Author Topic: if you chant daily Govindha you are lost never to be born again  (Read 1459 times)


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 "Govindha" means that all our sins will be washed away and will be gone to a place of "no-return".

This is largely to mean that if we chant the name "Govindha", everything we have now will be gone forever, with "everything" referring to your ego,  body and all else you think you are owning.

The prefix "Go" that has to do with "gone and not to be seen" .

"Govindha" is synoymous with "ego loser", "stuffs gone", "cannot get back", "no return possible"

Govindha if chanted continously, will defintiely have this effect:   suddenly the ego will become lost ,  that which will never return --  நஷ்டமா போச்சு ,தீடிர்னு திரும்பா எடத்துக்கு போச்சு , திரும்பாதது .

In brahmin community, if someone dies without any relatives as a loner,  then they will put funeral pyre placing some sticks crying Govindha Govindha.

This name has the mesmerizing effect.    Next time when you go to Arunachala,  for some 108 times chant this name Govindha meditating on the meaning 'ego suddenly lost,  gone to a place of no return'

how beautiful if one contemplates this meaning of Govindha?