angry, who desired or shunned and so on.                     
Once Sri Bhagavan asked someone, 'How do you know that you are not realized?'  If you ponder over it, you will find that this
question is like an earthquake.  Who says so indeed?  It is the person, a mere habit of thought, or for that matter, any thought
at all know what I am? On the face of it, it seems extremely humble and it is certainly most acceptable to say, 'Ah, poor me, I am
not realized, no, no, far from it.'  In reality, it is lunacy, to believe that thought could ever know what 'I am'.  It is the arrogance,
the vanity of thought, to imagine the unimaginable and to have opinions about it.

Sri Ramana Maharshi has never given me anything.  When I arrived, regarding myself, as a poor man in need of help, He revealed
to me that I was more than a millionaire, and the source of all things.  Nor has Sri Ramana Maharshi asked anything from me,
-- not even my love or respect.  In His mere presence, that uncovered or unleashed in me what cannot be described by words
such a love or respect.  It went deeper than the deepest feeling. 

What does He mean to me?  What does all this mean to?  The question has now become absurd, really.  I look at Him. He makes
it clear that I am this Stillness.

Words can only give a hint.  Like, I am that I am.  The rest is Silence.

(abridged from the original article)


Arunachala Siva.       


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Re: Some thoughts on Sri Bhagavan's 63rd Aradhana - 07.05.2013.
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Abiding Grace of Bhagavan Sri Ramana:

B. Anjaneyalu.

It was in 1948, that I went to Tiruvannamalai along with my mother and other relatives, as the nephew of my mother
Sri Lakshmana Yogeeswara of Gudur, was staying at Sri Ramanasramam, engaged in meditation there.  On the morning
after our arrival, we entered the Hall of Sri Bhagavan to have His holy darsan.    There was a large concourse of devotees
in the Hall.  It was exactly 8 am.  when Sri Bhagavan entered the Hall with His bewitchingly divine smile.  Everybody in the
Hall stood up in great veneration and there was pin drop silence.

I was overwhelmed with joy to see so many earnest souls and I was thrilled at the sight of Bhagavan's divine personality.
When I looked into the face of Sri Bhagavan, I was thrilled.  Never before had I experienced such a profound bliss.  Waves
of some strange power swept through me and I was lost in inexpressible ecstasy.  My mind was free from all thoughts.  Sri
Bhagavan only pervaded my being. I did not know what it was then, as I was only a lad of fourteen.  This was my first and
last darshan of Sri Bhagavan and the only time I had such a rare spiritual experience.  His eternal and all pervading grace
has been with me in all the ups and downs of my life.


Arunachala Siva.         


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Re: Some thoughts on Sri Bhagavan's 63rd Aradhana - 07.05.2013.
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On this day of 63rd Aradhana of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi, whose ever living Presence is there in the Asramam,
at all times for visitors to experience,  I close this topic with the following prayer of Manikkavachagar, from his Kuzhaitta
Pathu, (Decad on Melting) from Tiruvachakam: 

நாயிற் கடையாம் நாயேனை நயந்துநீயே ஆட்கொண்டாய்
மாயப் பிறவி உன்வசமே வைத்திட்டிருக்கும் அதுவன்றி
ஆயக்கடவேன் நானோதான் என்ன தோஇங் கதிகாரங்
காயத் திடுவாய் உன்னுடைய கழற்கீழ் வைப்பாய் கண்ணுதலே. 503

You have on your own accord, wished and taken over me, this dog lowlier than dog.  This life which is Maya, is only under
your control.  Who am I to investigate?  What is my right?  You either place me in another birth with body or place me under
your anklet wearing feet, O Lord with an eye on the face!       

This is also my prayer.  It is for Sri Bhagavan to decide.  He has taken over me, and is ruling over me. It is for Him to decide
what to do with this life.


Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Some thoughts on Sri Bhagavan's 63rd Aradhana - 07.05.2013.
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very nice posts subramanian sir

Om Namo Bagavathe Sri Ramanaya


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Re: Some thoughts on Sri Bhagavan's 63rd Aradhana - 07.05.2013.
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Instructions are necessary only so long as one has not surrendered oneself.

~ Sri Ramana Maharshi

...from Talk 434; 28th December, 1937
However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them? - Buddha


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Re: Some thoughts on Sri Bhagavan's 63rd Aradhana - 07.05.2013.
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Dear Subramanianji,

Thank you for posting the complete lyrics of the song.

Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya