Author Topic: going to other saint's holy places and one minded devotion to Bhagavan Ramana  (Read 1468 times)


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Recently seeing my forced transfer to Bombay ,  Anand Sundraram suggested and cheered me to visit Shirdi.

Well,  I am also very fond of visiting samadhi's of all saints esp. great ones like Shirdi sai.

There are few factors to be anlayzed anyway here:

There are staunch devotees of Bhagavan Sri Ramana even to this current day starting from the days of Bhagavan Ramana.  They dont go after and visist other saint's places and samadhis.

So far I know,  my wild guess is Subramaniam sir belongs to this category.

There is another category who really visit all saints .

There is no right or wrong answer but one has to keep the below things in mind:

until one goes to movie,  a mall,  a picnic and a dining out,  one has to still go to all saint's shrines which they come across by close proximity or a chance that ripens and come out.  They cannot do away with that when a chance comes on their way. Like closer to the work place or a relative going on a trip and calling us on most suitable worry free times of life.

until one has attractions to mundae things,  one cannot simply say "all is Sri Ramana for me"
but if one had already dropped even the minutest mundane thing like  joining a party or dining out, then one can say above line and behave like Sri Annamalai Swami.

Now for those go to other saint's places,  they have to follow certain basic things.  Pray to that saint to increase your own devotion to Sri Ramana and pray for motivation to do self enquiry.

You have to bear in mind that ,  it is better to follow one Guru or one Guru parampara related teachings rather than saying "I dont prefer to call myself Sri Ramana devotee"

I feel, one should call and identify himself with a Guru Parampara. 
So when we visit the other saint's shrine,  think of Sri Ramana and do self enquiry if possible.

Enjoy the beauty of the other saint and cultivate the habit of seeing Sri Ramana in the Heart of that saint.

This is very good practice.

It will give lot of blessings from that saint.  Because any saint is only focussed in pushing us to our own Guru.

So conclusion is, for 95% of us,  we should not avoid great places like Shirdi ,  Jillelamudi amma's anusuyeshwarlayam,  papa Ramdas Anandashram etc.  in the name of Sri Ramana.   

We should visit these places and get the blessings of these saints.  We will find that these sacred visits have increased our own devotion to Sri Ramana in the end.

So again,  until unless,  we reach the full swing mode as that of Sri Annamalai Swami or as that of Madhava Swami,  we cannot afford to artificially follow Eka Guru bhakthi.

But also,  there is a balance to be maintained --  if we take all Gurus as just yet another without having a focussed devotion to any one Guru like Sri Ramana,  that is also not correct,  that will lead to confusion.


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My own experience when I was transferred from Mumbai to Chennai on my request was that there will be substantial time requred to adjust to the place both in terms of work and on the personal front.
Every morning in the inital phase, I would say Om NAmo Bhagavate Sri Ramana and Arunachala Siva 500 times each so that my mind would become calm enough to face the day.
Places like Siddhi Vinayak MAndhir,Ganesh temple in Titwala and of course Shirdi and also PAnchavati in Nashik(where Lord RAm lived for quite some time during his Banwas days) would probably have a similar calming atmosphere like the old hall at Sri Ramanashramam to still the mind and aid self enquiry .
There are some places like Alandi near Pune where there is the samadhi of Saint Gnaneshwar which also could be explored .
But best of all willl probably be to constantly remind oneself of the old hall and think that we are in the old hall all the time.
After all time and space is an illlusion and if wear able to  think like that and achieve stilless what more is needed.
Still a lot of effort should be made to still the mind and be calm in the initial phases of such transfer .These efforts will also help in adjusting mentally to the new atmosphere quickly while in parallel we should pray that our minds should quickly rest in Arunachala - not the body  .(There should be no regrets or wishes to go back to a place close to Arunachala since like Bhagavan said such a desire itself could itself lead to rebirth.).
If your prarabdha is such that you will go back to  a place close  to Arunachala it will definitely happen.
The above are my thoughts penned and developed based on inputs which I myself received, when I voiced  my anguish in being unable to frequently visit Arunachala and various forum members expressed their thoughts on that subject.
Sundaram Anand


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Dear Krishnan and Ananda Sundaram.

Bhagavan has said a few things about changing of gurus or going to several gurus.  He has said in the case of Balaramiah,
when he shifted from Sri Aurobindo to Sri Bhagavan, that if one is not able to attain spiritual growth by being with a guru,
he can shift to another guru who can confer you peace and eventually self realization.

As regards going to various gurus, He has said that whenever you see some other guru and do namaskaram to hiim,
you may be considering that the namskaram is for your original guru and that is okay.  All gurus are the same because
the guru tattvam is One.  This He has said to Kunju Swami when the latter went to Kovilur Math for some purpose and he
did not do namaskaram to that guru of Kovilur Math.  He chastised him for not doing that. 

Dilip Kumar Roy, Kapali Sastri and a few others were coming to Sri Bhagavan and had darsan and also did namaskaram to
Sri Bhagvan,  though they were permanently wedded to Sri Aurobindo.

Arunachala Siva.