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Visitors, seekers from all walks of life came here during Sri Bhagavan's lifetime on earth, and they continue to do so now.
Sri Bhagavan is identified with Arunachala.  The place is alive, vibrating with His Presence. If anything Sadhana has become
easier now.  The attraction to the physical body of a Guru may even be a hindrance, preventing the remembrance of the
universality of the living inner Guru in the heart.  The outer guru is a sort of decoy.  That is why Sri Bhagavan kept on
reminding us that He was not the body.

Some visitors, particularly if they were scientists, would ask for proof.  We were sitting out in the garden one afternoon
with one such scientist who kept on saying that he wanted to know but had no faith and must have proof.  His wife had
faith and sat there beside him patiently, serenely watching him fuming with frustration. She must have been used to such
outbursts.  He was exasperated and exasperating.

Having reached the outermost periphery of the mind and unable to go beyond it, a scientist stands baffled before the mystery
of this vast universe into which he has been cast and which he cannot unravel because what he does not understand is

Ultimate Reality has been and can be experienced intuitively by stilling the mind in order to unravel the mystery of being, and
of this vast veiled universe. Rationally, those experiences of Sages of various races widely separated in time and space show
how surprising uniformity which comes through in trying to give expression to what transcends the mind.

Finite vocabulary cannot describe adequately the Infinite, yet unanimity comes through in what they have to say.  This  in
itself is the proof of their validity.  For those who have experienced even a glimpse of Reality-Eternity, it is a dead Certainty
'the surest of the sure' as Tennyson expressed it.


Arunachala Siva.         


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Re: The Quest - Science - Lucia Osborne - Advent 2011 of Mountain Path:
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Science with all the tremendous strides it has made in this century does not reach beyond the confines of the mind so it
cannot become a yardstick.  Sir Arthur Eddington says: 'In this world of physics we watch a shadow graph performance
of the drama of familiar life.'  The achievements of science and technology have brought not happiness to mankind; rather
insecurity, violence and fear amidst increasing comfort.  We may have almost acquired mastery of speed but without much
sense of direction.  The progressive interference with mastery of speed but without much sense of direction.  The progressive
interference with nature called progress is bound in the long run to create impoverishment and chaotic conditions. 

'It is evident that the teachings embodied in the verses of Genesis are of tremendous importance for the people of the
20th century when we come to realize that science and the rational view of life are products of the function of creative
intelligence, the domain of which is the element of Fire,'  writes Dr. Mees, a writer on symbolism.  'Modern man is grappling
with a world of ethical problems which have sprung from the creations of his intelligence.  The man of this age is the new
Prometheus, who has stolen fire from Heaven in a form much more dangerous than that of the Prometheus of the old.
The atom, neutron bombs, or weapons  are the present form of the fire stolen by man at his own peril.'

When the elements are misused scientific advances result in such monstrosities as napalm bombs, nuclear war heads with
thermonuclear devices and so on.  The crises that face man are then magnified a thousand  fold by the power of science.
The writing on the wall is clear enough.  Scientists themselves watch helplessly the increasing power of weapons by accident
or in a haphazard way,  The world is not a realm of chaos in spite of man's efforts to make it so.  At every turn one finds safety
devices keeping the balance even.  There is order and rhythm in the universe.  Perfect harmony is the substratum of the present
state of violence apparent chaos, natural disasters, lack of discipline and so on, it is this uncertainty of life, the insecurity of which
goads us to the search for Certainty for the immortal in us.


Arunachala Siva.                   


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Re: The Quest - Science - Lucia Osborne - Advent 2011 of Mountain Path:
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By giving prominence to the mind, as the weaver of the illusion of matter, science is approaching India's traditional
philosophy.  Brahman as Pure Consciousness in Advaita Vedanta.  There is only the Self, all else is unreal, an illusion.
This is the affirmation of Sri Bhagavan and the enlightened Seers.  In physical science it is called field-energy or force
accepted as the substratum of the world.  The frank realization that it is concerned with a world of shadows is a
significant advance of modern science. Yogavasishta says:  'All things in the world are the one, whole and divisionless
Brahman.  The one Ether of Consciousness appears as the concrete many of the world without ceasing to be Itself.
As the nature of water is not  changed by the rise and fall of waves in ocean, so if the case with the Absolute in spite
of creation and destruction of the world......'

Kabir says: 'What you think is wakefulness is your dream / This is the truth that can never be doubted / On whosoever you
contemplate, He is ever with you,'

No one has as yet been able  rationally to prove or demonstrate that things exist independent of the perceiver's mind. Where
is the world when under an anesthetic or asleep, unless one is dreaming?  You may say that it exists for others but you do not
say so in your sleep or under an anesthetic, you yourself must be there to perceive the others or the one who says so.

Vajrachadika Sutra says, 'As stars, a fault of vision, as a lamp, a mock show, dew drops or a bubble, a dream, a lightning flash 
or cloud so should one view as ephemeral what is conditioned.'

Science concerns itself with exploring and unveiling the mysteries of the outer world using intellect as the highest instrument.
The unveiling or rather realization of the mystery of existence, of Reality is out of its reach as this is possible only when the mind
is still, having returned to its source, which is also the All-source of all existence according to the testimony of the sages, mystics
and those who had even only a glimpse of Reality.

Faith, religion, intuition or spiritual insight cover ground which science cannot explore.  The majority of people feel insecure
without faith in God as a living force for guidance in life.  We are slaves of the intellect and thoughts.  Spiritually they can be
mastered or stilled and then having reached the very source of thought one knows what is to be known, one becomes all-
knowing by being with an inner certainty which admits of no doubt.  Then the thought machinery can be used like any other
instrument without identifying oneself with it.  Actions and  responses are spontaneous, perfect, as they should be in all
instances and through the vicissitudes of life which cease to be vicissitudes.

Our true state is unalloyed happiness, far more than earthly happiness as its acme.  Perhaps ecstasy unending comes nearest
to describe it though it is still more than finite vocabulary could express.  Such is the testimony of those who have realized their
true state or have had even only a glimpse of Reality, having penetrated the veil of illusory appearances which is the world as
we know it.


Arunachala Siva.                     


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Re: The Quest - Science - Lucia Osborne - Advent 2011 of Mountain Path:
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From Pythagoras to Plotinus we find the same view taken that the world is illusory.  Great philosophers, prophets, poets, have
in some way come to the same conclusion.  Xenophanes, Parmenides and Plato asserted that time, motion, space are phantoms
of the imagination --- vain deception of the senses, our world a world of shadows.  The greatest exponent of Neo-Platonism,
Plotinus asserts that the external world is nothing else than a mere phantom, a dream, a hallucination pure and simple. 
Christian philosophers of the early days, the Gnostics expressed  the same view.  Alghazali, the greatest exponent of the
Saracen philosophy, considers our senses fallible: 'I said to myself during sleep you give to visions a reality and consistence
and you have no suspicion of their untruth.  On awaking you are made aware that they were nothing but visions.'

The English mystic poet William Blake writes: 'The soul of sweet delight can never be defiled for the essence of the soul is
unadulterated Divine Reality.  All else is but a dream.'

What assurances have you that all you feel and know when you are awake does actually exist?  It is all true in respect of
your condition at that moment, but it is nevertheless possible that another condition should present itself which would be to
your waking state that which to your awakened state is now your sleep.  'So that in respect of the higher condition, your
waking is but a sleep.'  Jami, a prominent exponent of Sufism echoes this: I and thou have here no place and are but phantoms,
vain and unreal.

Kant assigns in his Critique of Pure Reason a mental existence to Time, Space and Causality without any objective existence.
Herbert Spencer maintains that none of these scientific ideas which are 'Time, Space, Matter, Motion, Force and Mind can be
proved to have a real existence though they are representative of realities that cannot be comprehended.' so that this solid-
seeming world which surrounds us vanishes into thin air.  (From 'The First Principles' and 'Data of Philosophy.')


Arunachala Siva.


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Re: The Quest - Science - Lucia Osborne - Advent 2011 of Mountain Path:
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The poet writes:

'We are such stuff as dreams are made of.'  (Shakespeare)

'...He hath awakened from the dream of life.  /  'I' is we who lost in stormy visions keep / With phantoms an unprofitable
strife.....'  (Shelley)

'Dreams are true while they last.  And do we not live in dreams?' (Tennyson)

'....Blank misgivings of a creature / Moving about in a world not realized.'   (Wordsworth)

'....What was is, and shall be; / Times wheel runs back or stops; / Potter and clay endure.'  (Robert Browning)

'This so solid-seeming world, after all, is but an image over me and nature with its thousand-fold productions and
destinations is but the fantasy of our dreams.'  (Carlyle)

The self evident inference from these unanimous views is the same as from the testimony of mystic experience of saints
and sages of different races, traditions and times.  According to the Avadhuta Gita the poetical overflow in the heart of the
ascetic Avadhuta who has realized his primordial, natural, true state runs:

'Brahman (Atma, the Self) is the innermost essence of all that exists; it is the underlying life of the universe, the one absolute
all-pervading energy, boundless as it is infinite, manifesting itself through the variegated phenomena of the universe.  All nature
is the illusive wonder play of this divine magician, and the visible world is a cipher by which those who have the key may read a
secret message; the flowing garb of appearances is but the embroidered veil which clothes ultimate Reality, the goal and resting
place of pure intellectual apperception.

'It sings in the throat of the nightingale, smiles in the bed of the violet, shines in the eye of the star, laughs in the golden waves
of the field, sports in the fragrance of a flowerbed, roars in the thunderclaps of the heavens, whispers in the soft motions of the
conscience, rages in the stormy billows of the ocean....It gives fleetness to the foot of the deer, vigor and fury to the lion, humility
to the lamb and keenness of the sight to the eagle.....'


Arunachala Siva.